Best Nutrients to Quickly Supplement Your Immune System

Best Nutrients to Quickly Supplement Your Immune System

In a perfect world, our colorful plates piled high with fruits and veggies would be enough to support our immune systems. And seventy years ago, this may have been the case. But the reality is, because of soil depletion, our bodies need a little extra help these days. In fact, a study by the Journal of the American College of Nutrition revealed that we have 38% less nutrients in our fruits and veggies today than we did in 1950. That’s why it’s now a must to supplement your immune system. To get the scoop on which nutrients are the best of the best to quickly supplement your immune system, read on …

Vitamin D

Vitamin D gets a lot of attention for its role in boosting our mood and bone health, but it also influences certain immune responses. If you’re among the 40% of people who are vitamin D deficient (read the top signs of vitamin D deficiency), then you’re more prone to get an infection. Because our bodies make vitamin D from the sun's rays, those who don’t get much sun are at greater risk of deficiency, making supplementation a smart idea, as vitamin D is not found naturally in many foods. Pro Tip: When choosing an immune system supplement, get one with vitamin D3 – this is preferred over D2, found in most supplements, because it’s easier for the body to absorb.


Zinc helps prevent inflammation in the body, making it a must-have mineral to fight infections and help the body heal. It also decreases oxidative stress in the body, which is a key component to staying healthy. Studies also show that zinc can reduce the number of days of a cold.

Vitamin C

While it’s a myth that taking vitamin C can keep you from getting colds, there are studies showing that supplementing with vitamin C can reduce the duration and severity of the common cold. Throw in its superpowers to fight free radicals (important for antiaging and cancer prevention), and no wonder it's considered an essential for a healthy immune system. Food for thought: Just because you supplement your immune system doesn’t mean you should ditch a healthy diet. It’s still just as important to get nutrients from food. Think of your diet as the “hero” and the immune supplement as the trusty sidekick. 10 Best Fruits & Veggies for Immune System Support 2020


Magnesium is a magnificent micronutrient that’s involved in over 300 chemical reactions in our bodies, from muscle contractions to nerve function, and yes, immune system response. Excellent food sources for this immune booster are dark leafy greens and beans, but it’s still smart to supplement, especially if you have a digestive disorder, celiac disease or are a high-performance athlete.

Vitality Immune Supplement Is the Complete Package

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