Vegan non-gmo pea protein powder with probiotics for kids health and nutrition

6 Super Reasons to Give Kids VIBE Protein Shakes

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Protein shakes for kids. Do they bring much to the table when it comes to benefiting their nutrition … or is it all just hype? Simply put: it depends on the shake. Many are low-quality protein powders where the macronutrients are out of whack (more on that later) with GMOs, fillers, artificial flavors and excess sugar. Gulp! Not exactly what you had in mind when considering a protein shake to supplement your child’s diet. We all want to do the best for our kids, so keep reading to get the scoop on why a vegan, plant-based protein shake could be a smart choice for your child’s health and how VIBE is a shake above the rest.

But First … Why Are Some Kids Short on Protein?

Getting enough protein is vital to support a child’s growing body and brain. Yet it’s estimated that 1 in 7 school-aged children in the U.S. aren’t getting enough protein each day. A main reason for this is our “snack attacks.” Snacks make up 30 percent of the average child’s daily calories. These snacks are usually short on protein and high in sugar. We’re looking at you, fruit snacks, store-bought applesauce, granola bars and cereals! (For some eye-opening info, check out this list of the unhealthiest cereals.) how much protein do kids need based on age and signs your child isnt getting enough protein For kids who ARE getting enough protein, WHERE they’re getting that protein can be cause for concern.

What’s On the Menu? The Type of Protein Matters.

Yes, in a perfect world kids would be getting all of their nutritional needs met with what’s going on their plates. But with busy lifestyles (a drive-thru is so easy!), marketing spin, and label confusion, it can be hard to always know what’s a healthy option and what isn’t.

In general, you can consider these protein sources among the worst:

  • Chicken nuggets – These crunchy bad boys of the poultry world have 50 percent more sodium plus saturated and trans fats versus plain chicken thighs, courtesy of the flour, starches and oils in their breading. And if you pair them with a dipping sauce, you up the sodium content even more!
  • Yogurt – With the exception of a few brands and kinds of yogurt, such as plain Greek yogurt, most brands screaming “Buy me!” from store shelves contain loads of extra sugar, plus probiotics that aren’t actually absorbed in the gut.
  • Hot dogs, pepperoni & bacon – Hmm, it may be time to rethink that “I heart bacon” T-shirt. Loaded with nitrates and sodium, highly processed meats can raise cholesterol, blood pressure, and the number on the scale to an unhealthy level. Even more scary, they’re largely considered carcinogenic (associated with increased cancer risk).
  • Deli meats – Overly processed and high in sodium and fat, these lunchbox go-tos get a failing grade when it comes to nutritional value.
  • Kid’s meals – We all know that a colorful plate equals a healthy meal. But besides that colorful toy, most kid’s meals are on the brown side: brown burger or nuggets, brown fries, and brown chocolate milk or cola drink. This can certainly muddy the waters when it comes to kids getting adequate nutrition. And, if the meat isn’t sustainably raised, it’s not great for the planet either.

6 Reasons to Give Your Child VIBE Protein Shakes

VIBE is a vegan protein powder that parents love, and nutritionists recommend. Take a deep-dive and check out what makes this super shake so special …

1. Complete Whole-Meal Nutrition

Many shakes pose as healthy options, but they lack nutrition. It’s easy to spot an imposter by looking at the protein, fat and carbohydrate content. If the carbohydrates are the highest out of the three, don’t buy it. Look for a shake that has the macronutrients in this order: protein, carbs, then fats. The balanced nutrition of VIBE sports 20 grams of protein, 12 grams of carbs, and 6 grams of fat to fuel your child’s body and mind, just like a whole-food meal would. That means VIBE can be used confidently as a meal replacement (1 time a day for kids) and is especially robust when mixed with milk or a milk substitute. Breakfasts are going to get healthy again!

2. Formulated With Plant-Based Protein

VIBE is uniquely formulated with vegetable-sourced ingredients, yet it still provides all essential amino acids, courtesy of the pea protein inside, which is a complete protein. As a dairy-free protein powder (no whey!) kids won’t get bloated or gassy like they would drinking other shakes (great news as you drive them to all their after-school activities)! In fact, pea protein is the most hypoallergenic of all protein sources. Learn more why pea protein is cream of the crop when it comes to healthy meal replacement shakes.

3. No Artificial Junk

Beware of protein shakes with artificial ingredients like sweeteners, flavorings and colors. Rest-assured, VIBE is a clean product with none of the junk. Free of GMOs, soy and gluten too! And with stringent lab tests both before and after manufacturing, you can feel confident in a clean, green shake made with the highest standards.

4. Full Serving of Superfood Greens

From bribery to “NO DESSERT!” to heroic stories of Popeye eating his spinach, most parents know the struggle of getting kids to eat their leafy greens … and it can certainly make for trying times. Kids should eat around 3 servings (1/2 cup in each serving) of veggies every day, but many are falling short of this number. Fortunately, VIBE helps fill in that gap with a full serving of superfood greens in each shake, including spinach, kale, collard greens and broccoli. (Don’t worry though, it tastes so great they won’t know it’s in there!)

5. Active Probiotics for Easy Digestion

Science continues to discover new health benefits of probiotics, and kids benefit just as much as adults. Probiotics are good bacteria that help the gut break down and absorb nutrients. As kids’ digestive tracts develop, the flora in their gut helps build a foundation for their total health. VIBE is formulated with GanedenBC30® … this patented probiotic has the highest survivability rate on the market at 79 percent, and is clinically proven to improve protein digestion and absorption. This ensures that your child can actually benefit from this super nutrition. Bonus: Probiotics positively influence mood and emotional health … super important as kids navigate the ups and downs of the school years.

6. Low in Sugar, Big on Taste

Here’s some food for thought: According to sugar guidelines from the American Heart Association, kids between the ages of 2 and 18 should eat no more than 6 teaspoons (25 grams) of added sugar each day. Yet the average child is scarfing up 19 teaspoons a day … over three times the recommended amount! With VIBE protein shakes, kids can take their pick of chocolate or vanilla. They’ll love the taste and think they’re getting a “treat,” and you’ll have outsmarted them with a shake that has just 6 grams of sugar per serving.

VIBE Is Versatile for Your Family’s Lifestyle

You’ll love the healthy, new vibe these shakes bring to your family. There are so many ways to incorporate VIBE into your lifestyle, and it’s super easy too! Just mix with icy-cold water and shake. No blender needed unless you want to add in some extras.

Any way you shake it, VIBE is awesome for kids:

  • Quick, healthy snack when kids come home hungry from school
  • On-the-go nutrition for before or after sporting events or school activities
  • Complete whole-meal breakfast to make sure your child gets a great start to each day
Ready to get your VIBE on? Take your family’s nutrition to the next level and give VIBE Protein Shakes a try today! Oxyfresh VIBE vegan plant based pea protein powder with probiotics makes a great meal replacement shake