Pawsome Buys That’ll Save the Day (& Your Sanity)

Pawsome Buys That’ll Save the Day (& Your Sanity)

BuzzFeed article lists Oxyfresh Water Additive among the 34 lifesavers for when pet parenting gets a bit ruff.

Let’s face it: life with pets isn’t all sunshine and belly rubs. It can be filled with messes, mischief, and some serious drama, especially when it comes to brushing their teeth.

Well, say hello to the ultimate, quick-and-easy pet dental solution: Oxyfresh Water Additive – the no-brush, no fuss, #1 water additive – featured in the latest BuzzFeed article "Reviewers Say These 34 Pet Products Are Lifesavers, So, Yes, They’re Worth Your Money."

Author Gabriela Manjarez writes: A dental care water additive if you’re done wrestling with your four-legged bestie when trying to brush their teeth. With just a capful of this glorious plaque-fighting liquid to their water bowl or fountain, your pet’s teeth and gums will stay clean. Plus, it helps eliminate that stinky breath!

Many water additives are filled with minty or meaty flavors (they know who they are), meaning pets won’t drink the water and pet parents are therefore out some hard-earned cash. But these worries are off the table (and out of the water bowl) with Oxyfresh Water Additive: it’s 100% free of flavors and scents!

Pets will be blissfully unaware of all the amazing plaque- and bad-breath-fighting power they’re getting with every drink of water. Best of all, it really works!

Here’s what one reviewer shared: We adopted our 8-year-old Maltipoo. The last time he had had a dental was 7 years ago! So our vet did a dental checkup, removed tartar, removed a few teeth, and still his breath was kickin’. I would gag just having him near me. But once we bought this water additive, his breath no longer bothers me at all! Huge lifesaver for my nose.

Don’t miss out on fresh vibes and hassle-free dental care too! Order this life(and nose)-saving product today.

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