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Oxyfresh Unveils New Pet Toothpaste Kit at Global Pet Expo

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Company: Oxyfresh

Booth #: 1667

Product: Pet Toothpaste Kit

Oxyfresh Unveils New Pet Toothpaste Kit at Global Pet Expo

ORLANDO, Florida – March 22, 2023 – Oxyfresh, bringing the world’s best fresh to smiles, homes and pets, is pleased to announce the launch of their new Pet Toothpaste Kit, featuring one Pet Dental Gel Toothpaste (4 oz.) and one ultra-soft finger brush. Global Pet Expo attendees are invited to stop by Oxyfresh booth #1667 for a first look!

This new kit gives pet parents the ultimate convenience. The inclusion of a soft finger brush solves the problem of using traditional pet toothbrushes with handles, which can be too bulky for cats, puppies, small dogs, and stubborn large dogs who aren’t keen on having their teeth brushed in the first place.

The finger brush is BPA free, made of 100% ultra-soft silicone to pamper tender pet gums, and is reusable and dishwasher safe. As the name suggests, it simply slips on right over the finger.

Another convenience factor is how much pets love Oxyfresh Pet Dental Gel Toothpaste. Unlike toothpastes formulated with fake chicken, mint, clove, or other odd flavors, Oxyfresh is completely flavor free, so pets will finally sit still, not try to hide, and best of all, not chew on the brush ... or the pet parent’s finger!

"Here at Oxyfresh, we don’t believe in masking the problem of pet bad breath," shared Greta Lippert, Oxyfresh Director of Research & Development. "We address it right at the source, using our proprietary ingredient, Oxygene®. Through the gentle process of oxidation, it neutralizes plaque- and bad breath-causing bacteria in just 60 seconds."

No other pet toothpaste brand has the non-toxic power of Oxygene® to stop bad pet breath, fight plaque and tartar, and defend against gum disease, which affects 90% of dogs and 80% of cats by age two.

The new Oxyfresh Pet Toothpaste Kit is the perfect starter kit to ensure that pet parents get off on the right foot and stick with a brushing routine that’s easy and pet approved.

To learn more about this new product offering, visit Oxyfresh at booth #1667 during Global Pet Expo or any time online at oxyfresh.com.


About Oxyfresh:

Inspired by nature and motivated to make a difference, Oxyfresh’s mission is to bring a better kind of fresh to the world – one smile, one pet and one home at a time. Safe, simple and trusted, their broad portfolio of innovative pet dental, grooming and odor-eliminating products is loved across the world, creating generations of happy partners and customers since 1984. Learn more at oxyfresh.com.

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Melissa Gulbranson
Oxyfresh Co-COO, CMO
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