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Oxyfresh Receives Pet Oral Care Vanguard Award by Pet Insight Magazine

Oxyfresh takes home a prestigious Vanguard award in the category of Pet Oral Care, showcasing how EASY & stress-free pet dental routines can be!
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COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho – May 13, 2022 – Oxyfresh, bringing the world’s best fresh to smiles, homes and pets, is pleased to announce their win of a 2022 Vanguard Award in the category of “Pet Oral Care.”

The prestigious Vanguard Award, given by Pet Insight – the industry’s top resource for unbiased insights, news and product trends – honors leaders in the pet industry who deliver cutting-edge and inventive solutions to the pet market.

“Providing our customers and partners with pet oral care solutions that are effective and easy to use remains our key focus,” shared Melissa Gulbranson, Oxyfresh Co-Chief Operating Officer & Chief Marketing Officer. “Many pet parents struggle with brushing, and our goal is to make that easier.”

Oxyfresh’s flagship product that’s helping to solve the too-hard-to-brush-my-pet’s-teeth problem is their Pet Dental Water Additive. As the name suggests, it goes straight into a pet’s water bowl to fight plaque and bad breath-causing bacteria. Because it’s tasteless, odorless, and completely undetectable, even the pickiest pets can get on board with home dental care.

Like all Oxyfresh dental products, the star ingredient inside Pet Dental Water Additive is their proprietary Oxygene®, a fast-acting, non-toxic purifier that oxidizes stinky sulfur compounds on contact, leaving pets with no-fuss fresh breath and a healthier smile.

The May 2022 Pet Insight magazine article announcing Oxyfresh a Vanguard Award Winner stated: “Companies like Oxyfresh are driving the category forward as they offer solutions that make cleaning teeth and gums easier and less stressful for pet owners, and more importantly, pets.”

For more information about Oxyfresh and their complete line of innovative, eco-friendly pet dental, grooming, and odor-control products, visit Oxyfresh.com or connect with their customer service team at 800.333.7374.


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