Oxyfresh Pet Toothpaste Makes the List of "18 Best Organic Dog Toothpastes"

Oxyfresh Pet Toothpaste Makes the List of "18 Best Organic Dog Toothpastes"

Discover Magazine names Oxyfresh Pet Toothpaste among the "18 Best Organic Dog Toothpastes in 2023." 

Discover Magazine Names Oxyfresh Pet Toothpaste Among the "18 Best Organic Dog Toothpastes in 2023."

Dogs know a lot of tricks, but one thing they can’t do is spit out their toothpaste. That’s why it’s important to choose more natural and organic dog toothpastes that ditch ingredients like artificial colors, artificial flavors and harmful chemicals.

So what toothpaste REALLY gets the tails wagging? Oxyfresh Pet Toothpaste, named among the "18 Best Organic Dog Toothpastes in 2023" by Discover Magazine!

In their July 2023 article, author Amber Smith writes, "With its proprietary formula, Oxyfresh Premium Cat & Dog Toothpaste tackles plaque and banishes stinky breath, similar to the action of enzymatic pet toothpastes. Simply apply the gel directly to your paw-tner's gum line using your finger or a finger brush to effectively combat plaque formation. The flavor-free nature of the toothpaste ensures its appeal to senior or small dogs, as well as even the most discerning cats.

For optimal results, incorporate this toothpaste into your pet's routine at least three times a week to assist in fighting gum problems and maintaining their oral health. Rest assured that this product is proudly made in the USA, meeting the highest standards of quality."

Oxyfresh Pet Toothpaste makes the task of toothbrushing a breeze! It’s completely flavor free with no weird mint flavors (pets do NOT like the taste of mint!), and no peanut butter, malt, liver, chicken or other fake flavors. That way, dogs won’t run if they hate the taste, and they won’t try to chew up your finger or the toothbrush!

Only Oxyfresh Pet Toothpaste is formulated with proprietary Oxygene® to tackle the bacteria that cause plaque and bad dog breath right at the source. No flavor coverups; just cuddly-close breath and clean teeth and gums every time you brush.

Get your paws on this top-dog toothpaste and see just how easy brushing can be!

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