Oxyfresh Pet Toothpaste Fetches Top Spot in Modern Dog

Oxyfresh Premium Pet Toothpaste has snagged a top spot in Modern Dog’s Healthy Paws! This innovative formula fights plaque, supports gum health, and banishes bad breath.
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Oxyfresh is excited to announce that its Premium Pet Toothpaste has been featured in the latest issue of Modern Dog’s Healthy Paws section. Modern Dog has praised the product, saying, "Don't skip the brushing - your dog's dental health has a major impact on their overall wellness. Make the job easier with Oxyfresh's Premium Pet Toothpaste. Odourless and tasteless, it removes plaque, improves gum health, and freshens breath."

Transforming Doggie Dental Health

Dog owners everywhere know the struggle of maintaining their pup's dental hygiene. Fortunately, Oxyfresh Premium Pet Toothpaste is here to save the day (and your nose). Odorless and tasteless, this toothpaste makes brushing an easy task, even for the fussiest dogs. It’s no wonder Modern Dog has highlighted it as a must-have for pet wellness.

  • Cuddle Your Bestie Without Holding Your Breath: Enjoy those close moments with your dog without the olfactory assault.
  • Because Stinky Drool Ain't Cool: Keep drool and dental problems at bay with regular brushing.
  • #1 for Breath That Smells Like a #2: Finally, a solution to that "garbage mixed with fish" aroma.
  • Because Gum Disease Is Serious %$!#: Improve your dog's gum health and prevent serious dental issues with consistent use.

Modern Dog’s endorsement underscores the importance of Oxyfresh Premium Pet Toothpaste in maintaining canine health. This recognition reinforces Oxyfresh’s position as a leader in the pet care industry, committed to providing top-quality products that make a real difference.

"We’re thrilled to be featured in Modern Dog’s Healthy Paws," said Melissa Gulbranson, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Oxyfresh. "Our mission has always been to make pet care as effortless and effective as possible. Knowing that our toothpaste is helping dogs live healthier lives is incredibly rewarding."

About Oxyfresh

Oxyfresh, providing damn good pet care, is an award-winning, environmentally friendly company helping pets live their best lives. Product categories include innovative pet dental, grooming & wellness, and odor-eliminating & cleaning products. Founded in 1984 with the idea to do pet care differently – better – only Oxyfresh products are formulated with proprietary Oxygene®. Designed for no-nonsense pet parents who demand the best, Oxyfresh offers safe, simple and trusted solutions to everyday pet problems, from bad breath to itchy ears and epic messes! An Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company, Oxyfresh is creating generations of happy pet parents and partners. To learn more, visit Oxyfresh.com.

Company Contact

Melissa Gulbranson
Oxyfresh Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
Oxyfresh Corporate
Phone: 800.333.7374
Email: melissag@oxyfresh.com

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