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Oxyfresh Pet Dental Kit Featured in 2019 Pet Retail World Lookbook

by Emma Heath September 17, 2019


The all-new Oxyfresh Pet Dental Kit was prominently featured in the 2019 Pet Retail World Lookbook as one of the top new products of the year.

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho– September 17, 2019 – Oxyfresh, the leading provider of safe, environmentally-friendly products for people and pets, was featured in the 2019 Pet Retail World Lookbook for the new product they launched earlier this year, the Pet Dental Kit.

Fewer than 40 new products are featured in the highly coveted Pet Retail Lookbook each year. Oxyfresh continues to lead the industry with unsurpassed quality and innovation — developing new, standout solutions in the extremely competitive pet marketplace.

Oxyfresh Vice President of Marketing, Melissa Gulbranson, had this to announce, "The Pet Dental Kit was truly a labor of love. It's our passion for providing real solutions — products with the highest quality ingredients and research out there, that motivates everyone here at Oxyfresh to continue innovating. This kit was no different. For our customers, pets are family. Caring for their health isn't something passive that only takes place when needed. The Dental Kit was born with the idea that no matter where the road takes you and your pet — you'll have a solution there with you to keep their teeth and gums healthy, clean and bright."

Pet Dental Kit:
The Pet Dental Kit is the perfect all-in-one solution for keeping your pet's mouth clean and healthy. Inside the box is our 1 oz. Dental Gel Toothpaste — a professional-grade formula, infused with Oxygene and natural ingredients like Chamomile, and Aloe. We've also included our 3 fl. oz. Pet Dental Spray — a daily oral hygiene solution formulated to maintain fresh breath. Plus, the three, super soothing finger brushes that make gently scrubbing away plaque and tartar a breeze. The best part? Both the Dental Gel and Dental Spray are completely tasteless and odorless – pets love it! (Price $12.99)

President of Oxyfresh, Mariano Tellarini, spoke enthusiastically about being featured in the 2019 Pet Retail World Lookbook. He went on to share that "It's a real testament to where we're going as a company. We believe in continually evolving our product line and ensuring that we are proactive in delivering meaningful solutions. Being featured in the Pet Retail World Lookbook is something we're very proud of."

About Oxyfresh:
Oxyfresh's mission is to create products that matter. They are passionate about ingredients and developing products that don't need to cut corners. Products that help people and their pets live longer, happier lives with healthy smiles. Made in the USA, their broad portfolio of innovative products are alcohol-free, dye-free, gentle, and effective and have been dentist and veterinarian recommended for 35 years and counting.

Connect Socially:
Instagram: @OxyfreshPet

Media Contact:
Dana Humphrey
Cell: 619-414-9307

Company Contact:
Melissa Gulbranson
Vice President of Marketing
Oxyfresh Corporate

Oxyfresh's Pet Dental Kit For Removing Plaque And Freshing Pet Breath Featured in 2019 Pet Retail World Lookbook

Emma Heath
Emma Heath


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