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Oxyfresh Makes the List of Discover Magazine’s 20 Best Dog Dental Care Products in 2023

Oxyfresh Water Additive featured as a top 20 solution for a healthy dog smile.

Discover Magazine Features Oxyfresh Water Additive as a "20 Best Dog Dental Care Product in 2023"

Dogs are family, and just like all members of the pack, they need proper dental care to stay healthy and happy. But that doesn’t mean dog toothbrushing is for everyone!

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution: Oxyfresh Water Additive, recently named among the "20 Best Dog Dental Care products in 2023" by Discover Magazine.

In a July 2023 article, author Amber Smith writes, "This product contains a powerful blend of ingredients that helps to clean teeth, eliminate bad breath, and promote healthy gums. By adding Oxyfresh to your dog’s drinking water daily, you can achieve optimal dental health for your furry friend with ease. Not only is it practical and effortless, but it’s also a highly effective solution for preventing dental issues in dogs."

This flavor-free formula features the dynamic duo of Oxygene® and zinc to neutralize the bacteria that cause plaque and bad breath on contact. No other formula has this combination! The result is fresh dog breath, less plaque and tartar, and a leg up against periodontal disease with every drink.

Best of all, no brushing! Just add to dog’s water bowl and you’re good to go. Because it’s tasteless and odorless, dogs won’t even realize all the benefits they’re getting for their oral health.

Discover this easy, no-brush solution and get your paws on some today!

Premium Pet Dental Water Additive | Easiest Way to Eliminate Dog and Cat Bad Breath