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Oxyfresh Featured in Pet Product News September 2020 Issue

by Emma Heath September 23, 2020

Easy Oral Care
Oxyfresh's innovative Cat Dental Water Additive was featured in the September 2020 issue of Pet Product News. Their feature article on Easy Dental Care features the latest in pet dental care products that are simple for pet parents to use. 

"Oxyfresh's Cat Dental Water Additive is a no-brush cat breath freshener that makes teeth cleaning easy. All owners do is add one capful of the tasteless and odorless water solution to their cat's water bowl each day. It doesn't just mask bad breath- it neutralizes it completely with the company's exclusive ingredient, Oxygene, plus zinc. 

Safe, gentle and  non-toxic, Oxygene neutralizes bacteria and cat bad breath right at the source. The product does not contain harmful mint, alcohol, masking agents, tea tree or clove oils."

Emma Heath
Emma Heath


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