35 Products Reviewers Turned to When Nothing Else Worked

35 Products Reviewers Turned to When Nothing Else Worked

Oxyfresh Water Additive featured in BuzzFeed article as the answer for stubbornly bad pet breath.

Fed up with your pet’s bad breath? If you’ve spent a small fortune on ineffective dental treats or (eek!) survived the drama of toothbrushing, try the simplest, most effective solution of all: Oxyfresh Water Additive, featured in the latest BuzzFeed article 35 Products Reviewers Turned to When Nothing Else Worked.

Author Gabriela Manjarrez wrote: With just a capful of this glorious plaque-fighting liquid in their water bowl or fountain, your pet’s teeth and gums will stay cleaner for longer. Plus, it helps eliminate that stinky breath!

What’s Oxyfresh’s secret to sending smelly pet breath packing? Oxygene®. Unlike pet dental products that only mask bad breath with stronger smells like mint or (eww) poultry, Oxygene® works right at the source to oxidize the bacteria that cause plaque, dental disease and bad breath. It’s non-toxic and completely odor- and taste-free so pets won’t know it’s in their water. Brilliant!

Reviewer Jennifer Marie Bennett shared: My girl Millie is an amazing Yorkie, but her breath smelt like something died in her mouth. Until we bought this product. We have tried other breath products, but nothing worked. Her breath was rancid before Oxyfresh. No one wanted to go near her, even her doggie sister. Oxyfresh is a game changer.

So for pet parents who have tried everything else, it’s time to try something that WORKS: Oxyfresh Water Additive!

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