Oxyfresh - Toddler Bad breath

The Secret Solution For Toddler Bad Breath

Toddlers are little angels that give great joy and a sense of completeness to their parents. The way they smile, laugh and even cry seems to create many wonderful and cherished memories. However, as much as they look like angels, they can also produce many awful odors. Aside from their more familiar smells, toddlers can also have some killer bad breath.

Toddler, The Bad Breath Factory

The main cause of bad breath in toddlers can probably be tooth decay. Since toddlers are still in their developmental stage, their teeth are more prone to experience cavities. This usually occurs when the teeth of the child is not thoroughly cleaned after meals. Another cause of toddler bad breath is the various foods they ingest. Foods that have foul odors usually leave its scent in the child’s mouth by sticking to the teeth, gums and mouth lining. Worse than that, sweets. After candy or other sweet food is eatten, it is a good idea to wash out the mouth really well so sugar does not get trapped in the mouth, feeding all the bacteria which then gives your toddler bad breath.

Babies and toddlers may get bad breath every time they catch the common cold. Colds causes the nasal passages, throat and lungs to get infected, thus causing the child to have bad breath.

How To Eliminate Toddler Bad Breath

  • Hydrate to avoid TODDLER BAD BREATH.
    One simple way to eliminate bad breath in toddlers is to keep them well hydrated. Just like adults, a dry mouth causes the lack of saliva in the mouth. Due to this, bacteria are more prone to cause foul smells. Children at this stage in their lives need to be constantly taught and guided on how to keep good oral hygiene. Teach them how to thoroughly brush their teeth. In the beginning, parents are obligated to brush the teeth of their children. As they grow older, they can eventually do this on their own. While these children are young, it is equally important to teach them the importance of flossing at least once a day.
  • Sanitize teething toys to PREVENT BACTERIA from entering the toddler’s mouth.
    Toddlers like to put objects into their mouths, particularly during the teething stage. Make certain that these teething products and toys are constantly sanitized to prevent bacteria from entering the mouth.
  • Waiting could be the only way to get rid of toddler bad breath.
    Parents with toddlers who have bad breath due to the common cold need to seek the advice of the doctor to alleviate the symptoms of the cold. Once the child is no longer sick, their bad breath will naturally go away.