Fresh Breath 101: Start Tongue Scraping

Fresh Breath 101: Start Tongue Scraping

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You brush twice a day and have a flossing routine down pat. So why is your breath still bad? Because your tongue isn’t getting clean!

Don’t believe it?

Go stick out your tongue in the mirror. If it’s anything other than a nice pink all the way back, you could have a buildup of bacteria on the tongue. Bacteria = bad breath!

Tongue Scraper vs. Toothbrush

But I brush my tongue with my toothbrush! Isn’t that enough to get rid of bad breath?

We’re not trying to diss on your toothbrush. It definitely serves its purpose in keeping your teeth and gums healthy. But when it comes to cleaning your tongue and controlling bad breath, a toothbrush isn’t enough.

Using a tongue scraper removes 75% more odor-causing bacteria vs. tooth brushing. A tongue scraper collects bacteria from the nooks and crannies of the tongue like a toothbrush can’t.

5 Benefits of Using a Tongue Scraper

1. Gives You Fresh Breath

Research shows that bacteria buildup in the mouth is responsible for 95% of chronic bad breath cases. Bacteria give off odorous molecules called Volatile Sulfur Compounds (VSCs).

The tongue with all its grooves and fissures is a favorite spot for bacteria to build up. That’s why using a tongue scraper for bad breath is essential for a fresh-smelling mouth. In fact, the practice of scraping the tongue dates back to ancient times.

A clean tongue gives you fresh breath. Simple as that!

2. Turns Your Taste Buds Up a Notch

Years of bacteria buildup on the tongue can dull your taste buds and even cause false food cravings.

Using a tongue scraper can help you enjoy your favorite foods on a whole new level and even aid in digestion.

3. Say Toodle-oo to Toxins

Why do dentists recommend that you use a tongue scraper first thing in the morning?

While you sleep, your digestive system removes toxins from your body, which leads to a film developing on the tongue. These toxins get reabsorbed into the body if they’re not scraped off.

A healthy, toxin-free tongue can give you a stronger immune system.

4. Less Dental Bills

An unhealthy mouth is loaded with bacteria.

Because a tongue scraper can remove much more bacteria versus a toothbrush, this handy little tool plays an important role in preventing decay and expensive dental bills down the road.

5. Map to Your Overall Health

Just like the eyes are the windows to the soul, the tongue is the window to your overall health. (That’s why your doc always asks you to stick out your tongue.)

Tongue scraping will help you be in tune with what’s normal for your tongue so you can spot anything out of the norm.

Smile! Here’s the Best Tongue Scraper for Bad Breath

Dare we say it? Using a tongue scraper will forever change your daily dental routine. (Seriously, once you start scraping your tongue, you’ll wonder how you ever went without it!)

Using a tongue scraper is an easy, inexpensive way to keep your mouth healthy and your breath fresh. But just like with any dental product, quality matters. Store brand tongue scrapers can be rigid, uncomfortable and even painful on the tongue.

For a clean tongue without the ouch, get the Oxyfresh Oolitt® Elite Tongue Scraper. This USA-made, dentist-recommended tongue scraper has a gentle scraping blade to get rid of tongue bacteria without causing discomfort.

Wondering how to clean your tongue scraper? It’s easy. Just rinse with water before and after each use and it will last as long as your toothbrush.

Use the Oxyfresh Oolitt® Elite Tongue Scraper twice a day before brushing (remember – a tongue scraper removes 75% more bacteria versus a toothbrush), then go have a fresh breath kind of day!

Tongue scraping is too good a secret to keep to yourself. Share the fresh breath love and send this post to your friends.

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