Fighting Back Against Gum Disease

Fighting Back Against Gum Disease

Periodontal disease runs rampant through society, with the correlation between age and disease risk. Medications and systemic factors, such as diabetes, contribute to the disease process.

Periodontal therapy – scaling and root planing – has been the standard of care to gain control of the destructive disease process. Patients and dental providers alike are on the hunt for a method to increase the odds of healing and positive outcomes.

Periodontal Therapy

In most cases, periodontal therapy alone has been proven to result in a reduction in pocket depth, arrest the destructive disease process, and reduce bleeding.

But as a dental provider, ask yourself: “What if we could do more?”

There are many things on the market that are costly, and patient compliance or acceptance can be challenging. However, if it’s an easy part of a daily routine, patients are often more willing to try and comply.

Pro Relief Dental Gel from Oxyfresh may be that game changer for your patients.

Breakthrough Periodontal Study

A recent independent, non-solicited periodontal study used Oxyfresh Pro Relief Dental Gel as part of it. The 30-day study compared three modalities of home care treatment, combined with periodontal treatment. The three methods were as follows:

  1. Scaling and root planing alone provided general reductions in periodontal pocket depth of 27.8% and a reduction in bleeding of 51.1%. This form of periodontal therapy is proven effective for most individuals, yet patient maintenance is key.
  2. Scaling and root planing was completed, then the appointment was concluded with the application of Oxyfresh Pro Relief Dental Gel into the periodontal pockets. The patient continued with home care as recommended after treatment. The results of the study indicated a 47.9% reduction in periodontal pocket depth and a 68.9% reduction in bleeding compared to pre-treatment readings.
  3. The final group also had Pro Relief Dental Gel applied to the sulcus post-scaling and root planing. The addition of custom-made carrier trays, which the patient used twice daily for 10 minutes with Pro Relief Dental Gel, demonstrated outstanding results. In fact, it greatly outshined when compared to scaling and root planing alone, with nearly DOUBLE the reduction in pocket depth of 50.9% and an 88.2% reduction in bleeding.

Daily Oral Care

Oral care for patients does not end at the dental operatory; it is imperative to maintain oral health at home. An easy routine that a patient can manage daily is a must.

Oxyfresh provides a complete line of innovative oral care products, including the Periodontal Health System, which makes managing periodontal health at home easy. The Oxygene® (chlorine dioxide), zinc and essential oils make the line safe and effective.

Studies have proven the efficacy of Pro Relief Dental Gel as an effective adjunct to a robust periodontal therapy program, increasing the odds of healing and bleeding reduction for patients. So include the Oxyfresh line as part of your program … your patients’ smiles will thank you!