6 Tips to Stomp Out Smoking For Good

6 Tips to Stomp Out Smoking For Good

Tired of a smoking habit “reeking” havoc in your life? Bad breath, smelly clothes, the nasty cough and the sheer expense of it all: there are lots of reasons to quit! But easier said than done – “addictive” is an understatement when it comes to this habit. If you’re finally ready to say enough is enough, that’s great! Here are 6 tips to help you do it!

Put the Drink Down

Those who smoke know – a drink and a cigarette go hand in hand, like peanut butter to jelly. So while you work on breaking the habit, try to cut out alcohol altogether. If this means saying no to a few social engagements, so be it! Alcohol can negatively impact judgment anyway, and you don’t want to be a few drinks in and start rationalizing why you should quit later instead of right now.

Rethink Cold Turkey

Perhaps you want to save “cold turkey” for Thanksgiving leftovers. That’s smart! Quitting by sheer willpower alone can be hard and seriously overwhelming. Plus, those who go cold turkey have a higher chance of lighting back up again. So why make it tougher than it needs to be? Your doctor wants to see you succeed and kick the habit … and will likely have a lot of great options to share with you. Make the appointment!

Find a New “Zen”

Many people smoke to relax – can you relate? Maybe it’s lighting up after a stressful moment at work, or just kicking back after a long day. As you quit, make sure you have a plan to find a new way to relax.

Here’s an idea: start saving the money you would normally spend on cigarettes and treat yourself to a day at the spa. Take a knitting or yoga class, and of course, walks are always a great (and free!) way to relax. You can do them daily, and your lungs are going to feel so much better.

Celebrate Small Victories

If you go into it with the idea of quitting forever, that lofty goal can seem way out of reach. Take it inch by inch to make it more of a cinch. Try not to smoke for 1 week, then 1 month and then 1 year. And – celebrate along the way! Giving up the habit is a big deal!

Get Your Clean On

Why have the temptations and reminders lying around? Dump the ashtrays and lighters STAT. Get your car detailed to remove stray ashes and give your house a good cleaning. Once you quit smoking, your taste buds and sense of smell will be alive once again … and you (and others) will appreciate how good your car and your home smells.

While you’re at it, clean up your smile. The Oxyfresh Ultimate Fresh Breath Kit has 3 great products for a healthy smile and long-lasting fresh breath. These dental products are alcohol-free for no burn, and dye-free for no stain!

Rally a Support System

Share with your family and friends that you’re trying to quit … and then lean on them. When you get a trigger and really want to light up, call them! You can even contact a counselor or behavioral therapist to help you quit.

Got a friend or loved one who’s a smoker? Help them kick the habit and send them this post!