Oxyfresh - 5 Early Warning Signs of Bad breath

5 Early Warning Signs Of Bad Breath

Bad breath has become one of the most common conditions that people have. In fact, even those who take good care of their health, eat healthy, and are conscious of their hygiene can still get it because of bacteria in the mouth or because of their genes. This is why if you notice that you have bad breath, here are some of the indications to look for to find out if you need to be paying more attention to this situation.

1. Bad Breath In The Mornings

You’ve noticed that you have bad breath in the mornings. Many people do, in fact, probably most do so you don’t need to feel bad about that. A simple brushing of teeth and a gargle of some nice minty mouthwash will usually clear things up pretty quickly.

2. Bad Breath Between Meal Times

Getting bad breath a few hours after eating can mean that you didn’t brush your teeth or that you’ve been sipping on some sweetened beverage. Your mouth could have dried out and now the food or sugar left over on the back of the tongue is starting to come alive, feeding all kinds of funky bacteria. Washing it all down with water and continuing to keep the mouth moist will prevent this. Brushing the teeth after eating will be a definite plus.

3. Bad Breath After Eating Garlic

Eating garlic or any other food that has a potent odor of its own is guaranteed to give you bad breath. This is something you must plan on and would probably be wise to stay away from foods like that when you know you will need to have a nice breath, or you will be somewhere on planet Earth where there are other people. In an emergency all you need to do is brush your teeth, gargle some mouthwash and pop a gum in the mouth. This will cut the kick out of the odor and give you a chance to excuse your self without making anyone pass out.

4. I Smell it But Others Say It’s Not There

Situations like this will happen to the best of us. Worrying about bad breath when it really is not there is a psychological thing and needs to be dealt with on the psychological level. If your peeps are telling you that your breath smells fine but you continue to smell some funk, it is probably just in your head. Trust your friends and just believe.

5. Bad Breath Even After Brushing Teeth

There are people with serious conditions that really need to be concerned about and probably have a dentist or a doctor take a look at. When you have bad breath all the time and nothing you do seems to really get rid of it, there may be some more serious issues that need to be dealt with.

A lot of people will have bad breath and will start worrying about it going to the dentist and seeing specialists when all they need to do is form some good habits and start taking care of their oral hygiene a little better. Majority of people with bad breath will not need medical attention but only their own.