3 Tips for Fresh Breath Over the Holidays

3 Tips for Fresh Breath Over the Holidays

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Holidays are filled with social gatherings and outings of all kinds. Whether you are relaxing with the relatives on Christmas or meeting new people at a New Year’s Eve party, you want your breath to stay its freshest.

The last thing you want is for your breath to be a turn off or a conversation killer (unless, maybe to get away from your strange Uncle Gary). Here are our top tips to keep your breath fresh this holiday season.

1. Embrace the tongue scraper.

Did you know that 80% of the bacteria that causes bad breath lives on your tongue? You can brush your teeth all day long, but unless you get rid of the bacteria on your tongue, your breath will likely still be an issue.

Using a tongue scraper has been shown to eliminate 75% of unwanted bacteria from your tongue. Tongue scrapers are affordable and reusable, making them the perfect tool for fresh breath. Pick one up today and start enjoying fresher breath and a cleaner mouth.

2. Avoid the big offenders.

Some foods, like garlic or onions, will instantly make your breath worse. Keep these to a minimum – at least when you plan to be around other people. If you do indulge in one of these, make sure to take advantage of Tip #3.

Foods with lots of sugar won’t typically make your breath worse immediately, but they will create an acidic environment in the mouth where odor-producing bacteria can thrive. We all enjoy some holiday treats, but it’s important to pace ourselves with the sweets.

3. Swish away bad breath in 60 seconds.

The best way to guarantee your breath is super fresh is to use a clinically-proven, alcohol-free mouthwash recommended by thousands of dentists across the country. We’re pretty proud of ours.

Oxyfresh mouthwash works to safely dissolve odor-causing molecules, leaving you with only the freshest of breath and cleanest of teeth.

Find a flavor that you love, and swish bad breath away this holiday season.