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Since 1984 we've provided our loyal customers with premium health and wellness products. These exclusive products are formulated with safe, active, natural and patented ingredients developed to enhance your health, your pet’s health and your family’s well-being.

Discover why people around the world believe Oxyfresh health and wellness products are products they will use, love and buy forever.

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Recent Testimonials

“I had a dog that started having a problem with walking on grass, he would freak out if he touched the grass. I put him on Oxyfresh Primorye and after 1 week his anxiety about grass was gone. I also take it myself and it eases my anxiety and reduces my headaches.”

Bryan - Delmont, PA
Customer — 12 years


I’ve been using the Oxyfresh Toothpaste since 2000. It leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean. I’ve also noticed that my teeth seem to stay whiter when I use this product.

June - Lancaster, PA
Customer — 14 years


I’ve been giving my Pomeranians the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution for several years. Before I started giving it to them, they had terrible breath problems and teeth that needed professional cleanings every 6 months. Since we have started using the product, their breath has improved and their cleanings have been cut back by 75%. This is the most wonderful product.

Karen - Poinciana, FL
Customer — 9 years


I recently rented a car and as soon as I opened the door, I was hit with a terrible cigarette smell. The rental agent told me they had spent $75 detailing it for the smell, with no luck. I took my bottle of All-Purpose Deodorizer and sprayed it everywhere. The smell was immediately gone. The power of Oxygene!

Marcia - Naples, FL
Customer — 8 years

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