Oxygene Molecule


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Don’t take our word for it …


"Oxyfresh Dental Products are in a class of their own. Not only do I recommend them to my patients, but my entire family uses them, too. Today so many people are having aesthetic work done. I am thrilled to be able to offer my patients products that are clear, non-staining and alcohol-free that will help with the longevity of their investment."

Kim SwanTequesta, FLCustomer - 15 years

"Since I started using Oxyfresh Lemon Power Rinse, it has helped my social communications. This product is very good and I don't have bad breath anymore."

Phillip BarenfeldVerona, NJCustomer - 7 years

"Due to a compromised immune system because of Lupus, I often suffer from mouth sores. I would be in dire straights if I couldn't get Oxyfresh Super Relief Dental Gel. I probably wouldn't be able to wear my dentures and would remain indoors!"

Lois MeierSaskatoon, SKCustomer - 8 years

"The Fluoride Toothpaste is probably my favorite Oxyfresh product. Using it in conjunction with the tongue scraper and the Mouthrinse really controls my breath."

Cindy NoblittLake Jackson, TXCustomer - 2 years

"I received Oxyfresh Super Relief Dental Gel from my former dentist. It is marvelous. It heals within hours. I had some sores under my partial, which has 3 implants and to get rid of them I used the gel. It is the best!"

JANICE KUELTZOOrland Park, ILCustomer - 8 years
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