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Since 1984 we've provided our loyal customers with premium health and wellness products. These exclusive products are formulated with safe, active, natural and patented ingredients developed to enhance your health, your pet’s health and your family’s well-being.

Discover why people around the world believe Oxyfresh health and wellness products are products they will use, love and buy forever.

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Pet Oral Hygiene

Pet Oral Hygiene

Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene

Recent Testimonials

I’ve been using the Foundation Formula for 6 years. I take them because they are such a great supplement. I seem to get less colds and my resistance to illnesses seems to have increased since I started taking these.

Randy - Lombard, IL
Customer — 16 years


The Fresh Mint Mouthrinse is the only thing that works. It has helped immensely with my halitosis problems. All the other products I had tried just masked the odors. I’ve be using the Fresh Mint Mouthrinse twice a day and my breath stays fresh all day long. This stuff is incredible!

Lynda - Downsview, ON
Customer — 15 years


My dog had been neglected by a previous owner and had Stage 4 periodontal disease when I got her. She had to have 23 teeth pulled. Four the past four years, I have been brushing her gums with the Pet Gel. Today, her gums are pink and healthy and her remaining teeth are in great shape.

Luanne - Newark, DE
Customer — 8 years


A guest spilled red wine on my expensive, snowy-white tablecloth. I was sure I'd have to throw it away. First I tried a store-bought stain remover. That just made the stain bigger and turned it purple. Then I soaked the stained area in the Oxyfresh Cleansing Gele and washed the tablecloth in cold water. No more stain! It was completely gone.

Larry - Spokane, WA
Customer — 20 years

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