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Treat Yo’Self Giveaway at

Treat Yo’Self Giveaway

Value $400+

Maybe you pride yourself on your fabulous smile or you take pride in your bangin’ bod …

No matter where you’re at, you do you and we love you for it!

You have the chance to win:

Our marvelous Mega Dental Kit is powered with Oxygene®: a brilliant, safe, non-toxic ingredient that neutralizes bad breath and pesky odors on a molecular level. Nerd Alert: Most smells (like bad breath and pet odors) are caused by these pesky little guys known as “volatile sulfur compounds” or VSC’s for short. Oxygene® gently and naturally dissolves the bonds of these sulfur compounds, completely eliminating bad smells at their source – instead of masking them.

  • Flavored with soothing essential oils
  • Powerful Oxygene® to eliminate bad breath at its source
  • Alcohol-free no burn formulas
  • Only the best ingredients, and no cut corners
  • Dentist Recommended

Here is what’s included in this giveaway: The Mega Dental Kit: 2 X Mouthwash (pick a flavor), 2 X Toothpaste (pick a flavor), 1 X Super Relief Dental Gel, 1 X Fluoride Dental Gel, 2 X Oolitt® Elite Tongue Scraper, 2 X Toothbrush, 6 X Brush Picks.

Choose from our AWESOME toothpaste and mouthwash flavors: Pro-Formula Fresh Mint, Fresh Breath Lemon-Mint, Cavity Protection Fresh Mint with Fluoride

That’s not allllll …

Our superfood nutritional products (they’re the Beyonce of nutrition), in this Mega Nutrition Kit, we focus on core nutritional needs by using the best ingredients available that work at the cellular level to give you an awesome vibe, feed your mind and fuel your body.

  • Stimulant free – natural energy from Vitamins
  • High quality nutrient dense supplements
  • Balanced blends of fruits, vegetables and herbs
  • Maximum absorption to get maximum results
  • Proven to WORK by thousands of happy customers

You’ll feel … like you’ve got more pep in your step and a smile on your face.

The Mega Nutrition Kit: 4 X Vibe (Vanilla and/or Chocolate), 2 X Vitality, 1 X Mind, 1 X Motion

To Enter

No purchase necessary to enter to win. Winner will be contacted after the contest ends, for the flavor of choice for toothpaste, mouthwash and Vibe meal replacement shake. Enter every day at

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