The Famous Onion Test! How Oxyfresh Stops Bad Breath & Other Odors
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The Onion Test

the necessity of fresh breath

It’s the simple pleasures in life that give you the best time. Spending time with your friends and family in a sociable atmosphere, enjoying great food and even better company. But while that juicy cheeseburger with extra onions may have been delicious to you, it’s everyone else who has to suffer your bad breath.


Big-brand dental products may mask the smell temporarily by using short-lived flavor and additives, dyes and alcohol, but those ingredients don’t get to the heart of the problem. Alcohol is touted to work by killing volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs), the bacterial by-products that turn your breath sour. Ironically, they may actually be making the problem worse.

New York dentist Tony Stefanou, DMD, says, “VSCs result from dead bacteria and epithelial cells. When alcohol is used to ‘kill the germs that cause bad breath’ as touted by nationally advertised mouthwashes, those products may be fueling the carrier of bad breath by producing more dead bacteria!

And alcohol is also the reason you’re often left with a stinging or
burning sensation after you’ve used those other products.

With Oxyfresh, you can use our secret weapon, Oxygene, to safely attack and neutralize volatile sulfur compounds VSCs through an oxidation process. Oxyfresh uses this signature solution in its concentrated, low-abrasion (gentle on tooth enamel) toothpastes and alcohol-free mouthrinses.

the onion test

But don’t take our word for it. To prove the superiority of Oxyfresh, we conducted something we like to call “The Onion Test.” Basically, we stuck an onion in a jar of Oxyfresh Mouthrinse, and one in a jar of a brand-name mouthrinse. We’d let the results do the talking.



First, we diced the onion into ¼-inch pieces.
Then we placed half of the chopped onion in each container.
Finally, we added enough of each mouthrinse to cover the onion in the containers,
sealed them and let them sit overnight.

Whichever managed to keep the foul-smelling vegetable at bay would clearly be the best.

the results don’t lie

Even from looking, you can tell the dyes from the brand-name mouthrinse soaked into the onion, staining it blue. The Oxyfresh onion, meanwhile, was still bright white.


We first went to the Oxyfresh jar and unscrewed the top.
What wafted out was a fresh, minty scent, with little to no onion smells.

We then turned to the name-brand container.
When we cracked the lid on the blue jar, a vile stench of onions,
alcohol and mint all invaded our nasal passages
, fighting for supremacy.

After quickly tamping the lid back down, we went back to the Oxyfresh jar just to clear our noses.

don’t let your breath do the talking

When you start speaking, it’s always nice when everyone else stops. But are they listening to you, or merely trying to avoid the bad breath streaming their way? Be the life of the party for the right reasons, stick with Oxyfresh. After all, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

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