I recommend Oxyfresh Mouthrinse to patients who have experienced staining from another product, and they are all very happy with it.

Shiva RaiStafford, VA

I like the Unflavored Mouthrinse doesn't make my mouth feel sticky like other brands seem to make it. I also like that Oxyfresh has an option without peppermint and fluoride.

Dawn ConnerIndianapolis, IN

We have some regulars that come back to purchase the unflavored rinse and they really like that there's no burn and it leave your mouth feeling clean.

Brian BellLake Jackson, TX

I've been using the unflavored rinse for my dogs' water for years and it really helps to keep their mouth clean and their teeth in good shape.


I have used both the unflavored rinse and original toothpaste for years. These are both very necessary products if you have any kind of gum problems or irritation.

Jacqueline HartSan Diego, CA
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