Before using Oxyfresh Dental products my husband would tell me that my breath was not very pleasant. I don't hear negative comments about my breath now that I use Oxyfresh, Lemon Mint Power Rinse Mouthwash is my favorite.

Beverly CannoldWhite Plains, NY

Oxyfresh Lemon Mint Power Rinse Mouthwash is a great product. Not only does it taste great and leave my mouth feeling clean and fresh, it also helped my bleeding gums. The samples are convenient. I have one in my car, one in my gym bag and one in my briefcase.

Louis CiarlanteDeptford, NJ

I just started using Lemon-Mint Power Rinse Mouthwash and Paste. These products leave my teeth feeling cleaner than anything else I've ever used. Power Rinse leaves my breath super fresh and my gums are healthier.

Lorane SmithWellington, FL

Lemon Mint Power Paste has really helped my teeth. I get compliments on them now.

Joann ChavezAustin, TX

My dentist is the person who introduced me to Oxyfresh Lemon Mint Power Paste at my last checkup in April to help prevent plaque. He assured me that the toothpaste would take care of the plaque and he was right!

Mary DarePacifica, CA
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