I was introduced to Oxyfresh Lemon Mint Power Rinse about 2 years ago. I love it. I have never used a mouthrinse that is so effective, the clean feeling lasts a long time! I use it before I go to bed at night and I wake up with fresh breath. My 6 year old daughter uses and loves it too. It's wonderful!1

Denise GayleMesa, AZ

I have been using the Oolitt tongue scrapers for over five years. These small thin strips remove a lot of film from your tongue. The Oolitt does exactly what their supposed to and it works great!

Gail PyeChicago, IL

Before using Oxyfresh Dental products my husband would tell me that my breath was not very pleasant. I don't hear negative comments about my breath now that I use Oxyfresh, Lemon Mint Power Rinse is my favorite.

Beverly CannoldWhite Plains, NY

In my mind, toothpaste was toothpaste, but I'd have to say I've gotten a great deal of satisfaction from Oxyfresh Lemon Mint Power Paste.

Daniel LongLawton, OK

I am hooked. Store brand toothpastes are too sugary and taste weird. They don't make your teeth feel clean like Oxyfresh Original Toothpaste does. Oxyfresh Lemon Mint Power Rinse is great too. It makes your mouth feel super clean.

Geraldine GiacomettiArroyo Grande, CA
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