I only order once a year, but I make sure to order enough Lemon Mint Power Rinse to last me throughout the year. I love it; nothing on the market works this good. I won't be without it.

Sharon KudoHonolulu, HI

I love the Oxyfresh Toothpaste. This stuff is really, really good. I quit using it for a while and just reordered more. I’m looking forward to having it back, I’ve missed it. It’s so gentle and cleans so well.

VeliaChandler, AZ

I love Oxyfresh Lemon Mint Power Rinse. It really works. It keeps my breath fresh for hours. Even my son loves this product. He was not willing to try it after using another brand of rinse but I bribed him a $1.00 to try it. He did and was amazed that it didn't burn.

Braden TidwellLas Cruces, NM

My dentist recommended your Patented Zinc Mouthrinse & Toothpaste after having some dental work done. I am very happy with the taste and the way they leave my mouth feeling very clean.

Jenny ShimizuNew York, NY

The tongue scraper works great. I have been using it for about a month and want to get some for my family. Knowing the tongue holds the most of the bacteria in the mouth, it makes sense. My mouth feels cleaner, and I think breath smells fresher.

Renie LenningAnkeny, IA
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