Sometimes I get sore gums, and the Super Relief Gel heals them right away, it's really wonderful.

Lola DoeringKitimat, BC

I use Oxyfresh Super Relief Gel in my dental practice and at home. I am always amazed how quickly it heals patient's gums after dental procedures.

David TecoskyPhiladelphia, PA

Whenever I have a sore in my mouth, I use Oxyfresh Super Relief Gel. It works great to soothe and help heal!

Linda MetzVero Beach, FL

I just had extensive dental work done; dental implants. My dentist gave me a tube of Oxyfresh Super Relief Dental Gel and I love it. It's so soothing.

Mary NaumanIrvine, CA

I absolutely love everything about the Oxyfresh Super Relief Gel! If I get a canker sore I put the gel on it and its gone in a day. Since using this product my gums are much firmer and don't bleed anymore.

Ann MorrisNorth Kingstown, RI
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