Our office loves Oxyfresh Super Relief Gel in the sample 1oz size. We give them out to each patient after their treatment.

Peter WohlgemuthBoca Raton, FL

I use the Super Relief Gel for trays that I soak overnight in. It helps to heal my gums and make my teeth less sensitive.

Marquita RobinsonColumbia, SC

I super love the Super Relief Gel. This is an amazing product!
Deanna Schmidt ' Lincoln, NE
customer, 3 months

Deanna SchmidtLincoln, NE

The Super Relief Gel is so soothing to the gums, I love it.

Alby SuttonRialto, CA

I have dentures and I use the Super Relief Gel to help keep my acidity issue under control. It works very well and soothes my gums also.

Angel HebertSt Albert, AB
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