The Fluoride Toothpaste is probably my favorite Oxyfresh product. Using it in conjunction with the Tongue Scraper and the Mouthwash really controls my breath.

Cindy NoblittLake Jackson, TX

The Oolitt Tongue Scraper keeps the plague buildup down in my mouth when I use it regularly.

Terry DelgadoDallas, TX

The Oxyfresh Oolitt® Elite tongue scraper is easy to use and lasts a long time. I have not found a better one out there yet.

John LibertyMc Lean, VA

The Oolitt Elite Tongue Scrappers are great. It makes a big difference, when you see what comes off of the tongue! All of a sudden everyone wants a Tongue Scrapper.

Robert RindfleischStrongsville, OH

Using Oxyfresh Toothpaste and the Oolitt Tongue Scraper have greatly improved my breath. I like the taste of the toothpaste and I haven't had any perio problems for several years.

Pat DozierCharlotte, NC
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