The tongue scraper works great. I have been using it for about a month and want to get some for my family. Knowing the tongue holds the most of the bacteria in the mouth, it makes sense. My mouth feels cleaner, and I think breath smells fresher.

Renie LenningAnkeny, IA

Using Oxyfresh Toothpaste and the Oolitt Tongue Scraper have greatly improved my breath. I like the taste of the toothpaste and I haven't had any perio problems for several years.

Pat DozierCharlotte, NC

I love Oxyfresh Oolitt Tongue Scrapers. They last forever and do a great job!

Madeline FreidmanPlainview, NY

Fluoride Toothpaste and the Oolitt Tongue Scraper are the only products I've found that really control my bad breath.

Carla GreeneMount Pleasant, SC

The Fluoride Toothpaste is probably my favorite Oxyfresh product. Using it in conjunction with the tongue scraper and the Mouthrinse really controls my breath.

Cindy NoblittLake Jackson, TX
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