Before using Oxyfresh Dental products my husband would tell me that my breath was not very pleasant. I don't hear negative comments about my breath now that I use Oxyfresh, Lemon Mint Power Rinse Mouthwash is my favorite.

Beverly CannoldWhite Plains, NY

I only order once a year, but I make sure to order enough Lemon Mint Power Rinse Mouthwash to last me throughout the year. I love it and nothing on the market works this good. I won't be without it.

Sharon KudoHonolulu, HI

Oxyfresh Lemon Mint Power Rinse Mouthwash keeps my mouth fresh like nothing else.

Cathy HastingsEast Petersburg, PA

Oxyfresh Super Relief Dental Gel is a fantastic product. The results I see on gum tissue inflammation and overall periodontal challenges is amazing.

Dr John CarderState College, PA

The Super Relief Dental Gel is great for pizza burns on the roof of your mouth. Within a minute it soothed my mouth and felt like it made a protective coating.

We at the denture clinic give it to their patients for fast relief and healing.

Wade KlimpkeCalgary, AB
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