The vet recommended the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution because of bad plaque buildup. The vet was concerned because our pet was so young. Thanks to the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution, the plaque has decreased.

Louise HarmerAllentown, PA

Oxyfresh Pet Gel helps keep my pets' teeth clean and white. It also helps keep the tarter off the teeth. I haven't had to have my pets' teeth cleaned by the vet.

Marsha ValenziaLantana, TX

I really like the Pet Gel. I have been using since my Australian Shepherd was a pup, and he lets me brush his teeth. I am going to try the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution next.

Bernice NewburyPenticton, BC

My 10-year-old Maltese has beautifully clean teeth thanks to the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution and brushing her teeth several times a week. There's no issue with bad breath, either.

Helen EvansHuntington Beach , CA

I have 6 cats and have been using Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution in their water for years now. It was first recommended by my veteranarian and I can definitely tell a difference if I forget to add it to their water.

Lorraine BorisPhiladelphia, PA

My friend gave my dog the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution during her short stay and when I came home, I couldn't believe how clean my dogs' teeth were and how fresh her breath was.

Linda SuttonTallahassee, FL

We give Pet Gel to some of our dental patients especially if they have had teeth extracted, it really soothes the gums. We use more of the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution in our office.

Elk Grove Village, IL

My pet has had a lot of problems with his teeth and gums. The combination of Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution & Oxyfresh Pet Gel has really improved her gums.

Judy GrimmBrenham, TX

My 9-year-old Yorkie has only had his teeth cleaned twice in 9 years; for a Yorkie, that is very good. I give all the credit to the Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution!

Victoria SmithBoynton Beach, FL

I have been using the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution for our two Yorkies, and it sure helps freshen their breath. Sometimes it can get so bad. My groomer suggested it years ago, and we've been using it ever since.

Ruth ElkinsNashville, TN

Oxyfresh Pet Shampoo is the best there is. It Cleans really well and leaves the dogs' coats in good condition.

Donna CollettiBelvidere, NJ

I love the Pet Deodorizer because I not only spray it on my pet but all over the house. This is the only deodorizer I am not allergic to. I love it.

Rosemary BurlingameHayden, ID

Hey Ray, I finally washed the boys and used the Pet Shampoo this weekend. That stuff is awesome! Pete still has a small case of the itchies, but the shampoo did help with most. But I must say that both of their coats look and feel amazing. They are super shiny and are silky to the touch. And they smell great. They don't smell like most shampoos where essentially you just smell whatever the flavor of the shampoo is. They smell fresh and clean. I also noticed that this stuff lathers up really well. Usually, because of the boys thick undercoats, I have to use a lot of shampoo to get through all of their hair. Not so much with this stuff. I will be sure to get more in the future. Trisha

Raymond ZdanowiczWaukegan, IL

All Oxyfresh Pet Care Products are effective and very easy to use. My cats love Pet Oral Hygiene Solution in their water and they don't have bad breath.

Diane BondEasley, SC

My pet's gums are in great condition thanks to the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution, compared to my friends who don't use it. And my dog had really bad breath until I started using it.

Lynn SwearingenAnnapolis, MD

The Pet Ear Cleaner is so easy to use and the buildup in the ear comes out immediately after applying the drops. You just drop it in the ear and watch all the gunk drip out. My dogs have never had issues with any infections.

Bernice NewburyPenticton, BC

I've been giving Pet Jerky to our 4-year-old Golden Retriever since he was a pup. He is very healthy.

Elizabeth SperryRichboro, PA

My dog gets 5 Pet Jerky treats a day. She goes through the treats very quickly, because she loves them!

Cathleen ChannelLAS VEGAS, NV

I rub the Pet Gel on my dog's gums twice a day and I put the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution in his water. This has completely taken away his breath odor, and his gums are in healthy condition. I'm recommending your products to my veterinarian.

John FergusonCarlisle, ON

I like that the Pet Gel is tasteless, not sticky, and it contains all safe, and very effective, ingredients.

Caroline AubichonOttawa, ON

I keep ordering Oxyfresh Pet Products because they keep selling! My customers love Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution, Gel and Ear Cleaner and won't switch to anything else.

William HassettPrinceton, NJ

I rub Pet Gel on my kitties' gums, and it really helps. It also keeps their coat smelling sweet. When I say "toothpaste" they come running so I can rub it on their gums.

Frank HolykEdmonton, AB

The "Mellow Out" Pet Relaxant has saved my Min Pin. Without the products my little dog would not be with me today. Thank you Oxyfresh!

Elizabeth ThurberLos Angeles, CA

I have been putting Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution into my Maltese's spring water for about 8 months. I have to say his breath is much better.

Fay SchnappBoynton Beach, FL

I use the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution for both of our dogs to improve their oral health. I see a big difference in the whiteness of their teeth and their breath.

Debra GooleySanta Maria, CA

I have 6 large dogs, 2 of them are show dogs and 3 cats. I have been using Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution only since September and I already see a big difference; especially in the older dogs who really had bad breath.

Chris DayHillsboro, OH

I have a Red Doberman and at shows people are amazed by the condition of his teeth and gums. A lady came up to me at a show and asked to see his teeth after hearing about it. I owe it to Oxyfresh Pet Gel and regular brushing.

Janet BainTucson, AZ

The 16 oz. Pet Oral Hygiene Solution is just the perfect size for one pet. I order the 16 oz size of this product because it works so well and lasts so long (because of how concentrated it is). I'm just amazed at the value of this product.

Nancy HernickClarksville, MD

I used Oxyfresh Pet Gel on my animals for years and they no longer have to have their teeth cleaned. This product is superior and we cannot live without it.

Debbie SneadColumbus, GA

My dog Stryker had horrible breath. I am a dental hygienist and I was even cleaning his teeth every three months. Then I used the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution and it worked! I couldn't believe it.

Dawn NikolausLancaster, PA

When we first got our dog her breath was atrocious and made us want to gag. A friend of ours introduced us to the Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene System which we used once a day and in two weeks her teeth were beautiful and her breath was wonderful.

Cindy BenjaminColorado Springs, CO

My vet can tell I brush my pet's teeth with the Pet Gel because his teeth and gums are looking healthier.

Lorraine VesceOcala, FL

When a dog comes in having been sprayed by a skunk, I wet them down with Pet Deodorizer before bathing them with the Pet Shampoo. The odor goes away and their coats come out soft and shiny. Oxyfresh has no harsh chemicals, stripping agents, fragrance or color, so it is as mild as a hypo-allergenic shampoo. Nothing works better than Pet deodorizer in a situation like this.

Divinity LibbyGlendale , CA

My vet recommended the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution so I bought a small bottle to try. I have two puppies under one year old plus my seven-year-old dog. I am amazed how my seven-year-old's teeth have brightened up, not to mention his fresh breath. I am now buying it in the gallon so I won't run out.

Kathy DrakeShalimar, FL

I have an 11 year old lab and the veterinarian always marvels at her teeth. I brush her teeth with Oxyfresh Pet Gel. I used to brush them every day, but now I only have to brush about 3 times a week. I am 71 years old and I use Oxyfresh Fluoride Toothpaste. I still have all my own teeth! Oxyfresh products are great.

John DutcherEugene, OR

At a recent dog show, an exhibitor's nine-month-old Chinese Crested was so jittery she would not let the judge near her. I suggested Mellow Out Pet Relaxant and the results were amazing! The dog stood still while the judge evaluated her.

Camelia BishopMidland, TX

My cat is 10 years old and I've never had to have his teeth cleaned. He's been drinking the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution for almost his whole life. His teeth are in great shape!

Paula Casale-AlvesProvidence, RI

The Pet Oral Hygiene Solution works quite nicely for my dog. I do see a difference in her teeth.

Cathleen ChannelLAS VEGAS, NV

I have some Persians and since they have small mouths, using the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution in my fountain makes maintaining their oral hygiene a breeze!

Beverly KukulyaSan Diego, CA

We use Oxyfresh Pet Ear Cleaner on all dogs that come through our shop. We love that it's safe, odor-free, leaves no residue, and does a fabulous job of cleaning their ears!

Marilyn ZeldinToronto, ON

I have the cutest Maltese dog and she is always on my lap and in my face. Her breath used to be so bad it was hard to hold her up close. Since using Pet Oral Hygiene Solution, her nasty breath is gone.

Mary EbertsKansas City, MO

My cat had severe gingivitis and two years later the condition of her gums and teeth have completely turned around thanks to Oxyfresh pet dental products.

Nancy HoffmanWilloughby Hills, OH

Oxyfresh Pet Jerky Treats have made my dogs move easier. It is much less expensive and gives better results than what our vet recommended. They love the flavor and come running when I shake the bottle!

Cecelia GrillFletcher, NC

I have a greyhound with auto-immune gum disease, even though he's lost most of his teeth the Pet Gel really helps to soothes his inflamed gums.

Melody CombsGlendale, AZ

I am a licensed veterinary technician by trade, and when I worked at the hospital we had Pet Deodorizer in every exam room. It is really fantastic for removing all odors.

Doreen LobodaLorain, OH

We love the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution in our animal hospital. We use it to help whiten white dogs who have tear stains around their eyes. We're seeing amazing results in as little as 2-3 weeks from the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution. It whitens better than anything else we've tried.

Ashely BlackburnGatlinburg , TN

My dog is 9 years old and I use the Pet Gel to brush his teeth and they look spectacular! I really love this product.

Stacy CzekajDearborn, MI

I like your Pet Ear Cleaner. It does a great job of cleaning the ears, even deep down inside.

Tiffany LewisLaFountain, IN

My dog loves Oxyfresh Pet Jerky Treats. I know I'm doing her a favor by continuing to give them to her. She seems to be more active.

Marda TracannaPlymouth Meeting, PA

We have been using Pet Oral Hygiene Solution for two years on our two Kiren Terriers. The oldest one has tartar build up they both of them are too old to have teeth cleaned The Pet Oral Hygiene Solution helps both of their breath.

Kenneth DiCarloBrewster, MA
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