I have two border collies, one that is 15 years old and the other 8. Even as old as they are, their teeth and gums are in beautiful condition. Neither of them have had any teeth pulled or have had to have their teeth cleaned. I simply brush their teeth with the Oxyfresh Pet Gel. This is a fantastic product.

Nancy ClaytonWrightstown, NJ

I love the Oxyfresh Pet Gel because it's flavorless, not pasty, and its cleaning properties are very effective!

Greta HortonCollingwood, ON

My vet can tell I brush my pet's teeth with the Pet Gel because his teeth and gums are looking healthier.

Lorraine VesceOcala, FL

Since we started using Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution, we have seen a big drop in the calculus deposits on our cats teeth. This stuff really works.

Dale Resue, JrBroomall, PA

The combination of Oxyfresh Pet Gel and Pet Oral Hygiene Solution is fantastic. My vet couldn't believe the difference. She had so much plaque before I started brushing her teeth each night and adding the solution to her drinking water.

Joyce LazellPenn Hills, PA

The Pet Oral Hygiene and Pet Gel is well received, it is easy for clients to use. The Gel works great when you just apply it to the pet's teeth and gums with your finger, you don't need to brush.

Susan WickerCentre Hall, PA

My cats have been drinking Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution for a couple of years. The condition of their teeth has really improved and my oldest cat can't wait to drink her water each morning.


My dog has an internal itching problem where she scratches her skin to where she would start bleeding. She has medication and I have her using Stress Relief and she has had no itching problems at all.

Joane BrownTwin Falls, ID

The Stress Relief Pet and Pet Relaxant has saved my Min Pin. Without the products my little dog would not be with me today. Thank you Oxyfresh!

Elizabeth ThurberLos Angeles, CA

My 13 year old dog has always battled a serious problem with bad breath in the summer time due to heavy breathing in the heat. Now that I've got her on Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution it is absolutely amazing at how clean and fresh her breath is even in this extreme heat!

Christina EvansNewmarket, NH

I use the Pet Ear Cleaner for more than on pets. I personally use it for snoring issues. I dab a small drop on the end of a cutip and put a couple drops in my ear at night. It seems to clear up any build up that clogs up the throat at night and my snoring is almost completely gone.

Lisa HobsonWelland, ON

My dog has very bad allergies and reacts badly to every kind of ear cleaner I've ever tried. Oxyfresh Pet Ear Cleaner is the only product that doesn't bother her.

Carol WojtowiczCalgary, AB

I recommend the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution and Pet Gel to all pet owners who have had their pet's teeth cleaned. It helps to maintain a clean and healthy mouth. We definitely see the difference.

Marilyn MathewsBuena Park, CA

I have used the Pet Oral Hygiene for 4 years now for my pet's teeth. She is old and wouldn't let me brush her teeth but now that I use the Solution my Vet says she needs no cleaning whenever she comes in. Now I don't have trouble getting her teeth clean.

Celia MikellSpringfield, VA

I started giving my youngest dog Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution 1 year ago and she's had dramatic changes with her breath. She's never had to have her teeth cleaned.

Sheila FoleyTuttle, OK

I have been raising Border Collies for many years and using the Oxyfresh Pet Antioxidants for as long as they have been available. My Collies are healthy and happy and I have noticed a longer life span since using this product. My last collie was 18 years old when she passed away.

Peter HalversonBeloit, WI

We use the Pet Deodorizer for our new puppy, it works great!

Christopher BecknerFairfield, OH

I love the Pet Shampoo because it deodorizes nicely, it suds great, and the scent isn't too strong. I bath my cat every 6-8 weeks and my dog every other week, and after five months my bottle is just now running out.

Emily PutnamGrandy, NC

I like the idea that I can help with Max's tartar, plaque and gingivitis by simply adding Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution to his water. I've told all my neighbors and they'll be buying it too!

Sandra HeatonArlington, VA

Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution really works. I stopped using it for awhile and my dog's bad breath returned. I realized I need to continue using this product.

Mary DowdenHilton Head, SC

When I bought my puppy Oxyfresh Pet Jerky was recommended so I give it to both of my dogs. I know it will keep them healthy.

Elizabeth SperryRichboro, PA

The Pet Oral Hygiene solution has completely removed my pets' bad breath and their teeth are shiny.

Rick NeillLong Beach, CA

I have a white shih tzu. The Pet Shampoo helps her maintain her white color and is gentle enough to use weekly.

Kelly ReedTopton, PA

"I have noticed my dog's breath is fresher since we started using Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution and he has less tartar.

Joan TaylerSan Francisco, CA

My daughter just moved and her cat was very agitated from the move and started marking his territory. She has been giving him Oxyfresh Mellow Out Pet Relaxant and it has really helped.

Pamela SlaytonGolden Valley, AZ

I use the Pet Deodorizer on everything in my house. It works fantastic on riding shoes. Walking in the stables and riding makes for smelly shoes. Spraying Pet Deodorizer on the shoes neutralizes the odors.

Diana SchmidtPinehurst , NC

My pets have very clean teeth, thanks to the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution.


My dog no longer has a problem with bad breath, thanks to the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution!

Linda LindgrenYuma, CO

Oxyfresh Pet Gel works great on any type of cuts, scrapes, bites and hot spots on my pets. I had an animal that had a ruptured anal gland and the pet gel healed it immediately. This product is fantastic.

Patricia WolfNew Port Richey, FL

We've been using Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution and it is working really well.

Jay and Jane BuckmanHouston, TX

I really notice a difference in my dog's energy level when I give her just a half Pet Antioxidant wafer. And she absolutely loves them!

Maureen SkeeseLa Quinta, CA

I've been giving my 11-year-old dog Pet Antioxidants for 10 years. She's much more mobile now and healthier overall.

Nancy GalliHickory, NC

I couldn't believe it when our 12-13 year-old pooch couldn't jump up on the Davenport! But, after only two weeks of giving him the Pet Jerky he was able to jump up again just fine.

G William PhelpsSpencer, IA

My 6 year old dogs' teeth are in great shape with very little staining. He's a breed that is prone to oral health problems. I brush his teeth everyday with Oxyfresh Pet Gel.

Donna MooreBoynton Beach, FL

My dog has allergies really bad and wasn't the healthiest dog. The Pet Oral Hygiene Solution and Pet Gel has helped so much. She is much healthier and her teeth are free of tartar.

Amy KetchamEscanaba, MI

My golden retriever, Sadie, got ink all over her beautiful coat. I put ear cleaner all over her and the ink was all gone.

Sharon LuddersGold River, CA

We have been using Pet Oral Hygiene for two years on our two Kiren Terriers. The oldest one has tartar build up they both of them are too old to have teeth cleaned The Hygiene Solution helps both of their breath.

Kenneth DiCarloBrewster, MA

The Pet Oral Hygiene Solution has done wonders for my cats' teeth. Every time I go to my vet, the vet says their teeth are A1, in perfect condition.

Connie DumasOrlando, FL

My vet strongly recommended we have our dog put under and his teeth cleaned. We decided against doing that and started using the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution right away. Since we have started using it, the vet said our dogs teeth have improved and there's no need for a professional cleaning. We have also started putting the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution in our hamsters drinking bottle and the slimy water build-up has disappeared!

Jerry DingledineHolly Springs, NC

We love the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution in our animal hospital. We use it to help whiten white dogs who have tear stains around their eyes. We're seeing amazing results in as little as 2-3 weeks from the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution. It whitens better than anything else we've tried.

Ashely BlackburnGatlinburg , TN

The Pet Deodorizer is the best. I am a pet sitter and when I go into homes and smell dirty dog, I spray the pet, bedding and areas they lay in. It takes the odor away. My clients are slowly getting it and are beginning to understand how the Deodorizer works to eliminate odors instead of using a common cover up product.

Joyce CongletonLandisville, PA

I have been using the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution for my dog for almost two years and you can see the difference. Breath is fresher and teeth are whiter.

Myra BernhartShillington, PA

We have had issues with our pet Coco regardless of all avenues we have taken. Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution and Pet Gel have greatly reduced the offensive breath odor.

Mary Frances GilbertLewisburg, PA

Both of my dogs go crazy for Oxyfresh Pet Jerky Treats! They make a great treat and I know it's benefiting them.

Philip CasellaMiddle Village, NY

Our vet called me with a glowing report that our dog's joint was healthy. I was not surprised because she had been on Oxyfresh Pet Antioxidants. He was so impressed that he is going to order some Oxyfresh products for his other surgical patients. It is great to have such wonderful products.


The Pet Antioxidant Wafers work so well on my pets! They are healthy, young looking and act like they are young. I know it is working to keep them healthy.

Peter HalversonBeloit, WI

Our 10 yr old dog has arthritis in her back and Oxyfresh Pet Jerky has made the most difference for her. If we skip giving her the pet jerky treats for more than a day, she's definitely less mobile. This is one daily supplement she can't go without!

Lori MilovichSouthlake , TX

If I don't use the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution I am sorry. I keep two big dogs on it because they need it.

Renate LeuschnerBurbank, CA

My pet's gums are in great condition thanks to the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution, compared to my friends who don't use it. And my dog had really bad breath until I started using it.

Lynn SwearingenAnnapolis, MD

The Pet Ear Cleaner Works! We have had other vendors try to sway us to use their ear cleaner but we stay with Oxyfresh Ear Cleaner because none works as well.

Susan MartinAlexander City, AL
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