Oxyfresh Pet Shampoo makes our dogs' fur soft. It doesn't flake and it's gentle on our hands.

Anita GarnierPasadena, CA

As a professional pet groomer, I have used many different types of pet products. Oxyfresh Pet Shampoo is the best I have used. I love the smell. The look and feel of the dogs coat after I have finished grooming is a noticeable difference. This is a fantastic product.

Margaret NegreenColorado Springs, CO

Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer, Pet Shampoo and Pet Ear Cleaner really work for getting rid of skunk smell. My 4 dogs tangled with a skunk and now I am re-ordering to be ready for the next go round. As long as you use as directed, it really takes care of that horrible skunk smell

Nancye GrayClarksville, VA

Hey Ray, I finally washed the boys and used the Pet Shampoo this weekend. That stuff is awesome! Pete still has a small case of the itchies, but the shampoo did help with most. But I must say that both of their coats look and feel amazing. They are super shiny and are silky to the touch. And they smell great. They don't smell like most shampoos where essentially you just smell whatever the flavor of the shampoo is. They smell fresh and clean. I also noticed that this stuff lathers up really well. Usually, because of the boys thick undercoats, I have to use a lot of shampoo to get through all of their hair. Not so much with this stuff. I will be sure to get more in the future. Trisha

Raymond ZdanowiczWaukegan, IL

My dog had so many skin allergies, the scratching was horrible. We bath her in Oxyfresh Pet Shampoo and her condition has improved immensely.

Patricia SilvestriAurora, IL
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