I have a Red Doberman and at shows people are amazed by the condition of his teeth and gums. A lady came up to me at a show and asked to see his teeth after hearing about it. I owe it to Oxyfresh Pet Gel and regular brushing.

Janet BainTucson, AZ

I brush my puppy's teeth with Oxyfresh Pet Gel and my vet said his teeth look the best he's seen them look.

Susan FordVienna, VA

When I use Oxyfresh Pet Gel at least once a week, it takes the plaque away and keeps my dogs' teeth looking good. I especially love it for my show dogs, which never develop plaque thanks to the Pet Gel and Pet Oral Hygiene Solution. I've tried other products that say they do the same thing, but don't.

Julene MayewskiBiloxi, MS

In using Oxyfresh Pet Gel to brush my pets' teeth, I've noticed their breath is fresher and they have less plaque build up.

Sabrina BernardThornton, CO

I really like the Pet Gel. I have been using since my Australian Shepherd was a pup, and he lets me brush his teeth. I am going to try the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution next.

Bernice NewburyPenticton, BC
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