When we got home from Denver, we gave our Golden Retriever, Moose (age 10), our new Pet Jerky. He gulped them down then proceeded to give us this look that meant 'where and why have you been keeping this from me?' He was so excited today when his new, full size bottle arrived! We put it right with his other Oxyfresh pet products: Mellow Out, Pet Gel, and Ear Cleaner in the refrigerator! These products work great!

Dorothy StockardHacienda Heights, CA

The Pet Oral Hygiene Solution helps keep our Greyhounds breath fresh, and we brush their teeth every day with the Pet Gel. Greyhounds are prone to plaque and tarter, and these product really make a difference.

Ann ReblingWestfield, IN

I have a parrot that gets bitten in the toe once in a while and Oxyfresh Pet Gel does a great job of soothing and keeping the pain out. Please pass it on that this is a wonderful product.

Sandra DuncanBraeside, ON

My dog has 'hot spots' so I used the Oxyfresh Pet Gel. This product works great and now I don't have to give oral antibiotics to him.

Barbara MyersNaperville, IL

The Pet Gel keeps my dogs teeth clean better than any store bought brand. They seem to like the taste way better than any other brand.

Anna LathropAmherst, NH
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