I am in the dental field so I use the Pet Gel every morning to brush our dog's teeth. We have a little Yorkie and this really helps to maintain good oral health in between cleanings, which is only every few years.

Randy BrinckmanHampstead, NC

We've noticed about a 90 percent difference in our dog's breath and redness of gums since using Pet Oral Hygiene Solution. His gums don't seem to be bothering him as much now, and he's not chewing on things nearly as much. We've seen a big improvement!

James AngelinoWestwood, NJ

My Vet recommended Oxyfresh Pet Gel for my dogs almost 4 years ago. My 7 year old dog had her teeth cleaned at that time and because I've been cleaning her teeth and gums with this product every night, she hasn't had to go back for a cleaning!

Karen LopezSan Dimas, CA

My dogs have such white teeth and haven't needed a dental cleaning in years, since we started using Pet Oral Hygiene and Pet Gel. Their teeth are checked by my vet of course, but he can see no reason to clean them at this point because they are so white.

Pat ParsonsRoseville, CA

I love Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution. I can't believe how well this product works. My dog's teeth and gums are nice and clean. I am now going to try brushing with Oxyfresh Pet Gel too.

Louise CardenalGermantown, TN
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