My dog has severe anxiety from loud truck noise, fireworks and thunderstorms. The noise from vehicles outside will make her so crazy that she literally will rip off the trip around the doors of our house. When she has the Mellow Out regularly she can function 100% better without being destructive to herself or the house. This has made such a huge difference for her and we're all very thankful.


Before I took my energetic Shetland sheepdog to the groomer and then to the vet for his one-year checkup, I gave him some Mellow Out Pet Relaxant. He behaved like a perfect gentleman. The vet noticed how good his teeth and gums were and of course I told him about our wonderful Pet Oral Hygiene Solution. These products are fantastic!

Diane Hodges CookCorpus Christi, TX

The Pet Relaxant has been selling like crazy! A poodle owner bought it because her dog was not focused in the ring. Once they gave him Mellow Out Pet Relaxant he was calmed down and focused. He was a different dog when they brought him in.

Camille RogersFort Dodge, IA

When we got home from Denver, we gave our golden retriever Moose (age 10) our new Pet Jerky. He gulped them down then proceeded to give us this look that meant 'where and why have you been keeping this from me?' He was so excited today when his new, full size bottle arrived! We put it right with his other Oxyfresh pet products: antioxidants, mellow out, pet gel, and ear cleaner in the refrigerator! These products work great!

Dorothy StockardHacienda Heights, CA

My customers like the Pet Relaxant because it calms the dogs down but doesn't knock them out.

Audrey MouckLas Vegas, NV
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