The Pet Relaxant has been selling like crazy! A poodle owner bought it because her dog was not focused in the ring. Once they gave him Mellow Out Pet Relaxant he was calmed down and focused. He was a different dog when they brought him in.

Camille RogersFort Dodge, IA

Our dog is very high-strung and barks a lot, but when she takes 'Mellow Out' she is more relaxed.

Edna LoganWaikoloa, HI

I started using Pet Relaxant on my old rescued Cocker Spaniel who had a severe case of separation anxiety. Prior she could not be left alone. The pet relaxant has helped her and now we can be gone longer withouth her barking . I am very grateful to this product.

Kristina CahillLong Beach, CA

We like your Pet Relaxant. It calms our Bulldog, who gets restless at night, so we are going to try it on our St. Bernard.

Shirley WeaverCordova, AL

The Pet Relaxant works great when taking pets on vacations. It reduces car sickness and vomiting in dogs. This is a product an owner can keep with them that is safe, effective, and non-prescription.

Charles HopekPerris, CA
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