My customers like the "Mellow Out" Pet Relaxant because it calms the dogs down but doesn't knock them out.

Audrey MouckLas Vegas, NV

My daughter just moved and her cat was very agitated from the move and started marking his territory. She has been giving him Oxyfresh Mellow Out Pet Relaxant and it has really helped.

Pamela SlaytonGolden Valley, AZ

The "Mellow Out" Pet Relaxant has saved my Min Pin. Without the products my little dog would not be with me today. Thank you Oxyfresh!

Elizabeth ThurberLos Angeles, CA

My dog has severe anxiety from loud truck noise, fireworks and thunderstorms. The noise from vehicles outside will make her so crazy that she literally will rip off the trim around the doors of our house. When she has the Mellow Out regularly she can function 100% better without being destructive to herself or the house. This has made such a huge difference for her and we're all very thankful.


The "Mellow Out" Pet Relaxant works wonders on my dogs. When I have to leave them alone, they bark a lot and the neighbors hate it ... but when I give them the "Mellow Out" , they don't bark. It really works.

Edna LoganWaikoloa, HI
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