I use the Heavenly Gele for washing hands and body. I love the smell and how clean I feel after I use it. I always buy the 12 oz. bottle and refill with the 32 oz. bottle.

Jodene MessengerBaker, MT

I use the Heavenly Gele in the shower because I have very sensitive skin. It works so well.

Rosa McKinneyCarthage, NC

I have been using Heavenly Gele for years and love it. It goes a long way in my shower. Two drops on a netted sponge makes so many suds.

Ann Gardner ArensBrenham, TX

I don't have to clean my shower very often when I use the Oxyfresh Heavenly Gele! It does it for me.

Faith AndersonPetaluma, CA

Oxyfresh Heavenly Cleansing Gele always helps clear up yeast infections. It is an awesome body cleanser.

Elizabeth KuizengaRichmond, CA
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