I have an 11 year old lab and the veterinarian always marvels at her teeth. I brush her teeth with Oxyfresh Pet Gel. I used to brush them every day, but now I only have to brush about 3 times a week. I am 71 years old and I use Oxyfresh Fluoride Toothpaste. I still have all my own teeth! Oxyfresh products are great.

John DutcherEugene, OR

For the past few years I have had really bad breath. Right after I would brush my teeth and rinse with store brand mouthrinse, I would still have bad breath. I went to the dentist for a cleaning and asked what I should do. He gave me an Oxyfresh Power Oral Hygiene Kit. It is like night and day! My breath is so much better and I notice that people don't back away from me when I am talking to them. I don't worry about what I eat, not even onions because I know Oxyfresh Lemon Mint Power Rinse and Paste will take care of it. I am so happy to have found Oxyfresh products and so is my wife.

Frederick BennettBoynton Beach, FL

My dentist recommended Oxyfresh Fresh Mint Mouthrinse and Fluoride Toothpaste for bad breath and they work great!

Bonnie JanusChicago, IL

The Fluoride Toothpaste keeps my breath fresh for a long time. Crest does not do that at all. I love it.

Sandra WilsonEast Orange, NJ

The Power Rinse really freshens my breath. I am very impressed with the results.

Bonnita HargisRaleigh, NC
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