I love Oxyfresh Fluoride Mouthrinse because it's alcohol free and I've been told by many that it's not good to have alcohol in rinse. It does what it says, keeping my mouth feeling fresh.

Dorothy CarrAvalon, NJ

The Oxyfresh Toothpastes and Fluoride with Fresh Mint Mouthwash keep my breath very fresh!

Vernessa BaskervilleCompton, CA

We won't use any other toothpaste or mouthwash. Our gums are healthy and our breath is fresh.

Raymond LindChicago, IL

I have seen a huge change in my patients' teeth and gum tissue since switching them to Oxyfresh Fluoride Mouthrinse. The gum tissue is much healthier.

John BercierDallas, TX

I used to buy the Oxyfresh Mouthwash and Toothpaste from my dentist. I loved the taste and the way it made my mouth feel so much I had to set up an account with Oxyfresh.
Azalea Gaytan ' Walnut, CA
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Azalea GaytanWalnut, CA
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