I take medication for my arthritis that causes my mouth to break out in sores. Oxyfresh Fluoride Toothpaste is the only product I've found to soothe the sores.

David ShankPhoenix, AZ

I love the Oxyfresh Fluoride Formula Toothpaste. I will go to the grave using it.

Hope MacDonaldDes Moines, WA

I only heard of, and began using, Oxyfresh quite recently. In truth, I have *never* had a toothpaste do as much as this one does. I've found that by brushing with Oxyfresh, after I use my water irrigator, and leaving the toothpaste in my mouth overnight, my mouth is still fresh and clean-tasting 6-8 hours later. Incredible! I am also delighted with how little it takes to fully brush my teeth, and that the tube is lasting much longer. I intend to recommend this to my dentist at my next cleaning.

Eric BarnesBLAINE, WA

I can eat almost anything, including onions, then brush my teeth with Oxyfresh toothpaste and there's no odor. My wife especially loves that!

Robert HancockSignal Hill, CA

The Fluoride Toothpaste keeps my breath fresh for a long time. Crest does not do that at all. I love it.

Sandra WilsonEast Orange, NJ
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