I use the All-Purpose Deodorizer to protect against odors around the house with my pets. I spray it on my fruits and vegetables to keep them fresh, and I also take it with me to hotel rooms to spray down the floors and make it fresher smelling during my stay.

S Mozelle von MedingTucson, AZ

All-Purpose Deodorizer really does a great job in my Pilates studio. After every class we wipe down all the equipment and there is no film or residue left behind like other cleaners leave. And my clients comment on the fresh, clean smell of my studio.

Carol BeringerWayne, PA

The All-Purpose Deodorizer works so well at eliminating smoke, kitchen odors, and anything else with an odor.

Margery WilsonSaint Johns, MI

The Laundry Detergent doesn't bother my skin like other Detergents will do, and the All Purpose Deodorizer has such a nice clean fresh smell.

Teresa BraswellChattanooga, TN

Grass stains and mud is what I had to clean out of my sons white baseball uniform last night. I pre-soaked all the really bad areas with Cleansing Gele and then sprayed the area with the All Purpose Deodorizer to get it nice and wet. I left it soaking for two hours and then washed it in our laundry detergent. These products lifted the stains out. The uniform looks brand new.

Terri MainsLiberty Lake, WA
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