The Cleansing Gele and All-Purpose Deodorizer work great together! I add 2 squirts of the Cleansing Gele to 1 cap full of the All-Purpose Deodorize to make a fabulous cleaning solution. I clean all of my fruits and vegetables with this solution. This helps keep their freshness and color longer. This also works great on cleaning counter tops.

Diane Hodges-CookCorpus Christi, TX

I use the All-Purpose Deodorizer to get cat stains out of the carpet. I had a light beige carpet, and it even pulled out old stains.

Jeanne Anne KubejaErie, PA

The All-Purpose Deodorizer removes odors better than anything on the market.

Yvonne WalkerRussell, ON

I have asthma and so many products negatively affect my condition. I love the All-Purpose Deodorizer because it does not affect my asthma at all. I also like how quickly it works to eliminate odors.

Edith GreatsingerFederal Way, WA

I recently rented a car and as soon as I opened the door, I was hit with a terrible cigarette smell. The rental agent told me they had spent $75 detailing it for the smell, with no luck. I took my bottle of All-Purpose Deodorizer and sprayed it everywhere. The smell was immediately gone. The power of Oxygene!

Marcia BreithauptNaples, FL
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