I use Oxyfresh Lemon-Mint Power Mouthrinse and Fluoride Mouthrinse. Your products work better than anything else I've found at keeping my breath fresh

Connie LasterHigh Point, NC

I have a lower denture which sometimes rubs and irritates my gums and can be quite painful. The Super Relief Gel helps soothe and heal my gums.

Mary GardnerVenice, FL

I've been using Super Relief Dental Gel on my patients for 10 years. Nothing comes close to the soothing, healing results we see from applying it to soft tissue. This is truly a unique product. I couldn't imagine practicing without it!

Mel Babad, DMDHamilton, NJ

I irrigate with Oxyfresh Patented Zinc Mouthrinse and I believe it's made a huge difference in the health of my gums. You have an awesome product.

Francine RappaportAtlanta, GA

Oxyfresh Whitening Gel is the best there is. It's very good for sensitive teeth.

Kathy LemonArcadia, CA

I really like Oxyfresh Toothpaste and I don't have to go to the store to get it. Been using for about 10 years.

Paul BrownAlbuquerque, NM

I love Power Paste! It tastes great and is very gentle on my gums.

Marian GoadSanta Fe, NM

I like the Original Toothpaste and Mint Mouthrinse because it works! That's the main thing. My sister also loves the toothpaste and rinse because it makes your mouth feel so clean and fresh. We've been using it for gosh I don't know how long!

Janet has been ordering since 1990.

Janet HollisDelta, CO

Lemon Power Rinse is a fantastic product. I love the fresh clean feeling that I get after using it. The clean fresh taste lasts throughout the day.

Daisy PatrawalaVerona, PA

I trust Oxyfresh products. I've had very little dental work done since I started using them ' and I still have all of my original teeth.

Shirley RossBellevue, WA

I love the Brush Picks. I recommend them to anyone with food trap areas between their teeth.

David GlasscockCharlotte, NC

I love, love, love your Whitening Gel. I don't have to go whitening treatments because yours works. Yours is also the only brand I've found that doesn't do animal testing, and that means a lot to me.

Melissa FlowerSan Rafael, CA

I eat a lot of berries and the Fluoride Toothpaste seems to help brighten my teeth up. I love the taste of the toothpaste too.

Deloris KokotSurprise, AZ

The Lemon Power Rinse is all I use because it actually works on keeping my breath fresh for a very long time.

Ruth Ann WighamanClearfield, PA

I like the Unflavored Mouthrinse doesn't make my mouth feel sticky like other brands seem to make it. I also like that Oxyfresh has an option without peppermint and fluoride.

Dawn ConnerIndianapolis, IN

My wife and I rub the All Purpose Gel to our gums every evening after brushing. It has improved the health of our gums and we really like the way it makes our mouths feel.

Vinod BhaktaSan Antonio, TX

We are happy with how clean our mouth feels when we use the Oxyfresh Toothpaste.

Michael JonesWashington, DC

My dentist started me on the Fluoride Toothpaste and Fluoride Mouthrinse. I find them to be very refreshing products. I attribute my healthy mouth to these great products.

Judith StrachmanBay Harbor Islands, FL

We love this product! We are using Oxyfresh Patented Zinc Mouthrinse in the gallon. The dentist sent us home with a different product and it was nasty! No it doesn't have alcohol, but it has everything else but the kitchen sink in it! We love your product!

Edward KleinmanAshland, OR

I was suffering with abscesses in my mouth and going through several gum surgeries and was in fear of losing my teeth. After using Oxyfresh products for just a short time, my hygienist almost dropped dead seeing the results. I don’t have abscesses anymore and my deep pockets are almost gone. I have saved a ton at the dentist.

NancyNiantic, CT

I absolutely love Oxyfresh Power Rinse. It keeps my breath fresher than any other rinse, and it keeps my mouth moist.

Anne LoveVirginia Beach, VA

For years I suffered with sensitive teeth. Even a walk in cold weather was painful to my teeth. Since I've been using Oxyfresh Fluoride Toothpaste & Mouthrinse, my sensitivity is minimal.

Doris BernsteinGreenport, NY

I love how Oxyfresh Power Rinse tastes and there is no burning.

Bonnie ZemanDouglas, AK

My dentist is always highly recommending your toothpaste. I appreciate that it helps my teeth stay whiter with age!

Kevin ShayCoeur D Alene, ID

My favorite Oxyfresh product is the Lemon-mint Power Rinse. The taste is awesome and it gives me fresh breath longer than any other mouthrinse has done.

LaVern LahrCottage Grove, MN

The Oxyfresh Mouthrinse keeps my breath fresh and I am very happy with it.

Jerry DiAntonioSun City Center, FL

I have been using Oxyfresh Super Relief Gel for a long time. I love it. It is gentle and since I have had a lot of work done on my teeth I want to keep them in top shape.

Jeanne BoutoteWaterbury, CT

I enjoy Oxyfresh Unflavored Mouthrinse because it is alcohol free and doesn't burn my mouth.

Ann TaylorLexington, KY

Oxyfresh Fresh Mint Mouthrinse is incredible. It's knocked out our bad breath, even garlic breath!

Patricia SilvestriAurora, IL

I have used the Fluoride Rinse for 10 years and love how it freshens my breath.

Lori TwaddleHainesville, IL

The Oxyfresh Toothpaste is very refreshing. Your teeth and breath feel so much cleaner than with any of the items sold over the counter.

Gerard VoorheesCorpus Christi, TX

The Zinc Mouthrinse and Original Toothpaste keep my breath fresh.

Glenda WydeveldFort Worth, TX

I can't live without the Oxycare 3000. It works great for cleaning my teeth!

Lynn BrunettiBatavia, OH

The Original Toothpaste is a great product. It works so well.

Janet MoranGreenville, NC

I have been using Oxyfresh mouthwash for years and it's great. It makes my mouth feel clean.

Edward WatkinsSan Diego, CA

I suffered from ulcers in my mouth. Since I started using the Oxyfresh Toothpaste, I no longer have this problem.

Phyliss MannDothan, AL

Oxyfresh Fluoride Toothpaste is fabulous. My dentist said my gums are much healthier.

Georgiana LiquoriBelleville, NJ

Whenever I use a toothpaste that is not Oxyfresh, I want to cry. Other pastes taste terrible and are way too sweet.

Risa FreemanMiami, FL

I am so impressed with how well Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution works on my dog I've even tried it on myself and my breath is even better now! I am so impressed with this product I've decided to try Oxyfresh Dental Health CoQ10 Complex as well.

Sharon HobbsRuidoso, NM

Oxyfresh Fresh Mint Mouthrinse is the very best product out on the market. It is an excellent, excellent product!

Linda PattersonMarietta, GA

I love the fact that Power Rinse does not burn and is glycerin free.

Terre MollnhauerCave Creek, AZ

The Zinc Mouthrinse definitely works. I get dry mouth from some of my medications and this rinse just makes my entire mouth feel better. I have tried so many rinses and nothing compares!

Jacqueline DyerChesterfield, VA

The Lemon Power Rinse and Paste are great, it makes my breath feel so fresh. My dentist recommended it and I have been using since 1995.

Rosalie JanazzoSouthington, CT

My husband go me to use the Fluoride Toothpaste years ago because nothing works as well. We will not use any other toothpaste.

M. EisenbeissApple Valley, CA

I've used Oxyfresh Original Toothpaste for more than 10 years and I have no cavities. I'll continue to use your awesome product.

Kathy StalloSaint Petersburg, FL

I love the how clean and white Oxyfresh Toothpaste keeps my teeth.

Jo Ann GieckMatheson, CO

I use Oxyfresh Original Toothpaste in the evening because it cleans so well and it keeps my breath fresher through the night than any of the other brands.

Barbara HarrisManassas, VA

I like your Lemon Power Rinse. It really works on taking away my bad breath and I don't get negative reactions from people.

Norman MalayneyPembina, ND

The Zinc Mouthrinse eliminates the bad taste I get from having post nasal drip and drinking a lot of coffee.

Alan HastingsWestfield, MA

The Dental Gel is very effective for me in soothing gum irritation.

Gerald PerkCentennial, CO
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