I love Oxyfresh! It's the only toothpaste I can use that doesn't cause a huge rash around my mouth.

Louise DeArmondCourtenay, BC

I have more confidence because Oxyfresh Fresh Mint Mouthrinse keeps my breath fresh.

Denise ThomasGretna, LA

Power Rinse is the best product! I have the cleanest mouth and the freshest breath since I have started using it. The Power Mini Kit is wonderful for travel.

Mike WatratzFairfield, CA

Receding gums runs in my family and I've always had very sensitive teeth because of it. Oxyfresh Non Fluoride Toothpaste has greatly decreased the sensitivity in my gums. My husband is also hooked on the product now.

Laura OatesPeotone, IL

I have used the Flouride Toothpaste for years. I love the way it cleans without having the harshness of store brands.

Loretta LyonsPomona, CA

Oxyfresh Patented Zinc Rinse gives me fresher breath.

John BurnsThiensville, WI

I am delighted that Oxyfresh offers a non-fluoride toothpaste. I am allergic to fluoride products and Oxyfresh's non-fluoride toothpaste works excellent for both my husband and me.

Carol Lee KloseSan Antonio, TX

The Fluoride Paste doesn't burn my mouth, I like the taste of it, and I have fewer cavities.

Vickie PerkinsVernon, TX

Oxyfresh Mouthrinse has worked wonderfully in my family. My husband had chronic bad breath and nothing would help. Then we were given a bottle of Oxyfresh Mouthrinse and he hasn't had a problem with bad breath since. I am a true Oxyfresh believer.

Joan HastEdmond, OK

Ten years of using Oxyfresh Fluoride toothpaste has really improved the health of my gums.

Albert WorthRichmond, TX

I love the citrus flavor of the Oral Health Complex and find if I stop taking it, I feel more winded the next day.

Mark YarnellKelowna, BC

I think that the Lemon Power Rinse is the very best in the market. All Oxyfresh Dental Products are far superior to anything else.

Michael FinkLAS VEGAS, NV

I have issues with my gums, but since I started using the Lemon Mint Power Paste, I receive clean bills of health from my DDS.

Shelva VigeeBaton Rouge, LA

My wife has to have the Super Relief Dental Gel on hand. She uses it everyday, and loves how well it works.

Tom LittleKalispell, MT

I love the flavor of the Lemon Power Rinse. It is refreshing and lasts such a long time in keeping my breath fresh.

Roxanne DonnelliRockford, IL

Oxyfresh Fluoride Toothpaste is fabulous. My dentist said my gums are much healthier.

Georgiana LiquoriBelleville, NJ

The Lemon Power Rinse and the Fluoride Formula Toothpaste control our breath better than anything else. We are very happy with the OxyCare 3000, too.

Peggy BurnleyLancaster, PA

I like the idea that the Oxyfresh Mouth Rinse is isn't so strong. it doesn't leave an after taste like those others and it works! My dentist recommended it in 2002 and I have been using ever since.

Martin SuarezBurlington, NJ

I heard from a friend of mine who was going through chemo that Oxyfresh Fluoride Toothpaste helped her to not get mouth sores. I am currently undergoing chemo for breast cancer and so far have not had any mouth sores since I've been using Oxyfresh Fluoride Toothpaste. Thanks for a great product.

Elizabeth RousselleNEW ORLEANS, LA

My 80lb dog loved to have his teeth brushed with Oxyfresh Original Toothpaste. He would watch me brush my teeth and wait for his turn. He didn't like his teeth to be brushed with anything else.

Lynette MiesenNiceville, FL

I am hooked. Store brand toothpastes are too sugary and taste weird. They don't make your teeth feel clean like Oxyfresh Original Toothpaste does. Oxyfresh Lemon Mint Power Rinse is great too. It makes your mouth feel super clean.

Geraldine GiacomettiArroyo Grande, CA

I've been using Patented Zinc Mouthrinse for seven years. I'm very satisfied with the results and like that it is alcohol free.

Anthony StellatoRockaway, NJ

I like the way Oxyfresh Toothpaste cleans my mouth and teeth. My breath is very fresh after each use.

Joan WilliamsFreehold, NJ

I love the fact that the Fluoride Toothpaste lasts so long. You only have to use a small amount and still does the job.

Rebecca DukeMineral, VA

My teeth are whiter and cleaner thanks to the Oxyfresh Fluoride Toothpaste.

Gloria BrownDell Rapids, SD

I am not sure how the Fresh Mint with Zinc Mouthrinse works but it does. I cannot complain at all. I love it.

Anne WeaverCocoa, FL

Perio patients love the Oxyfresh Mouthrinse because the bleeding is easily controlled and there's less bacteria which prevents less pocket depth.

Roschelle Major BanksIndianapolis, IN

I can tell a huge difference with my air unit not working! There is a strange smell and it doesn't feel as clean. These units really do work!

Nancy SustersicNaples, FL

I am using the CoQ10 Dental Health Complex for joint health. I noticed that it worked very well when I was just taking it as a supplement.

Bill YoungTrenton, OH

I've been using the Oxycare 3000 Oral Irrigator for years. It is one of the most reliable pieces of equipment I use for my own oral health. I'm very satisfied with this unit.

Della SinclairBaton Rouge , LA

I have seen a huge change in my patients' teeth and gum tissue since switching them to Oxyfresh Fluoride Mouthrinse. The gum tissue is much healthier.

John BercierDallas, TX

My mouth feels so clean after using Oxyfresh Toothpaste. I like that it's saccharin-free and does not mask odors, it actually eliminates them.

Safia RubaiiBoulder, CO

I have dentures and the Dental Gel really soothes my mouth and makes the tissue less irritable.

Kathy SteeleTryon, OK

Oxyfresh Fluoride Toothpaste keeps my breath its freshest.

James BaconNorfolk, VA

The OxyCare 3000 is the best on the market. This unit is so much better than the standard water picks.

Tamara GreenbergBoca Raton, FL

I love your Lemon Power Rinse. I've been using it for about 12 years, have not had a cavity since I started using it, and I don't even floss.

Robert HuelsmannSaint Louis, MO

I've been using Oxyfresh Lemon Mint Power Mouthrinse. I really like this product. I have had surgery and this helps heal. It's great stuff.

Sally YatesGeorgetown, TX

The Fresh Mint w/Fluoride Mouthrinse is by far the most effective and longest lasting mouthrinse out there. My husband and I both have healthy teeth and fresher breath.

Joseph KopczynskiAlbuquerque, NM

Oxyfresh Zinc Mouthrinse and Original Toothpaste are the best investments I could make. I'm 70 years old and I want to keep my teeth. With Oxyfresh, I am confident I will.

Gloria RainieriBayville, NJ

I really like Oxyfresh Dental Health CoQ10 Complex. The taste is so great! I like this product so much I am looking at other nutritional items Oxyfresh has to offer.

David NoltemeyerLouisville, KY

Our patients can't get enough of the Lemon Power Rinse. They love the taste.

Patricia LutzMadera, CA

Oxyfresh Fluoride Toothpaste is the only one I've found that doesn't hurt my gums.

Thomas SisonAlexandria, VA

Oxyfresh Original Formula Toothpaste doesn't burn your mouth and the taste is very pleasant. It keeps my mouth feeling cleaner longer.

Phyllis RusnockMercerville, NJ

The Oxyfresh Toothpaste and Fresh Mint Mouthrinse feel so good in my mouth. The commercial brand toothpastes and mouth washes leave my mouth feeling irritated and sore. Oxyfresh doesn't and I love it for that!

Cecelia EsquivelClovis, CA

The Fresh Mint Mouthrinse is so light and refreshing feeling. I love how gentle it is but so very effective.

James DemottCarlsbad, CA

The Fluoride Paste is the best on the market for cleaning and freshening breath.

Lawrence DelgregoWest Springfield, MA

Oxyfresh Toothpaste makes your mouth feel so good. We love the mild mint flavor!

Lloyd DonnellanLandaff, NH

I've been using the Oxyfresh Toothpaste since 2000. It leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean. I've also noticed that my teeth seem to stay whiter when I use this product.

June DubroffLancaster, PA

Your Fresh Mint Rinse is the best. I have not had any cavities since I started using it, and I get great reviews from my dentist because of it.

Bruce MarousekWaipahu, HI

I love how the Fluoride Toothpaste lasts forever.

Abbie BellerPhoenix, AZ
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