My office and I have just signed up with Oxyfresh here in Oklahoma City. As a dental hygienist, I had been searching over a year for a dental hygiene line I could recommend to my patients. I had strict requirements, ends up, Oxyfresh was the only company that could fill the order. And goodness has it! No one in Oklahoma sold Oxyfresh as far as I knew, so I signed up myself then got directed to Dr. Mike Bonner from Texas. He has been my mentor since.

We just got our first big order in for the office this past Tuesday. It was a large one because my dentist is very excited about the opportunity with Oxyfresh. We are all so excited in fact, that we were able to sell over $600 in Oxy product just yesterday. I bet we have sold around $1000 worth since our order came in. We are going to have our cost in product repaid to us before the credit card statement comes due. Almost everyone of my patients yesterday walked out with something oxyfresh. The CoQ10, Oxycare 3000 and the gallons of Zinc mouthwash are almost gone and need to be reordered!

I wanted to share this with you in hopes you can feel how happy we are to be able to have these Oxyfresh products in our office. We feel like we have the right tools to help our patients achieve the dental health they come to us for.

Keri BiehlCANTON, GA

I really like Oxyfresh Dental Health CoQ10 Complex! The taste is great and I feel so much better.

Jack DaleShalimar, FL

Oxyfresh Original Toothpaste and Fresh Mint Fluoride Mouthrinse are very good products. They help my gums and whiten my teeth. There isn't anything on the market to compare. I'm excited about Dental Health CoQ10 too! It'll help my oral health even more.

Wanzie LewisCrestview, FL

CoQ10 offers patients an exciting alternative to traditional prescription medicines for the treatment and prevention of periodontal disease. There is a group of patients who prefer not to use prescription medicine and these people would certainly benefit from this product.

J. Manual Gonzalez Jr., DDSLaredo, TX

I really like Oxyfresh Dental Health CoQ10 Complex. The taste is so great! I like this product so much I am looking at other nutritional items Oxyfresh has to offer.

David NoltemeyerLouisville, KY
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