I am allergic to all toothpastes and my dentist suggested using the Super Relief Gel and it works great. My dentist says I have the best teeth and gums for a grandmother. I reminded him that I am a great grandmother and he says for sure, I have the healthiest mouth of all great grandmothers.

Jackie PurdyPascagoula, MS

I am amazed with Oxyfresh's Pet Oral Hygiene Solution! I have noticed a huge improvement in my dog's breath in just a couple of days.


The Oxyfresh Cleaning Kit is phenomenal. My 18-month-old granddaughter recently took her diaper off and 'soiled' the carpet. I mixed a spot remover using the simple directions on the Oxyfresh sprayer bottle. Not only did the spots come out, the odor was immediately gone.

Connie GremmColorado Springs, CO

The Pet Deodorizer is the best! I've tried several other deodorizing products on the carpet at home and nothing else works as well or smells as fresh.

Karen StoneColorado Springs, CO

The Lemon Mint Power Paste and Lemon Power Rinse have given me fresher breath and healthier gums.

Thelma MorrisReading, PA

The Pet Oral Hygiene has done wonders for my dog's teeth. The vet is always impressed.

Aileen SchreinerLena, IL

I trust Oxyfresh products. I've had very little dental work done since I started using them ' and I still have all of my original teeth.

Shirley RossBellevue, WA

I like the clean feeling the Oxyfresh Fluoride Formula Toothpaste and Fluoride with Fresh Mint Mouthrinse give me. I love that they are so concentrated and, in the long run, it saves me money.

Raymond LindChicago, IL

I add Oxyfresh Pet Ear Cleaner to my ear medicine and find it's very gentle. We us Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer in each of our rooms to neutralize odors.

Leon ThiessenSanta Maria, CA

Our customers were requesting the Mint Mouthrinse. We really like it and had gotten away from it but looking forward to having it again. It's good that the expiration date on your products are longer than they used to be.

Ron BeauchampSt. Albert, AB
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