I like that the Pet Gel is tasteless, not sticky, and it contains all safe, and very effective, ingredients.

Caroline AubichonOttawa, ON

I'm a patient who at times has bitten the inside of my mouth. Once I went to the dentist and the front desk clerk gave me a tube of Oxyfresh Dental Gel. I have used it ever since. I gloat on its many uses to my children. On occasion I get a fever blister and this is the best product, as they go away within a day from applying the gel. Thanks for a great product.

Mary HugginsCharlotte, NC

We can't get enough of the Lemon Power Rinse. It's the best for fresh breath!

Beverly HerrickPortland, OR

My dog had to have 13 teeth pulled and afterward the vet recommended the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution. Since then he's had clean healthy teeth and gums and positive checkups!

Sarah SpearsMidlothian, VA

I really love the Fresh Mint Mouthwash. It works way better than anything else I have used. I had an infection and nothing was working to clear it up. Everything irritated my mouth. When I used the Fresh Mint Mouthwash it was the only thing that I could use and it was so gentle and my infection went away real fast after using it! (10)

Mark GoversPortland, OR

I have 6 cats and have been using Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution in their water for years now. It was first recommended by my veteranarian and I can definitely tell a difference if I forget to add it to their water.

Lorraine BorisPhiladelphia, PA

One of my patients brought Oxyfresh All Purpose Gel into my office and boy is it the greatest stuff. It really works for healing. I am a physical therapist and any sores that people get, this soothes the pain and makes the healing time much quicker.

Joseph OberholzerDallastown, PA

I have a nine-year-old teacup Yorkie and her breath never smells when using the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution. It works very well and I am extremely happy with it.

Jeannette DesjardinsChicopee, MA

My husband go me to use the Fluoride Toothpaste years ago because nothing works as well. We will not use any other toothpaste.

M. EisenbeissApple Valley, CA

My dentist recommended Oxyfresh Fresh Mint Mouthwash and Fluoride Toothpaste for bad breath and they work great!

Bonnie JanusChicago, IL
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