I'm a dentist and love the Cleansing Gele. It is gentle, does not dry out my hands and rinses right off. The Gele also makes my hands feel soft.

James ScottFresno, CA

Oxyfresh Super Relief Dental Gel is amazing. I extracted some teeth from a patient and in two days the gums were healed from the surgery!

William WillisLebanon, TN

My wife and I have used the Cleansing Gele for years. I recently tried a different body wash and it wasn't nearly as good. The Cleansing Gele cleans very well and it rinses off nicely.

Judith AndersonRepublic, WA

I stopped using Oxyfresh Fluoride Toothpaste and Fresh Mint Fluoride Mouthrinse and that was a mistake! My teeth are staining and in the 10 years I used Oxyfresh Dental products that never happened to me. It prevents tartar buildup as well. I can't wait to receive my order; I'm so excited to start on Oxyfresh products again.

Kyle SmithMidland, TX

I was amazed and pleased to get my order for Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene items so quickly! It only took about three days for the order to arrive. Everything was very well packaged and arrived so promptly. Thank you very much for your excellent service. I will definitely order from Oxyfresh again!

Sue MorganWisconsin Rapids, WI

I love that I can take a bath with Oxyfresh Cleansing Gele and it leaves no residue. It doesn't bother my skin like other soaps and I can shave my legs with it. I also use this combined with the All Purpose Deodorizer to clean my counter tops.

Janet Agresti-NormanErie, PA

I love Oxyfresh Lemon Mint Power Paste. I tried it at my daughters and I love it. I had to order for myself. I like how fresh it keeps my mouth and how fresh it feels. I am conscious about how my mouth and teeth are.

Ansa AhamadMississauga, ON

I am a new Oxyfresh customer and I love all of the support I get from this company.

Lisa WinterCOLO SPGS, CO

It throws me off every time I call into Oxyfresh because a real person answers the phone right off the bat! That is so rare now a days and I love it!

Cheri GrimmAurora, CO

Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution is a fantastic product. My cats' lips and entire mouth went from black to a pretty shade of pink after I started using this.

Melvin HentoffNaples, FL

I love the Pet Ear Cleaner. I have been using it since we opened our grooming shop, 9 years ago.

Jody SerrellLititz, PA

My Denture Clinic says they use the Cleansing Gele to clean up in the clinic. It is unscented and works fabulous for keeping everything clean.

Brad SharronBrockville, ON

I use the Pet Ear Cleaner for animals in the practice and have for years. It does a fantastic job clearing up any ear problems.

Marian DombroskiWhittemore, MI

I have been using the Cleansing Gele for years. I have bad allergies to scents and I do not have a problem at all when I use the Cleansing Gele.

Judith ReddyChattanooga, TN

My vet recommended the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution so I bought a small bottle to try. I have two puppies under one year old plus my seven-year-old dog. I am amazed how my seven-year-old's teeth have brightened up, not to mention his fresh breath. I am now buying it in the gallon so I won't run out.

Kathy DrakeShalimar, FL

I absolutely love Oxyfresh Power Rinse. It keeps my breath fresher than any other rinse, and it keeps my mouth moist.

Anne LoveVirginia Beach, VA

I wouldn't order the Lemon Power Rinse by the gallon if it wasn't that good. It is that good.

Lee ChalisonVista, CA

I had dental work done years ago and was given Oxyfresh Dental Gel and Toothpaste. I've had no problems since, so I keep ordering it. I'm very happy Oxyfresh.

Marlene ThomasChicago, IL

I like the Power Paste because it makes my mouth feel so fresh whenever I use it!

Olivia StevensGaithersburg, MD

I've been giving your Pet Oral Hygiene Solution to my dog for years. I like it because he won't let me brush his teeth, and this helps reduce the plaque and keep his breath fresh.

Carolyn MyersAurora, CO

The Pet Oral Hygiene Solution has helped my dog tremendously. I make sure that I don't run out because it works so well on her breath.

Heidi EmmertMaize, KS

Oxygene Cream and Cleansing Gel' are the best and they don't sting, even on cuts.

Jean HentonSalmon Arm, BC

Oxyfresh Patented Zinc Rinse and Original Toothpaste work really well for me.

Cristobal DuarteNorth Potomac, MD

We give Pet Gel to some of our dental patients especially if they have had teeth extracted, it really soothes the gums. We use more of the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution in our office.

Elk Grove Village, IL

My mother is bed-ridden and uses the Oxygene Cream. It soothes her skin and helps alleviate sores and irritation.

Judith WhitingWashington, DC

I received a tube of Oxygene Gel from my dentist and I'm so impressed with the results. It has helped to heal sores in my mouth caused by my dentures. I feel it helps to promote overall oral health. I'm very pleased with this product

Barbara RobertsGranger, IN

Oxyfresh Super Relief Gel is great stuff. As a denturist, I have not found any product that soothes and heals the gum tissue like this product does. My patients love it.

Alan DelsautSudbury, ON

One of my dogs had very bad gums and had mouth surgery. Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution was recommended and now his gums & teeth are so healthy that our vet told us he has pristine teeth!

Rebecca ChernMarlton, NJ

I recently tried the entire Oxyfresh Dental Success System for the first time. It really works! I woke up this morning with the freshest morning breath I've ever had.

Robin MendelsohnRoslyn, NY

Oxyfresh Lemon Mint Power Paste is my favorite toothpaste. I like that it doesn't have SLS in it.

Michelle BoutinPembroke, NH

It is so nice to call Oxyfresh because you get a live person on the phone to talk to. I really appreciate that!

Susan StiresBronx, NY

Oxyfresh Power Rinse and Power Paste are the only products I have found that are successful in getting rid of bad breath!

Laura WinsteadBaltimore, MD

The Oxyfresh Toothpaste keeps my breath fresh and I like the way it makes my teeth feel.

Charlene HaynesTulsa, OK

Oxyfresh Dental Products are in a class of their own. Not only do I recommend them to my patients, but my entire family uses them, too. Today so many people are having aesthetic work done. I am thrilled to be able to offer my patients products that are clear, non-staining and alcohol-free that will help with the longevity of their investment.

Kim SwanTequesta, FL

The OxyCare 3000 does an incredible job with cleaning temporaries when we do an extreme dental makeover. It cleans in those hard-to-reach spots that can otherwise be painful and difficult for patients to reach.

Dan Kennedy, DDSAnn Arbor, MI

Cleansing Gele is so gentle and multipurpose. My husband uses it to shave.

Valerie GoadFair Oaks, CA

The Fluoride Formula Toothpaste is the only toothpaste my husband will use. The tubes last a long time because they are so concentrated.

Wren JohnsonFoley, AL

Oxyfresh original toothpaste keeps my breath fresh. I've used for many years and will use for many more.

Peggy DunsworthBallwin, MO

I'm addicted to the Cleansing Gele because it feels great, and I am happy with the way it leaves my skin clean.

Betty LittleSacramento, CA

I've been using Oxyfresh Fluoride Toothpaste for years and I can't remember the last time I had a cavity. It's so cost effective because you use so little.

Marilyn StockerHopkinsville, KY

I use Oxyfresh Super Relief Gel for any irritation in my mouth. I have had an exceptional experience using this product. It works immediately every time I use it.

Betty TwissSouth Orleans, MA

My dog is almost 8 years old, and I notice her breath is fresher since using the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution.

Micky LaRocqueCitrus Heights, CA

I can't go a day without Oxyfresh Dental Gel. It keeps the sores and discomfort I get from my dentures to a minimum.

Mary Alice JettMountain Grove, MO

I have been using the Fluoride Toothpaste for years and I love it. I will not buy any other toothpaste.

Bula StaffordIRMO, SC

I can't live without my Oxycare Irrigator. I've been using it for years and have had no decay and always have great dental checkups. It's a must have for anyone who wants healthy teeth.

Alice SugimotoHonolulu, HI

I use the pet shampoo on my dog and I absolutely love it. It does a terrific job cleaning and deodorizing and makes him feel so soft afterwards.

Lisa TaylorGimli, MB

I trust Oxyfresh products. I've had very little dental work done since I started using them ' and I still have all of my original teeth.

Shirley RossBellevue, WA

I had a tooth extracted and some other dental work. I applied the Dental Gel to my gums, and it has helped me get through the pain and swelling quickly.

Julie DeakinPlacentia, CA

I am not sure how the Fresh Mint with Zinc Mouthrinse works but it does. I cannot complain at all. I love it.

Anne WeaverCocoa, FL

We give Super Relief Gel to all our surgical patients. It helps decrease the healing time.

Margaret OnoszkoVictoria, BC
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