I suffer form a skin disorder and the Cleansing Gele is the only thing that helps my condition.

Stuart MillerLake Stevens, WA

I really like that a tube of Oxyfresh Original Toothpaste lasts as long as it does. You only have to use a small amount.

Richard WhiteHamilton, MT

I have my dental patients with inflamed tissue use the Patented Zinc Mouthwash with Fresh Mint. They find it soothing and non burning as opposed to rinses with alcohol.

Fort Smith, AR

The Pet Gel is very nice for my greyhound's sensitive teeth. Very soothing and keeps them healthy.

Cynthia MarshallEugene, OR

I am amazed with Oxyfresh's Pet Oral Hygiene Solution! I have noticed a huge improvement in my dog's breath in just a couple of days.


I love the Fluoride Toothpaste as you only have to use a small amount and it's very gentle on my veneers.

Thomas DeisenrothPittsford, NY

Darrell, my 14-year-old Weimaraner was recently aspirating quite a bit of fluid into his right lung. When we got to our vet, Darrell had a fever of 104.5. His prognosis was poor so we started him on Oxyfrsh Pet Antioxidants. This morning, his fever broke and he ate his breakfast with gusto. This product is truly life-saving!

Robin BarbourWalnut Creek, CA

Thank you for the new tube for Oxyfresh Lemon-Mint Power Paste. I love this product and am so pleased that it is now in a larger tube for the same price. This is fantastic.

Jeanette HarkinsReedsburg, WI

I have used the Patented Zinc Mouthwash with Fresh Mint for years. I have tried other mouthwashes, but I love this one the best because it really helps keep my breath fresh and it tastes good.

Kim FeraSouth Lyon, MI

I suffered from ulcers in my mouth. Since I started using the Oxyfresh Toothpaste, I no longer have this problem.

Phyliss MannDothan, AL

Oxyfresh Lemon Mint Power Rinse Mouthwash keeps my mouth fresh like nothing else.

Cathy HastingsEast Petersburg, PA

Over the past 18 months I have seen three different hygienist and they all say the same thing. They are always seems surprised by how great my mouth is. They always say to the DDS she uses Oxyfresh, look how good her teeth are!

Vicki CrispensCharlotte, NC

Oxyfresh Fluoride Mouthrinse makes my mouth feel so clean and does not irritate my gums.

Gladys RosensteinBrooklyn, NY

I love the Lemon Mint Power Paste! It whitens my teeth and keeps my gums healthy.

Patricia HobbsGravenhurst, ON

I have extremely sensitive skin and the Oxyfresh Gele has been the only thing I can use on my body day after day.

Barbara GreeneSanta Barbara, CA

I have used the Cleansing Gele for years. It works wonderful. I love it.

Michael ErmatingerSacramento, CA

The Super Relief Dental Gel is very soothing for any mouth irritation you might have. This is a wonderful product.

Dolores DanzerToms River, NJ

I've been using the OxyCare for many years, and when I first started using it I had deep pockets. My pockets are completely gone now. I can't go a day without using my OxyCare 3000!

Star FletcherBurnsville, NC

The Patented Zinc Mouthwash and Fluoride Formula Toothpaste control my breath very nicely.

Mary Pat FarrellCharleston, WV

The clinic gives the Super Relief Dental Gel to patients that are having issues with fitting their dentures. They tend to have sores when trying to adjust to the dentures. The gel helps heal and soothe immediately.

Brad SharronBrockville, ON

I used to brush my teeth several times a day with other brands of toothpaste and never lost the bad taste in my mouth. With Oxyfresh Fluoride Toothpaste, I only brush my teeth 3 times a day and I only have to use a small amount. It lasts forever!

Sally FeinStaten Island, NY

I have Maltese dogs which are known for losing their teeth. If I had to guess the age of my dog from his mouth, he would be four, but really he is over 10 years old. I tell everyone about your products.

Helen Evans ' Huntington Beach, CA

customer, 3 years

Helen EvansHuntington Beach , CA

The Original Toothpaste is a great product. It works so well.

Janet MoranGreenville, NC

My kids love the smell of the Heavenly Gele. This cleans great without the soap residue of bar soap.

J Alison AllisonCalgary, AB

I like your Cleansing Gele because it is gentle and doesn't burn my sensitive skin areas.

Marge MillerPlacerville, CA

My lab is over 13 years old and we use Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution to prevent her from having to be put under for a teeth cleaning. Her breath doesn't smell and she has no decay. We're very happy with this product!

Cathy HawkNapa, CA

My pet has had a lot of problems with his teeth and gums. The combination of Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution & Oxyfresh Pet Gel has really improved her gums.

Judy GrimmBrenham, TX

The Dental Gel helps heal very well. If it wasn't for this, I could not wear my dentures.

Sally MatsonSeattle, WA

The Fluoride Toothpaste is a great tasting toothpaste that seems to really clean my teeth and I have no problems with cavities either.

Robert StevensDenver, CO

I use the Super Relief Gel for trays that I soak overnight in. It helps to heal my gums and make my teeth less sensitive.

Marquita RobinsonColumbia, SC

The Oolitt Elite Tongue Scrappers are great. It makes a big difference, when you see what comes off of the tongue! All of a sudden everyone wants a Tongue Scrapper.

Robert RindfleischStrongsville, OH

I love Oxyfresh Fresh Mint Mouthwash because it has no alcohol to burn my mouth and I can use it several times a day.

Laura Lee FrenchHenderson, NV

I like the Lemon-Mint Power Paste because it makes my mouth feel so fresh whenever I use it!

Olivia StevensGaithersburg, MD

I was first introduced to Oxyfresh Zinc Mouthrinse while experiencing some periodontal issues. I tried a few other brands and staining of my teeth occurred. I switched to Oxyfresh because of the clean, fresh taste it gives me and it's absolutely stain-free.

Jeff SchenkelSan Dimas, CA

I've enjoyed the Dental Health Complex for many moons, since 2006. Personally I use it myself, it's pretty awesome.

Pat SinclairSherwood Park, AB

We use the Antibacterial Skin Barrier before applying latex gloves in our dental practice. We love this product because with as much as we wash our hands and reapply gloves, our hands stay moisturized. We love how well this product works as a barrier against the elements in our office.

VeronicaChicago, IL

The Lemon Power Rinse gives my mouth a deep clean feeling. My dentist also said my gums have stabilized and are not receding.

Eugene LeDonneEverett, MA

I rub the Pet Gel on my dogs' teeth and gums twice a week, and they drink the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution, too. They never have plaque build-up or bad breath. It's really amazing stuff!

Joanna GoingBountiful, UT

The Pet Gel is great on hot spots. My two dogs will bite themselves to no end if they have any irritating spots. The Pet Gel helps take away the itch and irritation quickly.

Carina DunsaySheffield, MA

I give Super Relief Dental Gel to my patients who have any type of oral sores, extractions, crown or ulcers. It's a very good product and my patients are very happy with the results.

Joseph WheatleyBrea, CA

I use Oxyfresh Lemon-Mint Power Rinse Mouthwash and Paste because first, and most importantly, there is no alcohol. The taste is so pleasant and it keeps my breath fresher, longer.

Eleni WachterSacramento, CA

Ever since I started using Oxyfresh Fluoride Toothpaste and Fluoride Dental Gel I have not had any gum issues or cavities. I swear by these products!

Barbara GilbertParkland, FL

I can't live without the Oxycare 3000. It works great for cleaning my teeth!

Lynn BrunettiBatavia, OH

I have used the Patented Zinc Mouthrinse for many years. It works so well, and is strong enough to keep my breath fresh.

Helene GrillBoynton Beach, FL

I like the Lemon Power Rinse because it makes my mouth feel fresh for a long time with out burning.

Anthony O NealChicago, IL

Oxyfresh All-Purpose Gel is a medicine cabinet necessity. I use it for cuts, scrapes, bites, rashes, burns, canker sores and anything else that is irritated. I always have some on hand.

Barbara GrayFairfax, CA

The Pet Oral Hygiene Solution freshens my dogs' breath. The tartar is also cut down quite a bit.

Aurora, CO

I use Oxyfresh Fluoride Toothpaste, Lemon Mint Power Paste and Fresh Mint Fluoride Mouthwash. I love them all, Oxyfresh has great products!

Maria Emilia De AlmeidaPalo Alto, CA

I have only used the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution for a short while, but already see a big difference in my dogs' breath.

Kay ZentPensacola, FL

I have used the Fluoride Formula Toothpaste for years. Love the cleaning ability and the taste. It really does the job!

Robert HancockSignal Hill, CA
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