My dentist recommended Oxyfresh Original Toothpaste 7 years ago and I've been addicted to it ever since. I love the fresh clean feeling it gives me. It also makes my breath really fresh.

John DowneyGlendale, AZ

I think that the Lemon Power Rinse is the very best in the market. All Oxyfresh Dental Products are far superior to anything else.

Michael FinkLAS VEGAS, NV

Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution makes my dog's teeth glow. When I was first introduced to this product, my dog had a couple of teeth that were yellow. After a couple of weeks of using the product, not only was his breath good, the yellow teeth are now glowing white.

Rebecca ReddGlen Dale, WV

My wife and I use the Oxyfresh Fluoride Formula Toothpaste consistently. It seems to last a long time, because only a small amount is needed.

Iris SandbergCicero, IL

I really like the Heavenly Gele a lot. I feel cleaner and more deodorized. It feels good on my skin.

Barbara EversmanFalls Church, VA

My dentist recommended Oxyfresh toothpaste to me, and I've been using it for five months. I love the taste and the fact that it has low abrasion and won't scratch my dental work.

Bonny MolnarGeorgetown, TX

I got implants a few years ago and my dentist at the time recommended Oxyfresh Super Relief Gel. This product is amazing and my gums are in great health!

David AmbroseWolcott, CT

Thank you so much for filling my order so quickly! All the Oxyfresh Products were issued by my dentist initially and I had my reservations, but after trying them, I'm sold on the quality, fresh breath and the confidence cannot come from my old dental products. I will buy your products from now on! Thank you!

John ConnerMaywood, CA

The Fresh Mint Mouthrinse is so light and refreshing feeling. I love how gentle it is but so very effective.

James DemottCarlsbad, CA

My dog has allergies really bad and wasn't the healthiest dog. The Pet Oral Hygiene Solution and Pet Gel has helped so much. She is much healthier and her teeth are free of tartar.

Amy KetchamEscanaba, MI

Oxyfresh Fluoride Toothpaste is a great product. It really does the trick.

Melvin ButlerBoonville, MO

I use the All-Purpose Detergent to wash the floors. I mix it with the All-Purpose Deodorizer as an all-purpose cleaner for dishes, windows, mirrors, the car and every sink. I have a bottle with a mixture of the detergent and deodorizer that I use for a fast clean up. These products are just amazing.

Gary CohenMyerstown, PA

The Pet Oral Hygiene has done wonders for my dog's teeth. The vet is always impressed.

Aileen SchreinerLena, IL

I hope it comes quick, I've never cut it this close to reorder my toothpaste. I can't use any other toothpaste, I am absolutely spoiled. It is my pleasure to say what a really great toothpaste it is and I have a great smile.

KarenWest Chester, PA

Oxyfresh Cleansing Gele cleanses nicely without drying out my skin. It does an awesome job of reducing odor when you have an issue with sweating.

Linda CascioGreenville, PA

My dog had extensive extractions due to terribly infected gums. We started her on Oxyfresh's pet oral products and they improved her conditions substantially. Her remaining teeth and gums are now very healthy.

Maryjo MeyersWapwallopen, PA

Cleansing Gele is so gentle and multipurpose. My husband uses it to shave.

Valerie GoadFair Oaks, CA

I love the taste and the texture of Oxyfresh Power Paste.

Jesse and Christine JamesGeorgetown, KY

I clean my kitchen utensils with Oxyfresh All-Purpose Deodorizer and wipe them down with a paper towel. It removes any odor, especially fish. I also use it on my clothes and to clean the air in my rooms. This product is a big part of my life!

Muriel LevineWeston, CT

As a hygienist, I like that the OxyCare 3000 Oral Irrigator cleans thoroughly, deep into the pockets. I've seen success with it in my patients as well.

Terri GrantEvansville, IN

I have been using Heavenly Gele for years and love it. It goes a long way in my shower. Two drops on a netted sponge makes so many suds.

Ann Gardner ArensBrenham, TX

I give my lab the Pet Jerky Treats. She has better breath and a shiner coat. I prefer these over people food as a treat for my dog.

Tiffany MoklebustChesterfield, VA

I use the All-Purpose Deodorizer to protect against odors around the house with my pets. I spray it on my fruits and vegetables to keep them fresh, and I also take it with me to hotel rooms to spray down the floors and make it fresher smelling during my stay.

S Mozelle von MedingTucson, AZ

I can see a world of difference in my Cocker Spaniels' hygiene after using Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution. Her teeth are much brighter and there isn't any build up around her gum tissue.

Deborah EatonVenice, FL

I love the Pet Deodorizer because I not only spray it on my pet but all over the house. This is the only deodorizer I am not allergic to. I love it.

Rosemary BurlingameHayden, ID

I suffer form a skin disorder and the Cleansing Gele is the only thing that helps my condition.

Stuart MillerLake Stevens, WA

The Power Paste does it for me! I love the taste and the clean feeling it leaves in my mouth. I have some in my purse and I carry a small Power Rinse in my glove box.

Rena BiggsLampasas, TX

I have tried every type of mouthrinse out there. They all make me gag, except the Fresh Mint Mouthrinse. It is the very best mouthrinse.

Nora DavisRaytown, MO

Oxyfresh Whitening Gel is the best there is. It's very good for sensitive teeth.

Kathy LemonArcadia, CA

Both of my dogs go crazy for Oxyfresh Pet Jerky Treats! They make a great treat and I know it's benefiting them.

Philip CasellaMiddle Village, NY

Our vet is so impressed with our dogs' teeth. Pet Oral Hygiene Solution also worked wonders on their breath! We are so impressed.

Erica SmithPalm City, FL

I'm 80 years old and I still have all of my teeth. Oxyfresh products have helped keep my gums healthy and strong.

Ann HavrellaCulver City, CA

Skin Barrier works great in beauty shops. Hair coloring can make a mess on the hands, neck and forehead. Beauticians often have to scrub to get the excess hair color off these areas. With Skin Barrier, the excess color wipes off easily.

Harriet KrugerLansdale, PA

Oxyfresh Toothpaste is my favorite because it is low abrasion and saccharin-free. I have a couple of crowns that are real close to my gum line and the toothpaste helps to soothe my gums

Deborah BeginSaint Petersburg, FL

I really like Oxyfresh Original Toothpaste. I have been using it for a long time and since I started using it, I no longer get cavities. Before I started using Oxyfresh Original Toothpaste, I had cavities all the time.

Gus PanosSacramento, CA

Since using Oxyfresh's Zinc Rinse my dentist mentioned that my gums look very healthy.

Darcy EddyWillow Street, PA

I won't go without this product, it was less than 3 months andmy dogs teeth were wonderful. I had 2 Drs say me need prof cleaning. I took my dog to my Vet and he asked me about it and he now is ordering from you also. thanks so much

Clare RobertsChambersburg, PA

The Fluoride Paste doesn't burn my mouth, I like the taste of it, and I have fewer cavities.

Vickie PerkinsVernon, TX

Power Rinse has made my husband's bad breath go completely away. His periodontist is also impressed with the results.

Darlene NishiharaLompoc, CA

I've been using one 16oz bottle of Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution for a year now and my Australian Terrier has pearly white teeth. I am amazed and love this product!

Gloria PerkinsSaint Augustine, FL

The Oxyfresh Original Formula Toothpaste protects my teeth, so I don't get cavities. I have no problems when I use the toothpaste.

Robert MannOlivebridge, NY

My cat is 3 years old and I've been giving him Primorye Pet for 2 months. This product has doubled his vitality. He use to get tired after 5-6 minutes of play and now he can go longer than 10 minutes

Joanne DemontignyOttawa, ON

I have tenderness in my gums and tongue so I use the Super Relief dental gel. I rub some on my gums and tongue and let it sit for awhile then rinse out. It keeps my mouth from feeling irritated.

Rebecca GroothuisCentennial, CO

I have dentures and often end up with sesame seeds, pepper, etc. in my bottom plate and it causes irritation. I dab some Oxyfresh Super Relief Dental Gel on my bottom plate before returning them and it helps.

Maureen MarkstromRevelstoke, BC

I am in the dental field so I use the Pet Gel every morning to brush our dog's teeth. We have a little Yorkie and this really helps to maintain good oral health in between cleanings, which is only every few years.

Randy BrinckmanHampstead, NC

Oxyfresh Fluoride Toothpaste, Gel and Mouthrinse all do a fantastic job of keeping my breath fresh and my gums healthier.

Melvin ButlerBoonville, MO

We've been giving our dogs Pet Oral Hygiene Solution for years. We attribute their healthy gums and teeth to this product.

Debi RiversLouisville, KY

The fluoride toothpaste is great! Its not too sweet like a lot of store bought brands and it keeps your mouth fresh. When I go to the dentist I always have good check-ups.

China LamersPetaluma, CA

I like the Skin Barrier fragrance. I use it all over my body after I wash. It's a wonderful product..

Naomi WeissenbergWest Palm Beach, FL

Thank you for my order of Oxyfresh Toothpaste and Pet Antioxidants. Also, I really enjoy your e-mail information on

Danna BarnhartCouncil, ID
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