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Sugar Isn’t Always BadSugar Isn’t Always Bad

According to Ben Greenfield, voted 2008 #1 personal trainer in the Nation, sugar is not as bad for you as you may believe.  These days, people are labeling sugar as a demonized substance that is toxic to our body!

Listen to this audio for a special preview of what you’re about to discover!

However, Ben explains the different types of sugar and what research actually tells us.  (Hint … it is not what sugar you are consuming but how much you are consuming.)  Ben is a raving fan of Oxyfresh nutritional products and points out that anyone fearful of the sugar content in VIBE needs to calm down.  It isn’t toxic and it won’t make you fat!

Kick back and get ready to read this sugar news flash, written by Ben Greenfield, for Oxyfresh.

Read the article here: Blood Sugar and Vibe [PDF]

Ben Greenfield, MS, CSCS, CISSN
Voted #1 Personal Trainer In The Nation 2008

“When I evaluate the efficacy and potential power of a nutritional supplement, I look for four key components: scientifically proven immune system and performance aids, absence of preservatives and chemicals, presence of crucial vitamins, minerals and nutrients, and natural, non-artificial flavors.

Vitality formulation satisfies each of these criteria in a convenient single-serving packet that you can take on the go. This is one compound I’ll absolutely be recommending to my clients and athletes!”

*This is an unpaid, unsolicited endorsement and is not any indication that any staff member or athlete in his organization is using or endorsing Vitality.

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