Snacking Makes Halitosis Worse


Do you know that snacking makes halitosis worse? Yes, this is because when you snack during the day and you don’t get a chance to brush your teeth to remove the food particles, which sit there and feed the bacteria that produces bad breath.

Because we live in a world where food dominates, where fast food and restaurants are in every corner, where each turn we make offers another delight that our taste buds just find hard to resist, more and more people develop bad breath. Most of the food we eat today, has potential to cause bad breath and damage the teeth if not immediately cleaned up by tooth brushing or mouthwash. In this article, we will discuss how snacking makes halitosis worse and how we can prevent it.

They say eating healthy and well balanced diet is important to keep the mouth and teeth healthy. Unfortunately, because of the easy access we have to foods, especially foods that we just can’t resist but to get a bite or two from, we have developed an all-day snacking habits and forgot about the three square meals a day concept. Snacking destroys oral hygiene and cause bad breath. If you are having a doubt about this, try keeping a diary of every food or snack you eat and you will be surprised how much snack foods you really are eating. You can also test your breath in between and see how bad it really is.


Some of our habits in our daily living are so ingrained that we don’t even realize what we are doing. But now that you know that snacking makes halitosis worse, you should start your prevention plan to cut the snacking as much as possible, especially snacks with unhealthy foods like beverages and sodas. Also start the habit of brushing your teeth after every time you put something into your mouth. Another good habit to add to the list is drinking more water. Water helps in washing out the mouth and keeping it moist. Not only you will prevent halitosis from getting worse, but you will also prevent unhealthy foods taking over your body’s health. We know snack foods are usually very high in carbohydrates, fats, and sweetening agents that when taken excessively can result to high blood pressure and other health issues which can put your very own life at risk. As you can see there are plenty of reasons to work hard to cut those snacks out of your life.

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