Pucker Up, Pets! National Fresh Breath Day is August 6!

Bring on the doggy slobber!

National Fresh Breath Day is August 6th … the perfect time to enjoy some extra cuddles with your furry love.

Buuuut … what if your pet’s breath is way less than fetching? We’re talking wilt-the-houseplants and peel-back-the-wallpaper bad!

Not to worry. Your pet pals at Oxyfresh have a quick – and EASY – solution to get your pet’s breath in great shape again!

Give Your Furry Friend Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution

Pet Oral Hygiene Solution makes pet home dental care easy.

  • No toothbrush.
  • No messy chicken flavored toothpaste.
  • No problems!

order-nowJust add 1 capful of this tasteless, odorless solution straight into your pet’s water bowl each day.

This safe, non-toxic solution neutralizes bad breath completely with the power of our secret ingredient, Oxygene® … it literally dissolves odor-causing compounds! And at the same time, it FIGHTS PLAQUE.

Fast. Easy. Effective.

  • Formulated for all pets
  • Tasteless and odorless so you can outsmart your picky pet
  • Oxygene® wipes out bad breath completely and fights plaque
  • USA-made formula with no alcohol, phosphates or harsh ingredients
  • No brushing – add straight to your pet’s water bowl
  • 100% money back guarantee … love it or we’ll give you your money back

Did you know?

By stopping your pet’s plaque buildup with a home dental routine, you’re giving your pet a leg up against periodontal disease. This disease of the gums can shorten your pet’s lifespan by 2-5 years!


Join the thousands of pet owners who celebrate National Fresh Breath Day EVERY DAY with their pets.

Order Pet Oral Hygiene Solution today! This is an easy, fast and effective home dental routine that you AND your pet can get on board with.


Hooray for Fresh Pet Breath!

The Pet Oral Hygiene solution has removed tartar from my Scotties’ teeth and really freshened their breath.”
Kenneth L. – Hilton Head, SC
Customer – 3 years

I put Pet Oral Hygiene Solution in my pet’s water. This has completely taken away his breath odor, and his gums are in healthy condition. I’m recommending your products to my veterinarian.”
John F. – Carlisle, ON
Customer – 7 years

I have only used the Pet Oral Hygiene for a short while, but already see a big difference in my dogs’ breath.”
Kay Z. – Pensacola, FL
Customer – 3 years

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