Vaughn Feather

“I’ve been in the health industry for 35 years as both an owner/operator, and also an advisor to other companies. For most of that time, I had been able to eat want I wanted while still remaining trim. But a couple of years ago, I hurt my back and my regular workouts and activity level declined. Gradually, my weight went up. It took seeing myself in a family photograph to take stock and take action.

I was already taking Life Shotz because I believe it is the best supplement on the market. Now I needed to select the best meal replacement. In the ‘80s my company introduced the first popular milk shake diet product. At the time, it offered the best nutritional profile available in any meal replacement drink yet developed. Now, that distinction, in my evaluation, belongs to VIBE.

For 4 months, I used VIBE as my breakfast and dinner, while having a 400-calorie salad for lunch. I simply threw my Life Shotz in with my morning shake. My weight went from 230 to 180. A year later, while still using VIBE as my breakfast, my weight is 175. Could I have lost the weight using some other plan? Possibly. But there is no way, I believe, that I could have lost the weight as easily. A big part of my experience was how good I felt while the weight was coming off. After the first week, I was never hungry. At the same time, my energy level and mental clarity improved.

In the past, most supplements and meal replacements have been built around the philosophy of nutritional ADEQUACY. Life Shotz and VIBE are built around a philosophy of OPTIMUM nutrition. This applies to both the quality of ingredients and also their amounts. When you give your body products like these, your mind and body respond in an extraordinary way. Performance goes up while cravings go down.

I admire the vision of Oxyfresh and its leadership team. With its products, it would be easy to position themselves as the ‘next big thing’ in the fad oriented diet market. But Oxyfresh aspires for something more noble and ambitious – to offer the best fitness products available while empowering people to make positive lifestyle changes through what it calls ‘profound education.’ That said, if you have weight to lose, a little or a lot, I believe Life Shotz and VIBE are the best one-two punch for getting down to your healthiest weight.”


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