Samantha Grainger Deboer

“In December 2013, I was 170 pounds and desperately wanting to be thin. I didn’t want to exercise. I didn’t have the energy or the motivation. I found jittery spurts of chaotic energy in the next sugary drink and justified it because it had the word ‘diet’ or ‘zero’ on it. Those who were losing weight around me simply said, ‘Eat right and exercise!’ UGH! I hated that answer! I wanted to lose weight sitting on my couch.

I knew I had to do SOMETHING. I cut out all sugar and simple carbs. After five months, I was down 8 pounds and feeling pretty sorry for myself. One day I was introduced to Oxyfresh by my aunt. Soon, another aunt was mentioning it to me and even offered me a free sample. Hmm… good taste, and maybe I felt better … MAYBE. I was never a big ‘breakfast eater,’ so the morning VIBE shake was perfect for me. After a few days I suddenly felt the NEED to get out and do something.

I started walking. I walked 1 mile, 3 times a week and felt great. One month of VIBE, Life Shotz and some (now enjoyable!) exercise, I was down another 8 pounds! I had lost in ONE MONTH what had taken me five months to lose with diet only! Those around me noticed a difference, and it was obvious … I was HOOKED! Ultimately, I have lost a total of 21 pounds this year!”


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