Rich Razgaitis

“Over the last 10 years I’ve gone though various ebbs and flows with my weight - all too often ending up on the higher end of the scale for far too long. Over three years ago I started to really modify my regimen, which included working out 5-6x/week (combination of CrossFit and running) and also dialing in my nutrition. Nutrition is 70% of the game anyway - that’s really where it starts and ends. So while my physical activity picked up significantly, the changes in the kitchen were the most dramatic — this included adopting a fairly rigorous Paleo-focused eating style, and incorporating VIBE into my daily regimen.

I used VIBE several different ways: in a pinch, in place of a meal, usually lunch, where I’d add some low calorie almond milk and almond butter, and other times I’d use VIBE as an afternoon snack. During a year of much more vigorous workouts, including CrossFit, running, biking, and swimming, I started to incorporate VIBE into a ‘nighttime recovery’ program. This regimen consisted of using about 1.5 cups of organic whole milk and one scoop of vanilla VIBE right before bedtime. The slow releasing protein, along with branched chain amino acids, were awesome to help repair and restore muscle tissue overnight — and also helped me wake up in the morning feeling more rested, with enough starting calories for the day.

My only caution to this regimen is to be careful of the calories you’re ingesting; I only did this when I was training for an Ironman, which consisted of multiple workouts a day. Otherwise, when I’m just doing ‘normal’ 4-5x/week workouts, I place VIBE in either as a meal or snack replacement. I love VIBE because it tastes good, is filling, and has an exceptional protein and amino acid profile that helps burn fat, keep down calorie consumption, and repair muscle tissue.

VIBE is a daily and weekly staple of mine, and is right up there with my love of running, CrossFit, and Paleo.”


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