Denise Cooney

“I was introduced to Life Shotz and The Vibe in Fall 2013 by a friend of mine who started using the products after her chiropractor introduced her and her husband to them. I was very skeptical and kept them under my kitchen cabinet for months. Finally, in February 2014, after seeing the change in her and her husband, I decided to try Life Shotz. It was incredible! It tasted so refreshing and I wanted more!

I had been a 3-4 Diet Coke 30 oz drinks A DAY user for years and years and years! After I drank Life Shotz, I just felt good! From that day … almost 1 full year ago … I have NOT had another diet soda … and I do NOT crave them either. I drink more water now than I ever have in my life!

Well, if that worked, I decided to try VIBE. I was used to having sugar cravings and that meant mood swings. I started VIBE every morning … to replace the Diet Coke and chocolate chip muffin … and it was amazing! I enjoyed the taste, drank it while driving to work, and it kept my sugar cravings under control. I followed up with Life Shotz after my lunch and did not have my 2pm crash. I began sleeping better … moods were more stable … cravings for ‘bad’ foods stopped completely, and I became a much better grocery shopper! I dropped some weight and felt great!

I have been loyal to the products for the last year and it has been simply amazing! Now I have my husband and my ‘almost adult’ daughter on the shakes, too! What great products and the very best of ingredients! I’ve checked them out!

Thank you for producing such a top quality product! It has changed my life!”


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