Bethany Coleman

“Life Shotz is amazing!!! When I finally chose to try Life Shotz, I dove in with a month’s supply. I know it takes at least a month to be able to feel the full benefits of anything you put into your body. Within 5 days I could already feel my energy levels and sleep patterns starting to change. By the end of the month I was hooked. My skin was better, my hair was healthier, I was sleeping better, and my energy and mental attitude had changed. Best addiction I could ever have. It was a no-brainer to become a Brand Rep. How could I not share this amazing feeling with family and friends? Within a week of taking VIBE, my appetite changed, my cravings for junk were gone, I felt fuller for longer, and I felt all-around better. Within a month I have lost 11 pounds. I love that I am losing weight slowly and naturally. This is the best protein shake out there. I also love the fact that my son loves it and it gives him his vegetables every day. I could not ask for a better meal replacement.”


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