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Reviews - Nutrition

Amazing Focus

Mind blew my mind. I felt it's power immediately. My synapses were firing on all cylinders as I checked off my To Do list one by one in record time. Amazing Focus. I also love that it is keeping my brain healthy at the cellular level.

Sara Ross
Getting Through The Run

We made a little tweak to my daily usage and *poof* all was great. Even on morning when I had a tougher than normal workout and felt a little sluggish, I was able to spring back relatively quickly throughout the afternoon thank in big part to Life Shots. I hover at about 40-50 miles (running) per week and I'm over 40 so my needs are obviously different than someone with the same volume but younger. Give it a try, there is a good mix that will work for you.

Jeremy Smith
Perfect Travel Buddy

My hubby and I love traveling. Coming back home often takes time to readjust especially when we spend a lot of time in flight. Usually, it takes me a few days to get back to my usual routine. After taking Life shots, I noticed after our last few trips I had NO delay in getting right back to activity! No vacation recuperation time needed at all! I love that Life Shotz, gives me a low sodium boost leaving me feeling great during travel. However, my hubby who did not join me on taking the Life Shotz, did not get right back to his routine. After the last few trips, he needed to take additional time off of work to readjust to his routine. I now make sure to take Life Shotz, before, during and after plane trips, so I can jump right back into Life.

Amelia Roberts
I'll Never Stop

I have been using Life Shotz since it was first introduced in 2010. On about the fourth day of taking it I could feel more energy without being hyper. As time progressed I kept noticing subtle things like, I could remember peoples names more readily, I stopped getting colds, people noticed that my skin and hair looked healthier, especially the 'wave' in my hair that hadn't been seen in years. All of these benefits are making my quality of life much greater than I expected at 71 years old. I'll never stop taking Life Shotz.

Dee Ennis
I Feel Better

With Life Shotz, I get the benefits of vitamins B and D and antioxidants! WOW! I am impressed by the quality of the ingredients and that there are no artificial flavors or sweeteners. Life Shotz is convenient and easy to mix. I feel great and am sleeping better, going to bed at a reasonable time, rising early and easily, and even getting up and walking at 5am. When you feel better, you want to do things that are good for you - and I feel better!

Patty Nelson
Feeling Awesome

By the third day I noticed an increase in energy and no junk food cravings. I took one bite of the Hostess powered donuts I had been looking forward to eating and threw them out. I was now craving fresh fruits and vegetables feeling full and satisfied. I no longer felt dizzy or light headed before meals. I could think clearly no brain fog.

Stephanie Spittler
Transfroming the Way I Feel

I have an intolerance to gluten, and since then my diet has been very difficult to manage. My sister-in-law introduced me to Vibe when she was home visiting. I was headed in to a very busy season at work - 18 to 20 hour work days. I started Vibe during that time for extra nutrition. I noticed almost immediately that my mind was sharper, my stomach was less irritatable, and I had energy - despite my long hours!! I LOVE that I can pack my shaker and a bottle of water and be set for my entire day! Thank you so much for transforming the way I feel and perform!

Angela Dotson
I love Oxyfresh and Vitality!

I love oxyfresh and Vitality!

Annette Gingerich - Lake Oswego, OR / Customer since 2015
Runners Need This

Remarkable! As an avid runner and basketball fanatic, the sustained energy lift and workout recovery was quite evident to me, but it was more than that. On day 6, I felt a level of natural energy and focus I hadn't experienced before. My ability to juggle multiple tasks with clarity of thought, energy, and a lifted mood has quite literally changed my life. Life Shotz is a lifetime commitment for my entire family!

Doug Thompson

Excellent products and service!

Mel Melhado - Naples, FL / Customer since 2015
My Skin is Glowing

Life Shotz was recommended by a friend and I was amazed at the energy it gave me and the glow of my skin! It was amazing and instrumental in keeping my energy level up. I'm getting my parents started on it next!

Donna Wallace
I Love it

I feel better, not only physically, but mentally too. My mood is so much better and I am happier. It's easy to take with me and easy to recommend since I can see such a huge difference. This is a lifesaver for me!

Debbie James
Energy After Long Day at Work

I'm loving Life Shotz! After just a few days, I noticed the benefits. It was such a treat to still have energy after a long day of work! When a friend called for an impromptu dinner, I was excited to go. Then, I forgot my Life Shotz for just one day. THAT is when I truly realized all of the benefits! Now I have packets in my purse, on my desk, etc.

Emily Ramsey
Ready To Take On The World

I am sleeping better every night, and wake up feeling ready to take on the world. I also seem to have much more energy throughout the day.

Tamara Bradley
Vibe and Vitality

We are very satisfied with these two products. We've been using the Vibe and Vitality for nearly 4 years. I love the contents and convenience. I believe the price certainly isn't a bargain, but the product is excellent.

Ted Campbell - Springfield, IL / Customer since 2015
I am a very picky 7 year old!!

I struggle to eat my veggies, but when my Mommy made me Vibe it was like an explosion of happy in my tummy. I am a competitive swimmer and Vibe helps give me the energy I need for practice. I feel like I'm getting dessert, but know that I'm getting everything my body needs to help me hit my goal times.

Alyx McLain
Just Feel Better

Hi, I began taking 2 Life Shot capsules after watching the change in my husband, who consumes the powder Life Shotz, and thought I would give it a try. I liked the capsules better so I take 2 in the morning and 2 more by noon. The benefits I have noticed for myself is better focus, better sleeping habits and feeling of clarity. With these benefits I am more productive and feel better about life in general.

Lynn Hageman
Great Energy Levels

I noticed an improvement in my energy level after 7 days!

Brian Lucena
Total Mood Lift

Life Shotz gives you more than sustained energy. It gives you total mood lift. A perfect storm of convenience, portability, efficacy and opportunity. What else do you need? It's ALL there!

Mario Nu_ez
Boosting My Immune System

I've been a faithful Life Shotz user for four years. I've started my day with a shake and a shot for the past few years. This fall I decided I wanted the boost up my immunity for the stress of the holidays, year end work demands and the cold and flu season, so I add Life Shotz capsules to my daily routine. I start my day with a Vibe shake and a sugar free Life Shotz and end my day with Life Shotz capsules in the evening. I'm happy to say I've avoided all the colds and flus this season, I've been more productive and accomplished more and have even lost ten pounds in the first few weeks of the year. I originally started the capsules at night just for the time of year that it was, but I'm feeling so good and am so happy with the results that I'm going to continue my new routine from now on! Thanks Life Shotz!

Steven Machado
Best Shake On The Planet

I miscalculated my last order and ran out. For a week I was just not myself. Starting my day with Vibe gets me going on the right foot. I make better food choices when I’m taking it regularly too.

Christian Scott - Auburn, NH / Customer since 2015
All Day Energy

My energy level is constantly high throughout the day. I love Life Shotz!

Mark Ratfelders
Love The Greens

I was introduced to Oxyfresh after I had my 3rd child. I was just getting back to work. I was tired, heavy and craving coffee. I was trying to balance being a mom of 3, owning my own business and being healthy. One thing that really got me was a serving of greens in vibe. Making salad or making a shake? Once I started taking Vibe and Life Shots I had more energy. I have stopped drinking coffee and started working out again. I have more energy then I have had in my life. I have been chasing a healthy life style for years and I have finally found it. Thanks to Oxyfresh

Katie Bacon
Fitting Into My Clothes Better

What I loved the most about this program was the fact that I didn't have to think about what to eat each day. I loved that it came with products and a mini meal plan! Even though I eat healthy on most days, this program actually helped me lose 8LBS!! I not only felt great after, I fit into my clothes better and my outlook on life in general was different. Now I'm convinced that we ALL can use this program every now and then.

Sheri Doberman
Vibe Is A Game Changer

My body feels clean, light, and more energetic. I have been able to save money on lunch and breakfast, not too mention better fuel (food) for my body. Stop doubting and start living! The only problem with this product is that they don't give you enough space to write a positive review!

Robert Campbell
Good Stuff

After trying the Life Shotz drink, I felt more energetic and slept so soundly. Good stuff!

Sally Morgan
Just Healthier

Life Shotz have helped me become healthier and increased my overall energy level. I now drink barley any caffeine!

Erica McCants
What An Amazing Product

I am now able to sleep throughout the night, something I was unable to do for as long as I can remember. Life Shotz also gives me more energy during the day!

Jessica Gaudreault
Super Tasty

With this tasty super shake I have now almost replaced my whole breakfast with Vibe, mixed with milk to create a powerhouse that keeps me full to lunch without a problem. And the TASTE is so good!

Daniel Andersson
Energy to Spare

I am a 52 year old retired Navy man and now work for a major home improvement retail company and I am on my feet majority of my time. I have just returned from a trip and did not take any Life Shotz with me. Big mistake! I felt sluggish and not in a mood to do anything. The biggest impact was today after a doctors appointment for a stress test. I passed my exam with flying colors and had energy to spare. I have lost over 50 pounds and dropped from a 42 and 44 inch waist to a 34 and 36 inch! When asked what I have changed, I say I eat lean meats, fresh veggies, fruits and drinking Life Shotz daily after a workout. If needed, I enjoy a second Life Shotz when I work the late shift and need the extra energy to get through the evening.

Mark Bunnell
Boosted Immune System

There are many things I've noticed - more energy, overall contentment, noticeable decline in sugar cravings. I started taking Life Shotz the end of May 2014 and I have noticed my immune system has been boosted too!

Becky Chester

I really appreciate the hours-on-end energy it fills me with. Just add water and BAM! You're ready to take on the world in nothing flat.

Dee Ennis
Running Faster

I was introduced to Life Shotz by my friend, Colleen Riddle, who is a personal trainer in Destin, FL, and a health nut.' When she invited me to try Life Shotz, I reluctantly agreed. I personally didn't think I needed a supplement of any sort - ha! I knew I had nothing to lose by trying it, though. Colleen and my husband, JP, swam together in college at Florida State and have known each other for over 20 years, so I trusted her completely. Within a month of drinking Life Shotz, I was blown away by what it was doing for my running and working out. I will never forget coming in from one of my runs and checking out my watch to see what my pace was. I was shocked at what I saw! From then on, I was running faster, and it felt EASY! I've been able to work out harder in my resistance training and cross training, too.

Shannon Lewis
Chocolate Vibe

Love the new container!!!

Sinda Parkins - Cypress, TX / Customer since 2016
Sharp Memory

I have been taking Life Shotz daily since last February. Each month I notice a new improvement in the way I feel, act, and especially how I recover from major exertion. But this seemingly insignificant event that occurred last week was the most amazing of all. I attended a reunion of the Nevada Jaycees. The turnout was better than expected _ just over 40 people. These are people I hadn't seen or talked to in over fifteen years and some that I met for the first time that day. The event lasted from noon to 2pm. The next day I sent out an email to the other Nevada Jaycees who couldn't attend to tell them about how much fun we had and said, Here are just a few of the people who attended.' Well, I was able to put down the names of 37 attendees ... and their wives! I didn't have a list or sign-in sheet to go by ... just my memory of seeing and talking to them. In the past, before I started taking Life Shotz, that would have been impossible. My memory has never been so sharp!

Dee Ennis
Best Protein Shake

I use VIBE vanilla and love the taste. I have tried it with milk, almond milk, and water and love it with all three. I like that it actually fills me up and I do not get hungry in between meals. I have also substituted two VIBEs in a day for a week and have shed a few pounds (which has been extremely helpful!) I have tried other products and I believe VIBE is the best protein shake yet.

Brandy Beale
Wake Up Rested

My energy level lasts all day. I am sleeping really well, and now I wake up feeling rested. My husband also really likes Life Shotz. He lifts weights, feels really good, and sleeps great, too.

Mitzi Lincicum
You can't beat it

I was definitely feeling over 40, and getting past 3;00 in the afternoon was a struggle without caffeine, which causes me to sleep poorly. Some friends gave me a box of Life Shotz, and within 2 or 3 days, I suddenly realized I had tons of energy in the afternoon and no interest in a caffeine fix. This was a huge improvement in energy and sleep quality! You can't beat that!

Cindy Holt
I Feel Great

Before, I was always tired at the end of the day, but now I have energy to do all the chores that need to be done. There is no down time where I feel tired. Now, I look forward to my days and approach them with a positive attitude. Thank you!

Margarito Lopez
Broke Through My Plateau

It has truly helped me in the way I had hoped. I was able to get over a plateau I had hit in terms of eating. I had gotten to the point where I would have a great eating day and then ruin it by binging at night. This helped me get back on a better meal planning strategy, and I'm pretty sure the shakes helped my blood sugar so that I wasn't insane for carbs at night. I am super thankful for doing this.

Shelley Albarado
More Focused

I felt more focused and slept better. I enjoy the new version of Life Shotz.

Helen Kelly
Truly Remarkable

I no longer need a 3 o'clock nap and am able to sit for 2 straight hours and focus on my homework. Truly remarkable product! I'm glad to be part of the Life Shotz family!

Abby Hunter
Lost Cravings and 15 Pounds

Within about 8 days, I lost all food cravings that, previously, I would have caved in to! Goodbye, 15 lbs!

Laura Hickey
No More Cravings

I no longer crave chocolate since taking Life Shotz. I also have much more energy!

Colleen Riddle
My Mood Is Better

My energy level is higher, I feel more rested when I wake, and my mood is better.

Pete Johnson
Results in Seven Days

I feel great. With a lot energy throughout the day. I even started to go to bed at a regular consistent time. I only have one cup of coffee now in the morning. Wake-up time is consistent too. I have been on Life Shotz for a month, but I noticed results in the first 7 days - Yeah! Super excited!!!!

Hortencia Romero

Delicious protein powder whether adding to water or almond milk. Fruit or no fruit.

Priscilla Picard - New Hampton, NH / Customer since 2015
Waking Up Ready To Go

OK - really wasn't expecting anything - actually, I was expecting nothing ... what I found was that after 3 days, I was sleeping more soundly and waking up alert, instead of the wanting to roll over for another 10 min. like I usually do - looking forward to the results after a month - keep up the good work!

Brian Davis
Skeptic Into Believer

I am a real skeptic when it comes to stuff like this, but let me tell you, Life Shotz is the real deal. By the third day I noticed that I was sleeping all through the night and in the morning woke up feeling great. I love Life Shotz. I have never felt so good.

Susan Henard
Not Possible Without Life Shotz

Last Tuesday, two hygienists and I treated 38 patients in our office. I drove five hours to Chicago, attended a seminar that lasted two hours, and then drove five hours through the night. Then I packed again for an event at the Eastland Mall in Evansville, Indiana. I drove again, set up, and then worked a full weekend. All this would have been impossible without Life Shotz.

Don Abel
We Feel Amazing

After three days days of just half a stick twice a day, we felt calmer. We're sleeping better with have a general feeling of well-being and energy long into the evening.

Gary Grau
It Really Works

I definitely realized the benefit earlier this week (almost 2 months since starting my Life Shotz/Vibe routine). I was working on a project and was up until 3 am one night and then 1 am the next night, but I was very productive both days even while getting up at 6:40. I even felt energetic enough to exercise. Not only did I have so much more energy than I expected, but my scale was better than it has been in a while:-) In addition to my energy and weight, I've found that I've been more motivated as well; marking things off my To-Do list that I've been avoiding forever! I'm really pleased with the product!

Nancy McKeon
Happy Dance

Not sure when exactly I was feeling the effects of Mind. All I know is that I found I was sleeping better even after getting up in the night. I was able to easily fall back to sleep. Taking Mind every day I find my mind sharp, clear with acuity and I feel HAPPY taking a walk every morning, saying hello to everybody, meeting people. Some people may think it strange but it doesn't take away how I feel!! (doing the Happy Dance)!

Helen Kocsis
It's All in Life Shotz

Taking Life Shotz will make it easier on me because I'm able to stop taking my vitamin B and D pills - it's all in Life Shotz. The product has made me feel calmer and more balanced. This has been so helpful for me. Thank you for coming up with such an amazing product!

Carol Braunstein
Full of Life

I feel so active and full of life! I am sleeping better, and my brain appears to be running with a lot more clarity! I love Life Shotz!

Robert McNamara
More Focused And Better Body

I have noticed that my body has much better energy. I work a 12-hour shift at night but Life Shotz has helped me to sleep much better and I have found that I am a lot more focused. My friends and family have noticed that my body is changing and that I've lost weight. I really enjoy telling people about Life Shotz!

Rob Hagman
No More Jet Lag

With my job in the airline industry, I usually sleep and work in various time zones, which takes its toll on my energy level throughout the day. Since taking Life Shotz, I really feel sustained energy throughout the whole work day. Thank you, Life Shotz!

Benjamin Cezar
My Skin is Smooth and Younger Looking

Oh! My Goodness! I have more energy and get more done, I getting better sleep throughout the night, my vision is better, my hair and nails are growing faster, my skin is smooth and younger looking, and above all I just feel good all the time!

Lisa Alecknavage
Sleeping Through The Night

I am finally able to sleep through the night!

Laureen Kelly
The Right Nutrition

I have tried many different protein shakes and meal replacement shakes through out the years but none of them made me feel full or if they did, they feeling wouldn't last very long. When I decided to use the Vibe shakes I was pleasantly surprised. I actually felt full and that fullness lasted 2-3 times longer than any other shake I have tried. I love how they taste great and give me a whole serving of vegetables without even tasting them. I can have a very busy life and getting the right nutrition in can be challenging at time. That what I love about the Vibe shakes, they are fast, convenient and give me the nutrition I need!

Angela McClain
No More Brain Fog

I noted more clarity, influx of new ideas of things to do, and being able to accomplish more. Before Mind, some days it seemed like my mind was in a fog.

Tom Martin
Lost 18 Pounds

I am sold on this product - both Life Shotz and Vibe. I have been drinking both daily for about two months now. I noticed right away that I had more stamina. I am 71 years old and I have more energy and sleep better than I have in quite a few years. I have been drinking Vibe every morning and have lost 18 pounds! I take it with me when I travel along with my mini blender - so easy!! It is so nice not having sugar and junk food on my mind. I feel healthy and happy! Love it!

Linda Ralston
My First Marathon

I have used Life Shotz for a while, but the last three to four weeks I have doubled up by taking Life Shotz twice per day. Last weekend I finished it! My first marathon! I went to Berlin and finished my first marathon! I crossed the finish line with the time 04;09;04. I'm amazed with the energy Life Shotz has given me. This was the first time I ran 42km. ;)

Daniel Andersson

Thanks to your amazing drink, my husband and I can drive for hours without any lingering effects. We are craving more product and more travel adventures.

Anne Duffy
Very Impressed

I have been in the nutritional supplement industry for over 10 years and I have never been this impressed with a product. The ingredients in Life Shotz are the best you can use in nutritional supplements. Also, the concentration of those ingredients is perfect, so they can really make a difference. I wake up feeling refreshed every day. I've noticed my mood is more upbeat, so much so, that I feel like I'm wearing a stress shield. I can't wait to see how I feel next week! Thank you Life Shotz!

John Brazel
Amazing Truth

My amazing truth about Life Shotz is that it totally changed my life. I am a flight attendant I no longer experience jet lag whatsoever. I'm 64 years old and I have more energy now then I can ever remember having. I sleep and several different hotels several nights a month I sleep like a baby no more tossing and turning!!!

Sally Kellett
Now Catching ZZZs

Life Shotz helps my sleep when I am stressed. Before I was so stressed I couldn't think, let alone sleep.

Ulla Gamberg
Feeling Motivated

On a day to day basis I hear from others how lucky I am to work from home. Working from home does have its perks and yet I still found myself feeling like I was walking up a never ending flight of stairs with a backpack on full of bricks. Feeling weighed down, exhausted and unmotivated I desperately needed a change. After talking to a friend about how I was feeling she introduced me to Life Shotz. At first hesitant to take anything because I wanted to just feel better on my own. Soon realizing I had to give Life Shotz a chance. So grateful I did. The next few days as I used the Life Shotz I found myself relaxed, motivated, and most important I was not exhausted. Finally had that pep back in my step I had been missing!

Kristal Hoffman
Not Scattered Anymore

This...smidge over 50 brain...can get scattered! With Mind my focus and clarity takes me back to my younger years...the fog lifts and the sun comes shining through. As we mature..we all wish we could go back and have the wisdom of age with our youthful self...with Mind I do!

Lori Strassner-Jones
It's a Must

This is a great start to my day and I have to have it every day. Life Shotz lifts me, energizes me and I love the taste Ä potent!

Denise Gallagher
Life Changing

I began taking Life Shotz actually before the product launched in 2010. I was given a couple sample sticks, one of which I shared with my mom at a meeting. I noticed the energy it gave me right away, expecially on the drive home that night. I rationed out the additional samples I was given to use for playing volleyball. It was giving me more stamina and energy. I was over 266lbs, and had just begun playing volleyball again after about 20 years. My daughter had started karate, when the product launched, the DoJo was trying to get the parents active in kick boxing. I thought to myself, you know with this energy I am feeing, maybe I can actually do the kickboxing. 6-9 months later I had lost over 60lbs! As I was losing weight, I begun to get asked to play on better and bettter teams. There was a team that was going to the Senior Nationals (previously called the Senior Olympics), in Houston in 2011. I was so excited when I was asked to play with them! We brought home a gold medal!!! This company and this product has been seriously life changing for me!

Carla Shover
Feeling Good and Healthy

I'm almost 69 years old and in good health. I like that and want to continue to stay healthy and feel good for many, many years to come. Since taking Life Shotz for several years, I feel great. I do seasonal work for the cruise lines which involves dealing with many people as well as standing and moving around for six to eight hours with only short breaks. At my age, I expected to feel the effects of this active work, but I haven't at all. Life Shotz keeps me feeling good and healthy. I've gone over a year without a single cold, something that hasn't happened in years. I will continue to use Life Shotz every day!

Colleen Etchberger
It Changed My Life

I was excited to start Life Shotz. On the first day I did not like the taste, so I added orange juice. I couldn't feel it working. After one week I still couldn't feel a difference. I thought, I guess it is not going to work for me; I am a 66-year-old, fatigued, fuzzy thinking, forgetful, no energy, overweight senior.' But I persevered. I ended up liking the taste. I drink it in a tall glass with lots of ice. Delicious. In the fourth week of using Life Shotz, my life changed. The inner fatigue disappeared, my head cleared, and I had the energy to take a walk. I also noticed my food cravings diminished (I lost 4 pounds). I will never go without Life Shotz. I look forward to my future good health.

Jan Bryan
Chocolate Protein Shake

Great flavor, no grittiness.

C Florentin - Denver, CO / Customer since 2018
Started Sleeping Again

In the midst of moving countries and feeling completely stressed out, run down, and sleep deprived, I decided to give Life Shotz a try. After only two days, I felt a significant improvement in my energy levels, my anxiety seemed to calm down and I started sleeping again! 10 days in, and I can't even write in this tiny box how much better I feel. It's worth it.

Alexandra Rademaker
More Focus

I've experienced deeper sleep, less tiredness, more focus, and easier task completion.

Fred Ynclan
Busy Entreprenuer A Game

Mind helps me stay focused and on my A-game! As a busy entreprenuer Mind has made a huge difference in my ability to stay on task, and power through my to-do list!

Colleen Riddle
Stay On Top Of My Game

Having to wake up every day at 4;30 am to open a preschool and be ready to teach children under the age of six is rewarding, but exhausting. By 6;30 am I've already encountered everything from crying children adjusting to mommy going to work to changing clothes when someone has an accident. But Life Shotz has changed all that! It gives me the boost I need to wake up each morning, and keep up with 3 year olds into the late afternoon. It allows me to stay on top of my game all day, so that I am ready for anything. So bring on your worst preschoolers, Life Shotz has my back!

Sherri Long
Love The Protein

Love the protein!!! Healthy and delicious.

Candes Gentry - Honolulu, HI / Customer since 2016
This is One Product I Can't Live Without

As a mom of four children and full time orthodontist, it is a must that I stay healthy! I am constantly exposed to airborne germs at home and at work. You would not believe what my patients bring into my office but don't take it to school or work! Anyway, I have honestly not had a cold since I started taking Life Shotz and that was 18 months ago. I drink my Life Shotz every day and often take four capsules before bedtime during the cold and flu season. This is one product I can't live without!!

Gina Kessler
Customer For Life

Wow, I haven't felt this energized since I was in my 20s, and I'm 41 now. I have so much energy and feel so good that I can now do the things I have always wanted to. I even started painting the inside of my house because of Life Shotz and the energy they give. It's so easy to use and all-natural. Life Shotz doesn't wind you up like other energy drinks and then make you crash after a few hours. The energy is steady, all day long, with no jitters, shakes, or fast heart rate like caffienated drinks do. I just purchased another box of Life Shotz to help me feel energize and make it through the day with no side effects. THANK YOU LIFE SHOTZ!!!!!! I'm a customer for life.

Susan Metheney
Lost The Baby Weight

As a vegetarian struggling to lose baby weight a friend had me try some Vibe shakes and Life Shotz. I was immediately impressed. What a difference! The taste is amazing. The powder effortlessly blends into any juice, milk, water, coffee. The chocolate tastes like brownies. The vanilla tastes like cake! I can pronounce all the ingredients and low and behold, I AM LOSING WEIGHT! I have lost nearly 30lbs. But the biggest difference isn't the taste or the way my clothing fits; it's how I FEEL. I have the energy I thought 2 kids and a full-time job zapped long ago. The minerals in the Life Shotz do more than stabilize your metabolism; I feel they have stabilized my brain chemistry. I have a sense of calm and peace seven years of meditation did not give me. Maybe its all that Vitamin D?! Life Shotz and Vibe have changed me; Inside and Out. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Meg DeZutti
Definitely Try This

My joints ache. I have tried everything. I was very skeptical about trying motion, but I thought I should give it a try. I would now recommend to anyone. It is a miracle worker!

Janice Marcella
It's Been Life Changing

Picture a airplane cockpit. Here their powering up the dashboard...that's how my body and mind feel after drinking Life Shotz...minute by minute I'm coming on-line...It's an amazing sense of well being. Mojo engaged! Body engaged! It's almost like it's on a cellular level...a deep well within is tapped and an abundant source of energy is plugged into to power you for the day. Doesn't feel's like I plugged into my own power source that I didn't know I had. And at the end of the crash...just a deep, restful sleep. So grateful I decided to try it. It's been life changing for me.

Lori Straasner-Jones
Energy Without The Crash

I used to drink Red Bull all the time. Since taking Life Shotz I have the energy with out the heavy crash.

Laura Hickey
Mental and Physical Boost

Life Shotz has given me the mental and physical boost to rejoin the living. Thank you Life Shotz!!!!

Maralee Tristao
Helped Me Find My Mind

I love Mind! It helped me find my mind! My memory is clearer and I don't have the same brain fog that I had before. In fact I love all the products! I feel better than ever! However what I love even more than the products is the culture of our company... our tribe. At 58, I have unleashed a vision and passion I haven't felt in years. Thank you Oxyfresh!

Susan Szabo
Fabulous Results

For a long time, I had a problem trying to keep healthy skin, nails, and hair. I became a product junkie and online beauty products were being sent to our home almost daily. Each product has was a disappointing reminder that I was losing hair quicker than I was growing it. Things changed when my friend Renee introduced me to Vibe. As I looked at the ingredients, I noticed a lot of familiar sounding names. I then did my research and I KNEW I needed to take a look. I made a choice to start to improve my overall health starting internally. Within three months of using Vibe, my hair has retained more length than ever before and weak nails are distant memories. As far as time savings, my hair and skin routine has been reduced from hours to minutes. Additionally, my overall routine is much more simplified. The best part is this, my Hubby is now the primary online shopper! #smallwins #happyhome

Amelia Roberts
I Feel Awesome

For the past six months I've been experiencing lack of energy while pushing myself to get things accomplished. Life Shotz has made me come back to life! I have loads of energy again, and I feel AWESOME! Thanks, Life Shotz

Chris Haley
Focus and Improved Skin

I've always had a lot of energy. My challenge was focusing that energy. Within three days of drinking Life Shotz, I noticed an incredibly focused energy that has helped me improve my productivity and complete my projects with greater ease. The other amazing result I have experienced is with my skin! It's wonderful to have clearer, younger looking skin!

Lisa Jimenez
Recommend It To My Patients

As a chiropractor, I am recommending joint supplements to my patients on a daily basis. I love the science and research behind the ingredients in Motion. I am excited to have a supplement to help my patients regrow cartilage. Not only to I recommend Motion to my patients, but I take it daily as well!

Lauren Whitworth
Now I Get It

I admit, I was skeptical at first and so many products claim to do so much. It was no change, no change. Until day 6. Suddenly, I was so much more alert and energetic! Now I get it!

Kurt Scheirich
Crazy Busy

I am a mom of two under two and work an early morning shift at a local radio station, which not only keeps me busy during the day but I also have events in the evenings and weekends. Needless to say, I am crazy busy and really needed something to help keep me going everyday and I have found that in Oxyfresh. I decided to try the program and it was amazing! I am continuing with VIBE, Mind and LifeShotz! I love the way the products make me feel and the energy it gives me to get through the day! When I got home that afternoon, I was exhausted! I could hardly keep my eyes open and I was grumpy! I couldn't figure out why until it hit me, I hadn't used the Oxyfresh products that day! I woke up the next day determined to NEVER forget them again! I couldn't believe the difference. I LOVE the products! They have truly helped me give my best at work and at home to my family.

Christa Cooper
Truly Grateful

Recently I injured my back (herniated disc) and needed very strong medications to manage my pain and inflammation caused by the injury. I literally could not stand or move due to the excruciating pain. During the most critical time right after the injury, I continued drinking my Vibe and Life Shotz mixed together to help protect my digestive tract from the strong medications while also providing me with the nutrients to help my body heal. My shake was soothing and comforting during the worst of the ordeal and did indeed help in protecting my system. I'm 72 years young and things happen, accidents happen. These Oxyfresh products have been so amazing in contributing to my quick recovery and overall health and well-being. I have been using all four of the products (Vibe, Life Shotz, Mind and Motion) every single day for over a year and a half. I just can't say enough how truly wonderful they are and how grateful I am to Oxyfresh for making them! Zumba here I come!!

Stevie Sorensen
Feeling Better

Skiing, biking and running have been tough on my knees but having taken Motion for about 6 months my knees are feeling great! I had stopped some sports due to pain but I have been able to do everything again since taking Motion, almost like I'm a kid again. I'm excited to see how much better they are still in another 6 months!

Darlene Knapton
Multitasking Without Missing A Beat

Mind has made such a difference for me working in a high-distraction job. I used to get interrupted and then wonder what I was doing when the interruption was over. After starting Mind, I realized that I could just hop back and forth mentally without missing a beat. I love Mind! So much easier to be a busy and effective person!

Laura Hickey
This Mother Approves

I began using Vibe shakes full-time at the beginning of my pregnancy over a year and a half ago and have almost never missed a day of using them since! While pregnant, my normal vegetable consumption routine was off because greens didn't agree with me at that time, a nutrient gap that Vibe shakes helped to fill. I now have a healthy baby boy and milk supply that the midwives call crazy rich due to his rapid growth from day one. As a busy mother, my shakes also make breakfast (and sometimes lunch and dinner!) the easiest thing on the planet to throw together. My son even knows the sound of my shaker bottle now and laughs at it. The Life Shotz help me get through the rest of the day even after those inevitable sleep-deprived nights. This mother approves! I will never stop using my Oxyfresh products as long as I can help it - they are the BEST!

Kelly Ferguson
Vibe For Life!

I have been using vibe vanilla for quite some time now and have it set up on auto delivery and love it! I get a full serving of vegetables and amino acids among other vital vitamins and minerals. I also love that I don't have to think about it, right when I'm about to run out, a new shipment is on its way. And the best part is that when Oxyfresh took over, the cost of this product went down!! We all know that never happens so it was extremely refreshing and the reason why I continue to get 2 a month. Before I was considering stopping my shipments because the cost was way too much. Thanks Oxyfresh for making one of my favorite daily products affordable and getting it to me right when I need it!

Kristin E - Pittsburgh, PA / Customer since 2017
Awesome for Workouts

Here's yet another excellent use for Life Shotz. Try it after a strenuous workout. I'm in the gym three times a week for 90 minutes at a time. I've found that Life Shotz also helps in the 'recovery' phase of my workout regimen. Life Shotz is only now revealing all of its many applications. One thing is certain; it won't work for you until you give it a go. What are you waiting for?

Mario Nu_ez
Lost 20 Pounds!

I have been in the nutrition and weight management business for a long time. None the less, I am as susceptible as anyone to the consequences of a stressful and frenetic lifestyle. Over the course of a year, when I was traveling and eating out a lot, I began to notice that I was feeling tired and worn down. I also noticed that I was having a struggle to find anything in my closet that I could still fit into. It had been months since I stepped on the scale. When I finally did, I was shocked to see that I was 20 pounds over my 'playing' weight. I am familiar with most of the good weight management products and programs on the market. I decided to use Life Shotz and replace two meals a day with Vibe. In 7 weeks I lost 22 pounds and have kept the weight off since by replacing breakfast with Vibe. It's been easy. No cravings and my energy is back.

Vaughn Feather
Energy After Workouts

Life Shotz is one of the most significant products to come on the market in years. I'm 63 years old, and I exercise intensely and regularly. I see a huge difference between the way I think and the way I move, almost like a different age factor. I have longer lasting energy after workouts as well.

Laura Hickey
Never Felt Better

My first two days I could feel a difference - I was still drinking coffee and felt a little jittery, but on the third day I had so much more energy. I slept through the night...and got so much done! I am now on my second month and I have never felt better.

Diana Nokes
I Am Shocked

For 40 years, I have struggled with my memory. It created anxiety when meeting new people because I knew in 30 seconds I would forget their names. After 11 days on Mind I had an amazing experience. While speaking with my mom I recalled a name of a childhood friend I had not seen or talked to in 28 years. I was SHOCKED! I have not missed a day of taking Mind since. Now I have a whole new confidence when networking. I can trust that I will remember multiple names when meeting groups of people at events. This stuff just works.

Lance Bozek
Stamina and Recovery

I became interested in Life Shotz through my work with Tony Dawson. I was aware that he was following the program in his effort to become the #1 60 and over tennis player in the US. I was immediately impressed by his stamina and recovery - and also his winning every tournament he played! Since I have had health issues the last few years, I thought I would give it a try. I have had great results even though I have only been using Life Shotz and Vibe for a short time. I have noticed a difference in my motivation, quality of sleep and mood. I look forward to seeing more positive changes in the coming months. Thanks Tony!

Dennis Ralston
Better Sleep

When I first tried Life Shotz, I noticed I slept better. I didn't get that charge of energy like I got from other energy supplements, but instead, I noticed at night when I would normally be tired and ready for bed, I still had energy to finish kitchen clean-up or tasks in the office. And the beauty is that when I was ready for bed, I would go right to sleep.

Brian Prinzavalli
It Works Great

I spent the majority of my life in manual labor being a welder for nearly 25 years, so my body has taken a beating, and for that, I have always suffered from back pain. I remember realizing half way into my first month of taking Motion that I had gone through my night pain free, and slept like a little kitten.

James CK Chapman
No After Dinner Cravings

After the first few days with Life Shotz, I noticed I was naturally leaving food on my plate. With no after-dinner cravings, my nutritional intake has improved immensely.

So Good For Overall Health

I was taking Life Shotz for about 1 month before I noticed the biggest effect it had on my health. The weeks leading up to this point, I could tell I was more energetic and more focused that I was in the past. However, at the 1 month point, I really knew this product was working for me. I was visiting family in New Jersey in January but my fiance, her mother, and brother were feeling sick. They were coughing, sneezing, had stomach aches, headaches, and so forth. Me, however, I was feeling great! I was ready for the day, had productive days, and every night, got a great night sleep. That was the moment I realized how powerfully potent this product was to my overall health.

Anthony Frye
Highly Recommended

Lifeshotz is the one thing that helps get motivated in the mornings. It gives me the pep in my step. I highly recommend Lifeshotz!

Brandy Beale
Way More Productive

I started Life Shotz a year ago. I work very long hours at my job and have two teenagers. I noticed the first day the difference in how I felt. I am more productive and just feel happy all day long. Also, I sleep so well and I have had sleeping issues my whole life. Thank you, Life Shotz!!!!!

Laura Webber
Down 12 Pounds and No Sugar Cravings

I have been taking Vibe shakes for a month now and I am down 12 pounds. I don't have any sugar cravings. The chocolate shakes are delicious and I find that I am feel full and am also eating smaller portions of lunch and dinner. I am very pleased with the results and will continue to use them.

Marna Ringel
Really Good Product

In July of 2016, I ruptured my PCL and almost completely tore my MCL in a water skiing fall. At the time I was training towards a goal of completing a half-marathon in December 2016. During physical therapy (no surgery), I began taking Motion to help with my recovery. I started running again in October and after just 11 weeks of training, I placed 3rd in my age group with a time of 1;38 for the half-marathon in December. Motion played a huge part in my knee being able to handle the training and recovering from the injury.

Jerry Snider
Kicked My Chocolate Habit

Recently I did the Oxyfresh program. My primary reason for doing it was to simply support my customers who were looking for their own results. Guess who got a SHOCK? At the end of my program, I kicked my 'out of control' chocolate, cheese, and bread craving, I got my water intake back on track (I didn't realize I had been a wilted flower), I lost an inch around my waist without trying, and I really just felt like I was put back together, which for a busy Mom was probably the best result of all! I love these products! They are elite but affordable products for the everyday people. I don't miss a day, because when you know how good you are supposed to feel why would you ever want to feel less than your best?

Mel Bayol
My 12 Year Old is More Focused

I have six kids, and before Life Shotz, I used to collapse after I put the kids to bed. Now I have more energy to work the business. My husband takes Life Shotz too, and his moods are much better. I definitely notice when he stops taking Life Shotz! My 12 year old is more focused in class, and his teachers see a big difference.

Heather Brocklehurst
A New Woman

I am 28 and have 4 children ages are 7[boy] 6[boy] 2[girl] and a 4 month old...Im a stay at home mother and my day usually starts at 5:30 am . I get up have some coffee,make my husbands lunch,watch the news and have him off to work by 6 am ...I wake up my 2 boys Hayden and Tyler and get them ready for school,dressed,hair done,lunches packed and out the door to the bus stop.. Now its time to feed the babies,clean the house,walk the dogs,do some laundry,change diapers[not the best part of my day] plan dinner and finally by noon i get to eat a little snack .As you can tell by now im a very busy very tired 3:30 the boys get off the bus and for some reason all the kids need something at the same exact time....I usually get to bed really late ....this is only half of my day and im already 1 day my friend Cindy Holt sent me a text asking me if I wanted to try a new product ! I have been drinking life shotz for 4 days now and everything about my day is amazing ! Im well rested and ready for a new day,i feel like im a new woman inside and out,im also a breastfeeding mother and this product not only gives me energy but also puts the nutrients back into my body . I will always love what this product does for my family and I !!!!

Toni Schroeder
Major Mood Lift

After using Life Shotz, I have noticed a major lift in my overall mood. I simply feel better. I am sleeping better at night, and my energy level is great! I really notice any day when I forget to take Life Shotz because I feel so slow and sludgy. Who wants to feel that way? Let's just say I don't have those days anymore with Life Shotz!

Coty Caponetto
Keeps Me Full Longer

I love Vibe Chocolate! I take them in the morning and noticed it I'm full till lunch time. Before I started to take Vibe, I usually feel hungry before lunch time and now I don't!

Mary Soltis
Optimal Performance

I have been drinking Life Shotz consistently for a few months now and I am very careful about my nutrition. I love pushing myself physically and have done several marathons and ultramarathons. Life Shotz looked like a good way to supplement my diet. Yesterday, I attempted to summit Long's Peak in the Colorado Rockies (14,259'). I turned around a few hundred feet from the summit due to high winds (60-80mph) and an extremely technical route well above my confidence level. I totaled 8 hours of hiking, running and climbing and 30 hours of no sleep. When I came home, I drank a Shot and it felt like every cell in my body rehydrated instantly. One day later, I have minor soreness but otherwise, I feel great! Good stuff! I highly recommend Life Shotz and Vibe for anyone looking to supplement their diet for optimal performance.

Brett Kessler
I Have To Have It

Life Shotz gives me such a boost of energy every time I take it, and that boost lasts the whole day. With results like that, I have to have it.

Audrey Mouck
No Cravings and More Energy

Took away my cravings for sweets and carbs!! I didn't even think about not having them in my diet. Energy level was above and beyond anything I've ever experienced in my life. Such a mood-enhancer, I unconsciously whistle away while I work now. I had a client who asked why I was SO happy?? Great way to enter into a conversation of the LifeShotz opportunity. There's NO going back now!

Marti Barnes
Don't Go A Day Without It

Several years ago I broke my back and ended up with a residual hip issue. I recovered but seemed to feel achey at the end of a busy work day. That was a new norm for meÄ. until I tried MOTION. After a month of taking this awesome product, I realized that my aches went away and I found myself doing things I couldn't do for years like run with my Yellow Lab, Cooper! MOTION has helped me be more active and I don't go a day without it!

Sheri Doberman
More Benefits The Longer I Take It

I've been taking Life Shotz now for almost six months and have noticed more and more benefits and results the longer I take it. The thing I've noticed lately is the craving my body has for it. It lets me know it's time if I'm a little off schedule, as well as if I'm just going and going and might need an extra shot Ä and I LOVE IT!!! This stuff is powerful and is exactly what my body was starving for!!! I can't imagine living without it or even going a day without it!!!!!!

Alison Lucio
Happy Tummy

I started using vibe about 18 months ago to help reach my weight loss goals. I take it for lunch instead of going to the cafeteria to spend $6.00 to have lunch. I work at a very busy hospital and it is nice make the shake with water and ice for a quick meal. Incorporating the shake with my lose it app helped me lose 100 pounds. When I travel my Vibe shake goes with me to avoid the hotels breakfast bars. I also like to use unsweetened cashew or almond milk to make my shake creamier. The probiotics has helped my tummy be happier.

Eugene Backlund
Eating Less Junk Food

I've become more energetic, eating less junk food, and have noticed for some strange reason, my moods have changed. I feel great, as I usually skip breakfast! I really love the vanilla flavor!

Kevin Wilson
Love It

I just wanted you to know I love the new taste and the new packaging. Thanks for all you do!

Debbie James
Mind Changed This Student's Life

Well I just want to tell you some exciting news. My son, Lucas, has had problems his whole life with school. My sister, Gina Kessler, introduced us to the mind and wow let me tell you it has changed my son Lucas's life! Lucas is 13 years old and he was a C and D student and I was always getting calls from teachers that Lucas isn't paying attention in class not participating and just not wanting to be at school. He would come home telling me he hated school until I started giving him Mind in January. I had parent teacher conferences yesterday and everyone of his teachers said that they didn't know who this kid was as Lucas totally was not the kid they knew before Christmas break. They said he made a total turn around. Luca is now getting A's and B's and he made the honor roll! He tells me he how much he likes school now and the teachers say he is so focused I am so grateful for Mind.

Mia Gualandi
Feeling Refreshed

I had been waking up nights multiple times with hot flashes. It interrupted my sleep, left me tired and less productive during the day. After starting Life Shotz and Vibe I found that I slept soundly through the night, woke up feeling rested and refreshed, and the hot flashes subsided! It has been over two years and I still sleep well!

Sheela Calhoun
Nutrition That Makes A Difference

Being a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, I love the health benefits and nutrition that I receive by using a shake and a shot a day. I love giving our 9 year old her daily vibe too. I have been extremely grateful for Vibe this past week as she has been recovering from her tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. As she has been on liquid and soft diet the past several days I have been able to feel reassured that she is continuing to get the nutrition that she needs to keep her full and help with her recovery. She has been receiving a full vibe shake with a couple vibe snacks daily -- - -thank you Life Shotz for keeping my baby girl healthy while she is on the road to recovery!!!!

Jodi McLain
Rich and Creamy

I had my extremely creamy and rich chocolaty Vibe Shake - Delicious! I have never been able to mix a protein shake with water and enjoy it so much! I get a great Vibe from this one!

Amy Machado
I Feel So Much Better Overall

I am up early in the morning and work out late at night. Life Shotz has really helped me keep up my stamina throughout the day and into my evening workout. I feel so much better overall and sleeping better is an added bonus!

Susan Barnes
I'm Hiking Again

I was hiking everyday, sometimes 5 - 8 miles a day for about a year and a half, until I couldn't anymore! My right knee was not keeping up with my activity. I had to stop hiking altogether, one day of hiking would set me back a month or more. After 15 days of taking MOTION, I went for a hike, not one I would even attempt in the previous few months higher, steeper more difficult. I am delighted to say I feel up to hiking again next week! I wasn't ready to give up hiking for good - so much beauty in the Arizona Mountains! I'm looking forward to seeing what the next few months to a year will bring! I'll keep you posted!

Patty Nelson
Natural Energy

I have more energy, especially in the mid-day and post lunch hours. Usually, that is when I need coffee and can't stop yawning, but now, I am getting natural energy and don't get sluggish!

Anjali Shah
Lucky To Find This Product

I am in love with Chiseled Chocolate Vibe! I wake up every single morning craving this superfood. When choosing Vibe in the morning as my meal replacement for breakfast, I eat healthier throughout the day! Some days I even have another one for lunch! I have lost weight using this product and I feel so lucky to have found such an amazing product that gives me energy throughout the day, especially while working out!

Christine Marcella-Kelly
This Doctor Recommends It

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I have tried MANY supplements. For over 10 years, I had been looking for an all-natural performance enhancing energy drink that I can recommend to my patients. Life Shotz is the first and only energy supplement I can completely endorse and recommend to my patients. Personally, after using Life Shotz for only 2 days, I noticed improved focus, better energy, improved mood, and enhanced exercise performance. I am so thankful I found this product!

John Nowicki
Customer For Life

I suspected that my soy-based protein shakes were not working for me. I switched to Vibe and the change allowed my body to feel at its best! I am a customer for life!

Tammy Golden
Vibe is my Lifesaver

I definitely won't go a day without it! I love the fact that I can completely nourish my body with a delicious, excellent, vegan nutrition in a quick and convenient shake! VIBE is also my perfect, go-to recovery after hockey, long hikes and my workouts!

Sarah Curtis
Mood Is Great and Positive

I absolutely love Life Shotz! It gives me energy to get through my day. No more 2;00pm naps at my desk! I feel amazing. My mood is great and positive. My family is going through some difficult things right now and I credit the Good Lord and Life Shotz for getting me through it. I have energy to workout again!

Michelle Rankin
Perfect Combo

Since starting Vibe, I actually crave more fruits, instead of processed sugar, breads, and desserts. I have even noticed an increase in energy when I drink the Shake! Life Shotz and the Vibe Shake is the perfect combination!

Christina Vieira
Delicious & Filling!

I enjoy the taste and it satisfies my hunger for hours. I’ve been a customer for about 3 1/2 years and look forward to my drink every morning. I use half chocolate, half vanilla and a Life Shotz pouch and it’s just perfect for me!

Nancy McKeon - Landenberg, PA / Customer since 2014
Glowing Skin

I have been taking vitamins for years and never have I seen this big of a difference in my skin, mood, and just overall health from other vitamin supplements. My nails are so much stronger and the calcium that I usually have built up under my nails due to a zinc deficiency are no longer present. I've received so many compliments on my glowing skin, which is something I've never had before. My energy level has increased! This is what healthy is supposed to feel like and I love it. I feel great since I've been consistently taking my daily Life Shotz.

Saby Selph
Great As Always

Always happy when my Vibe & Life Shotz arrive!

Nancy McKeon - Landenberg, PA / Customer since 2014
High Quality and Proven

As a chiropractor, I often get asked to recommend certain joint supplements or to sell them in my office. That was until I met Shannon and she introduced me to Motion. I like the high quality of the product and the research and information Oxyfresh supplies for all their products. Not only do I take Motion daily but I would recommend Motion to any of my patients needing a joint supplement.

Lauren Whitworth
It's So Easy

After just one week of drinking three Vibe Shakes, one Life Shotz and 2 meals of meat veges, and fruit along with working out a few times I have lost 6 pounds and my husband lost 9 pounds! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!!!

Amy Machado
Love Vitality!

I love this drink, I just add to my Vibe shakes. I sleep better and just have more energy. I feel great when I take both regularly! I just wish I could get more than 10 at a time.

Kelly Avigael - Snowmass Village, CO / Customer since 2017
I'm Hooked

I am tired of being tired! Within the first week, my energy level was up and I love the consistency of the energy. It lasts at a steady level all day, and doesn't give me that shaky sugar and caffeine high, or sudden drop.

Erin Gilbert
I Love The Ingredients

I was thinking how yummy the product looked in the bag but had no idea it would taste so good! It fills me up and keeps me energized for pre and post-workouts. I don't feel hungry throughout the day. I love the ingredients! This a a great product and tastes wonderful.

Kim Howell
No Cravings

I don`t have the cravings for sweets like I use to. My wife and I are both taking Life Shotz and recommending it to all our friends and family.

Conrad Bedsted
Perfect for Weightloss

I started taking Life Shotz to go with a new Lifestyle change to lose weight and to feel better. It gave me a boost of steady energy all day long. I reduced my need for caffeine in the afternoon. I started sleeping better at night. I noticed a difference in a few days. With the increased energy and changing my lifestyle in diet and exercise allowed me to lose up to 100 pounds. I believe the product has given me a great immune boost to fight off sickness. I can tell a difference when I do not get my Life Shotz in that day.

Eugene Backlund
Tons of Focus

When my friend approached me about Lifeshotz, of course like most I was skeptical. I've always been what I thought was healthy and active all my life, and with everything out there how could this product really make a difference? Even so, my friend asked if I would just commit to taking it for 10 days and I did. After just a week I noticed a whole world of change! I felt rejuvenated every morning, not craving coffee or my normal junk food. I have tons of focus now, my hair and nails are stronger, and I feel leaner and healthier than ever. And it is so simple and convenient. I have truly never experienced anything like Lifeshotz, it's amazing and has totally changed my life.

Jillian Hutchinson
Was Feeling Stuck

Before Vibe, I was stuck in an unhealthy eating cycle. I was not eating breakfast (only drinking coffee in the morning), eating a little something for lunch and then by 2;00, I was starving and grabbing every quick thing I could get my hands on from the pantry. I was undernourished and it showed in my skin, hair, and energy level. Once I added Vibe as my daily breakfast, my craving for junk food and sweets diminished almost completely, and I even dropped ten pounds without changing anything else. Vibe gave me all of the good stuff to change my cravings and bad habits and I feel so much healthier because of it. I look forward to my quick, convenient Vibe shake to set me up for the rest of the day.

Becky Ford
More Focused

I was introduced to Life Shotz recently, and after about 5 days, I had more energy, slept better at night and felt more focused. I am also using Vibe, and it has been great for a quick meal on the go and for weight control as well.

Jeff Rausch
Always On The Go

As a UPS driver, I am always on the go. It's a intense, high pace, crazy, busy job. I lived off of energy drinks for several years. They were my source of energy through out my crazy work day when felt a loss of energy. I would consume 3-4 of them during my long work days(12-14 hours) to keep up with the demand of the job. These landed me in the emergency room. After needing to reevaluate my source of energy, I tried Life Shotz. Within a day I felt consistent energy without the caffeine. I was amazed because I did not get a crash, like I did with the energy drinks, rather I had a stable source of energy through my day. Since being on Life Shotz as of February of last year, I have gone cold turkey with my caffeine and energy drinks addiction. Life Shotz is simply amazing!

CJ Calio
Lost 25 Pounds

I have lost an additional 25 pounds since taking Life Shotz because it allowed me to start kick boxing and continue to play volleyball. I have continuously taken Life Shotz and noticed a big difference with my energy and endurance.

Carla Shover
Love My Vibe!!

Love my vegan protein powder!

AP - Pflugerville, TX / Customer since 2018
We Just Love It

We both own and run businesses, and we're very active in our community. Top that off with three children, and that doesn't leave us a lot of free time. But it's just natural for us to share Life Shotz with everyone we know.

Amy Machado
More Energy

As a teacher of young children, I needed more energy to make it through the afternoon. With Life Shotz, I have the energy I need to make it through the afternoon and into the evening. Thank you, Life Shotz!

Lynn Price
Life Shotz Man For Life

I feel incredibly... super... amazing... every day in every way ... I'm a former user and abuser of the so-called popular energy drinks' out there, and I'm now a Life Shotz man for life. For realz! I believe this is one of the best wellness products in the world... if not the best! My ounce-per-ounce Champion of The World of Wellness Products is Life Shotz! Aloha!

Rueben Cezar
Amazing Sleep

I am amazed at the results, I am sleeping better than I have in my entire life. I usually need some energy around 3pm, so I like to take Life Shotz, and it gives me the boost I need in the afternoon.

Shelley Harrison
Feeling Refreshed

Okay, I am not just a morning person anymore. For years I had energy in the morning even though I woke up feeling like I hadn't slept in days. By 1-2 p.m., I was on the downhill side of the day. By 7 or 8 p.m.? Forget about it. Now, I wake up feeling refreshed after a good night's sleep, and I'm fine from mid-afternoon and well into the evening. I love Life Shotz!

Loretta Delaney
Changed My Life

I was exhausted from pregnancy and caring for 2 children. I hardly went out due to feeling like such a bump on a log. I went to my masseuse for some R and R and she introduced me to the 5 Day Intro Pack. That week I was outside doing yard work, cleaned out my junk room, and was able to spend some more quality time with my kids at the park. I felt great and I was sleeping through the night without tossing and turning. I was hooked, and after being on Life Shotz and Vibe for about 3 weeks I could see the difference with my diet. I had averaged 10lbs gained for months 5, 6, and 7 of my pregnancy. The 8th month I had Life Shotz and Vibe for 3 of the 5 weeks between doctor appointments and I gained less then a pound. My doctor was thrilled at the change and I was thrilled that I was finally able to control my nausea and cravings without overeating. Life Shotz and Vibe have changed my life.

Michelle Westendorf
Life Shotz/Vitality Benefit

I've been taking Life Shotz/Vitality for several years. I've continued to take it during my chemo therapy treatments which I started on 10/16/17 and I feel confident it has helped me keep my blood counts in good order !

Ron Ford - Austin, TX / Customer since 2013
Just Feel Better

I just want to say that I continue to feel better and better. I don't think I realized how BAD I felt until I started feeling so GOOD! It has been an amazing month. My mood has totally turned around and I feel human again. My energy has drastically improved. It's like night and day. I can assure you, this is way better! And it's definitely the Life Shotz because nothing else has changed. I am truly loving it. This is a gift that will change lives and give many their lives back.

Debbie James
Highly Recommended

I was first introduced to Lifeshotz by my friend, Laura Hickey. I was working a lot of mental health night time crisis work and then getting up or staying up the next day to do my regular full time job and she saw that I was dragging when I was up all night with on call work. She gave me several samples. WOW!! I was able to tell a difference in my ability to focus even when sleep deprived. It took me a while to become a ""believer"" and to use the product on a consistent basis. But once, I started I never looked back! I use the Lifeshotz and the Vibe daily and I have more energy, recover better from workouts and have improved overall health. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to accomplish more in a day and feel better doing it!

Ginger Gardiner
All You Need Are These Products

I was recently on a lookout restoration project with the NW MT Chapter of Forest Fire Lookout Association, a crew of five of us, in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, at Mud Lake Lookout, backpacking with full packs, sometimes in nearly and over 100 degree weather. When it is that hot, and you are counting the pounds you carry on your back, sometimes you just lose your appetite. You know you need to have protein, substance, in your body, to endure the stress of 25 miles in, work up on the lookout, and then 25 miles back out. (12 days total) What to do? PACK in LifeShotz AND VIBE. I was sharing my portions I had divvied out with the US Forest Service crew, and my own crew, too, excitedly explaining the great benefits of these two products. (I even made and packed my own protein bars made with VIBE before heading in, and shared those, too...) Tip; Chocolate Chiseled VIBE makes GREAT hot chocolate on the trail, as well....! All you need is water for an incredible boost in energy and stamina. I partly credit my ability to sustain myself on this physically challenging trip and project with these two products, and would recommend them to anyone.

Sandy Zan Deery
My Skin Glows and My Hair is Amazing

I have now been on Life Shotz for close to three months. Every day I feel better than the day before, and I have noticed so many changes. My hair is thicker, my nails are stronger, and my skin glows. I still have amazing energy, not to mention that I sleep better than I ever have! Thank you, Oxyfresh, for creating Life Shotz!!

Judy Kohl
Tastes Amazing

Vibe is exactly what it claims to be and an amazing tasting meal replacement shake. I look forward to it every single day. Chiseled Chocolate smells and tastes like real chocolate. It's got a great texture without the grittiness and aftertaste of other soy or milk based products. And it actually is a meal replacement. My lunch time shake keeps me full for hours while controlling my craving for sweets. After 30 days of shakes and some moderate exercise and discipline, I lost 15 pounds and about 2 inches on my waist. Friends, family, coworkers AND the kids have all noticed.

Joe Jones
In Less Than A Week

I've been very pleased with the increase in my energy, focus, and productivity since I started using Life Shotz about three weeks ago. In less than a week I noticed that I was feeling less of an afternoon crash than usual, and in two weeks I was getting more done by noon than I had been accomplishing all day. And my experience with Vibe is even more amazing. In about three weeks I have lost nearly fifteen pounds without starving myself or using a fad diet. People are asking me what I've done to change my life - and I'm not shy about telling them!

Wayne Atchley
I Feel Full

After the first day of drinking the Vibe for breakfast, I could tell a difference. I felt full all morning and didn't have the carb and sugar cravings I normally have during the day. I felt great knowing that my day was starting off with a better nutritional breakfast than I was normally getting and it is fast, easy and so tasty. On day 6 a very sweet lady came up to me at church and whispered in my ear I don't know what you're doing but whatever it is, keep it up, you look great. How kind- I now crave my Vibeand shot every day. Down 6 lbs in 2 weeks and feeling full of energy that my pre-menopausal body hasn't felt for a very long time. 51 and feeling fab!

Kelli Rogers
Never Miss A Day

Being a high school umpire, especially if working behind the plate, you are constantly in the crouch position. The muscles do get sore. I have found by taking Life Shotz my recovery was surprisingly quick which enabled me to be prepared for my next game. And it has helped me health wise. I have not been sick one day since I began taking it four years ago. I never miss a day of taking Life Shotz.

Rodney Etchberger
No More Wondering

I'll never forget starting with VIBE. My daily routine had been to get an ice cream cone every day. Then one day I realized that I hadn't had an ice cream cone in days and didn't care. How did this happen? VIBE's pea protein really does curb cravings and without my ice cream craving I no longer needed my ice cream fix. AND no more wondering if I was going to be able to zip my pants and I felt great!

Laura Hickey
Life Shotz and Vibe

Been on these 2 for two plus years they really help me with my everyday living!

Rachel Eastling - Midland, MI / Customer since 2015
No More Naps

Life Shotz made it possible for me to get through the day without a 3-4 hour nap everyday! I had been very ill and was left with extreme exhaustion, having to sleep several hours every day and sometimes most of the day. This had been going on for about a year. After taking Life Shotz for a few days, I asked my daughter and her husband, who now live with me because of the medical issues. Is it my imagination or am I not needing to rest as much? They said I was doing much better! In about 10 days I wasn't needing a nap at all! I will take this product for the rest of my life! Life Shotz helped give me my life back!!!

Faith Harsh
Athlete Husband Feels Great

My husband has been an athlete since childhood. After 40 plus years of wear and tear on his body, he has various aches and pains. However, after 30 days of taking MOTION, he he feels great. Now, rather than slowly coming down the stairs in the morning, he tends to run down!

Melissa Ige
Noticed a Huge Difference

I love Motion! I keep it by my bed and take it first thing when I wake up! I noticed a difference right away when taking it for the first time! My back always hurt after a long day of work (I do hair) and now that I've been taking Motion my back has definitely improved!

LaRee Kilgore
I Feel Really Good

After three days of drinking Life Shotz, I was sitting at work when I realized I felt really good. It surprised me. My job has been stressful for so long, that feeling energized and happy isn't part of the equation. The effects of this dietary supplement are subtle. My mood was great, my sleeping was better and my energy level increased. I felt focused, and the demands of my job were not so draining. I no longer came home from work feeling exhausted and crabby. I had renewed energy for my exercise routine, and I actually looked forward to my workouts. I could even stay up past 8;30 pm!

Sue Bennett-Coyne
Love My Muscle Tone

In just one week I saw a result in my muscle tone. Without adding any other exercise to my fitness routine, I lost 7 pounds of fat and gained 3 pounds of muscle after taking Vibe twice a day for a month.

Lisa Jimenez
Feeling Great

I just went to my monthly appointment with my chiropractor and I always feel ready for this appointment. This time he asked what parts to address but I realized I was feeling great! I Love Oxyfresh MOTION!!!

Amy Machado
I'm Not A Skeptic Anymore

I'm 70 years old and just had open heart surgery. My daughter gave me some samples after I skeptically told her Life Shotz wouldn't work for me. Two days later, I felt a difference in my energy level and joints. I'm not a skeptic anymore. I'm telling all my buddies about this stuff!

Bill Hunter
Definitely Hooked

I'd used the Life Shotz Shake and a Shot a day for about 2 weeks before the holidays. Then, slacked off, since I was eating poorly and wasn't at work and in my regular schedule. Then in about a week, I noticed I was waking up again at 3 or 4 in the morning. So I went back to taking the Shake and Shot the next day and that night I slept 'till about 7 or 8 in the morning. Definitely hooked! How much is an extra 2 -3 hours of sleep per night worth to your health and ability to perform and be focused at work? PRICELESS!

CJ Hyde
Your Vibe

Most other protein shakes create a lot of foam when added to smoothies made in a blender. Since Vibe doesn’t do that, it makes it easier and quicker to use. That, along with the great ingredient list and taste really completes it.

Pete Johnson - Anchorage, AK / Customer since 2014
A Life Saver

Vibe has been a life-saver for me, because I finally have a healthy grab-and-go meal alternative. It's by far my most nutritious meal of the day! And, I love that it is part of a lifestyle and not a fad diet. I have always exercised at a high level, but it wasn't until I changed my eating habits to a more whole foods diet, thanks to Vibe, that I saw changes in my body like I had never seen before.

Shannon Lewis
My Favorite Breakfast!

Vibe protein shake is a great way to get my day started. As someone that doesn't like to eat early in the AM, it's a good way to break the fast and get lots of good nutrition in the process. Chiseled Choclate is my favorite!

txtrader - Horseshoe Bay, TX / Customer since 2013
Perfect for Workouts

I feel energetic when I work out at the gym. In fact, I have increased my workouts to 6 times a week and I don't have to drag myself to do it. I feel sharper, mentally and emotionally. I want to share this with others! Also, I have lost 7 pounds in the past 2 weeks, and I really think Life Shotz has helped me want to eat better. Thank you, Life Shotz!

Audrey Ver Mulm
Pure Awesome

In just 5 days, I was sleeping better and as a result, felt very rested when I awoke. I was ready to jump out of bed and get my day started. My energy levels and mental focus were steady throughout the day with no 3 o'clock slump. Pure awesome!

James Paulus
Love My Vibe

My schedule doesn't always allow me to fix a breakfast in the morning, especially when I am running around crazy and sometimes late trying to get out the door. With Vibe I just grab my shaker bottle and a pack of Vibe and go! It's not only convenient, but tastes great, and it keeps me full until I am able to actually sit down and eat something.

Hilary Connolly
Just Feeling Better

I feel better overall, I have more energy, and it's a balanced feeling. I am more focused, my skin is clearer, and my recovery time from running and cycling has improved. I am not injured as often, to which I accredit Lifeshotz and Vibe. Did I mention I lost a little weight in the process? My husband would tell you that I am in a better mood! Hey, who can argue with that?

Sheri Clotiaux
I Love These Products

I have been using Life Shotz and Vibe for just over a month now. The first thing I noticed after only 2-3 days was that I was sleeping so much better. I had struggled for years with waking up every night 2, 3, 4 times a night which interrupted my sleep. Since I've been using Life Shotz and Vibe and now I sleep right through most nights! I now feel rested, energized, alert and productive throughout the day! I love these products and am telling everyone about them!

Sheela Calhoun
My Mood and Outlook are Better

I've enjoyed using Life Shotz because it's a very easy process of pouring, mixing, drinking and then enjoying the benefits during my exercise. My mood and outlook on the day usually is better and I've enjoyed using Vibe because it's a very easy process of shaking and enjoying during my day of tennis, working in the yard, going for a walk, or whatever the day calls for in form of exercise. My mood and outlook on the day is a better one once I've taken my Life Shotz.

Gus Alaniz
Amazing Results

My daughter, Paige (9), is in the 3rd grade, absolutely loves school, dance, volleyball, and playing outside with her friends in the neighborhood. She also has allergies and severe asthma, so when she gets a little cold it's magnified and turns into an illness that keeps her out of school and activities for several days at a time. I made the decision to have her take Life Shotz at the beginning of this school year, and have not changed anything else in her nutritional routine. She takes a half of a shot every morning after breakfast and the results have been AMAZING!!!! Paige has NOT MISSED ONE DAY OF SCHOOL THIS ENTIRE YEAR!!! Life Shotz is igniting her immune system and keeping her healthy!!! Amazing results!!!!

Susan Bradley
Guilt Free

Before Vibe, I ran out of the house with no breakfast and zero fuel to start my day. Now I never leave home without it. The chocolate kickstarts my morning and keeps me full until lunch. It is uber chocolatey and with a full serving of greens, it is guilt free!

Sara Ross
My Clients Love It

As a health and fitness professional, every day I see the need for a complete and healthy meal on-the-go! My clients want to be healthy, but are often overwhelmed with how to eat. With Vibe, I can now offer them delicious, meal-replacement shakes that give results!

Colleen Riddle
Best Anti-aging

I have been using Life Shotz since it was introduced back in 2010. I have felt all the benefits it offers. I have more energy, my immune system has to be the best ever. Haven't had even a cold in the last four years. The anti-aging benefits have been obvious to all who have known me over the years.

Dee Ennis
My Cravings For Junk Are Gone

Within a week of taking Vibe my appetite changed, my cravings for junk were gone, I felt fuller for longer and I felt all around better. Within a month I have lost 11 lbs. I love that I am losing weight slowly and naturally. This is the best protein shake out there. I also love the fact that my son loves it and it gives him his vegetables everyday. could not ask for a better meal replacement.

Bethany Coleman
Tastes Great

It contains many of the green ingredients that my doctor is always nudging me to eat. I am a big carb eater and when I get stressed out, I run for the carbs! So, to have a meal replacement shake that tastes good, will make my doctor happy and helps me stay away from carbs _ that is a good deal. Thank you, Oxyfresh!

Susan Sokoff
Losing Those Extra Pounds

They say the last 10-15 pounds are the hardest to lose. Boy, can I relate! For years I have exercised daily and watched what I eat, and yet I still couldn't get the few extra pounds off... until I was introduced to Life Shotz and Vibe! Within the first two weeks of taking the products, I lost 6.5 pounds! My colleagues at work keep asking me what I'm doing to look so healthy. They are telling me, Wow, you look great Lisa! These changes have boosted my confidence and just make me feel amazing. Even my children started making a shake each morning and have trimmed down and love how they are feeling.

Lisa Teramo Sumrall
Super Happy

For me, I believe I am getting tons of great energy from the chocolate protein shake, even though the Life Shotz sticks are meant for that. Both products, however, make me feel 'super happy,' in a very good and natural-feeling way! I am loving it! I love Life Shotz products and you will too!;) Give them a try!

Jeanine Lano
No More Naps

I don't need to take a lunch-time nap anymore after getting up at 4am to work out with friends! I have steady energy all day and I'm sleeping better!

Danika Curlee
Huge Improvement

I am 60 years old and have not misplaced my car, my keys or my phone since I've been taking Mind! Huge improvement with my memory! Thank you for Mind!

Susan Szabo
More Focused in Class

Now that I take Mind, I focus more in class, and I notice that I understand more of the concepts we are learning. When I wasn't taking Mind, I was getting lower B's and only a few A's, but on my latest progress report, I got all A's. Malaea - 10 years old

Malaea Lewis
Kick Starts My Day

I am a 65-year old grandmother with an intolerance to gluten. My day starts off with a Chiseled Chocolate Vibe shake for breakfast. Thank goodness for this shake! It gets me kick started every day! I feel great and have found improved energy. I am currently wearing dental braces and on the day I see the orthodontist and the day after seeing him my shake saves me because my mouth is too sore to eat solid food.

Linda Mclain
I've Lost 26 Pounds

I have used Life Shotz and Vibe every day for 1 month. I have currently lost 26 pounds. Everyone is noticing the change in my appearance and my mood. It has been an amazing change in my life and overall happiness. I am fueled by Life Shotz.

Chris Culley
My Skin is Clear

I've been a Oxyfresh lover since Decenber of 2015. But the probiotics in the Vibe rocked my world!! I've been battling stomach issues for years. My unhealthy gut led to all your typical problems but most recently I've struggled with horrible acne. After one week of using the new Vibe I became a happy pooper...(can I say that?! and )) and my acne started to clear!!! And now, a few weeks later, my skin is completely clear!! Vibe is my miracle!!

Kristin Adrain
True Believers

I work in a factory that is open 24 hours 7 days a week so some weeks I work days and some weeks I work nights. At only 27 years old between working crazy hours (sometimes 84 hours a week) and having 2 kids, a wonderful wife, bills, friend's... I get worn out, stressed out, and burnt out! I stumbled upon Life Shotz and the 2nd day my wife said she slept like a baby which she never does. By day 5, I have not felt this good in years! We are true believers in Life Shotz.

Mike Kubiak
Natural Energy

I was never really into nutrition all that much until recently. However I noticed, immediately, the difference in my mood and my body the very first time I drank a Life Shot. I would usually wake up groggy, still half-asleep while I would change my son's diaper like a zombie. Now, I *look forward* to getting up each morning! I feel alive and rejuvenated, and I don't need a coffee in the middle of the day anymore for a pick me up! With Life Shotz, I have sustained NATURAL energy all day long, without ingesting any of the nasty, artificial stimulants from the energy drinks that you find at the gas stations. I can rest easy knowing that I am getting energized AND feeding my body the nutrition it needs. And now, I can easily wake up at the crack of dawn, play with my son effortlessly, and live life to the fullest each day!

Zach Cutler-Orrey
Vibe Is Awesome!

I’ve been using vibe for almost a year. I love getting so much nutrition through an awesome tasting shake! Great addition to my nutrition!

Martina Ahuna - Waipahu, HI / Customer since 2016
Takes Effect So Quickly

After the first dose of Mind I noticed a change immediately. I felt more alert and focused. I was skeptical to believe it would take effect so quickly, but it absolutely did. I then signed up for the 10 day reset and loved it even more. Was sleeping through the night and actually waking up refreshed. I am so excited to share my results with friends and co-workers so they can reap the benefits of the products as well.

Hilary Connolly
More Alert

I am more alert than I was before taking Life Shotz.

Brett McAndrews
I Can't Stop Telling Others

I am on my second box now and I love the fact that I can drink' my vitamins instead of having to choke down a whole handful, which I never seemed to make it through. I have already gave a few boxes that I purchased to friends who are hoping to see the same results that I have in this short time!

Inez Simoes
Goes With Me Everywhere

I am what my children say A Moving Person. Calling on accounts, meetings and single parenting of two doesn't leave much time for a leisurely lunch. I needed something mobile and able to go with me any where and available any time. I FOUND IT!!! I carry Vibe and my wonderful blender bottle and a bottles of water and can have a healthy meal instead of fast food or skipped meals. I have more energy, feel better and able to keep moving;)

Bridget Stevens
Completely Sold

I am the general manager and head professional of a golf course and that can mean a lot of early mornings and late nights, especially during tournament season. Tournament days can easily be 14-15 hour days and having the focus and energy that I got from Life Shotz was a tremendous help. I was usually completely drained and dreaded waking up, but with Life Shotz I was able to wake up easier with the better sleep I got. I can not say enough about this stuff and am completely sold on it's effects.

David Burt
Packed With Minerals and Tastes Great

I use the vibe shakes as my post workout or breakfast meal when I'm pressed for time. The protein is plant based which is great for me since I'm lactose intolerant and I don't feel bloated afterwards. Its packed with minerals and tastes great, so I get my daily fill of chocolate without the guilt of eating junk food that will sabotage my fitness progress! I feel more motivated to stay on track with my exercise routine with Vibe Because I look and feel great.

Saby Selph
Vibe Has Changed My Life

I immediately noticed that after having my morning Vibe the sugar cravings had gone away. I don't get hungry until late in the afternoon. After only 3 weeks, I am down 10 pounds and I already feel so much better! This stuff is the real deal!

Michelle Rankin
I'm Always On The Go

Being a mom and wife who works outside the home full time and is building a home-based business, I am always on the go. There were times that I had to stay up late just to get things done. Life Shotz has given me sustained energy and improved my mental clarity. As a result, I am able to get things done quicker and stay more focused, thanks to this awesome product. I haven't felt like I'm dragging since I started taking it daily!

Brenda Prickette
24 Pounds Lighter

I knew LifeShotz and Vibe was for me as soon as I tried it after my first day. I shared my 5 pack with my husband so I had to wait for my Brand Rep Enrollment Kit to arrive. I ordered my Launch Kit 3 days later. I was all in! I started my business on purpose April 14 at 299 pounds and on May 22 I am 275 pounds (24 pounds lighter). I went from being ashamed of my weight and depression to hope and excitement talking about my weight waking before my alarm clock. I know Awesome Awaits! Can not wait to see our results a month and a year from now. Excited to have something so valuable to share with the world.

Dawn Perez
Focused Energy

Life Shotz brings me a calm, focused energy that I have not felt in years. You gotta try it and see for yourself.

Phil Knall
Quick Healthy Meal

Working non-stop, my energy was failing. One day, I literally had to stop working because I was so tired. I was trying to focus on eating healthy but it was not working for me. I remembered that I had some VIBE from a friend and mixed it up. After a week, my energy and mood was back to normal. I am so grateful for the quick, healthy meal that VIBE delivers.

stacy paradis
It's Amazing

In the afternoon I don't feel wiped out anymore. It's amazing. The more I realize what it does for the body, the more I've been talking to people about it. Thanks for a great product and company.

Rob Knoles
Works Wonders

This product works wonders. I'm not as tired during the day and I am more motivated in going to the Gym everyday. I use to lay in bed for a hour before falling asleep now I fall asleep in 5 minutes and wake up well rested.

Jennifer Glover
Perfect Training Companion

On my first day of taking Life Shotz I felt much more relaxed and upbeat. Taking it consistently keeps my mood and energy level elevated. And my wife, who is sensitive to anything with the slightest amount of caffeine, is able to take it without any negative effects. I plan on being on a $100 Auto Order next month.

Peter Hernberg
Best Nutrition Available

I absolutely love the Oxyfresh products, as my favorites are Life Shotz and Vibe. On the Program, I lost 5 pounds and felt so refreshed and energized over the whole course of the program. It was such a well-rounded program, and I loved every day of it. In a general sense, since using the products back in November 2015, I have lost a total of 25 pounds, feel more natural energy than I have ever felt in my life, am in a better mood and happy on a daily basis, and I have been sleeping better as well. I absolutely love incorporating the Oxyfresh products in to my life every day. Thank you for creating the absolute best in Nutrition which anyone can benefit from!!!

David Racenstein
Changed My Life

Life Shotz has truly changed my life! As a personal trainer I start my day very early and normally need to take a power nap around 1;00 or 2;00 on my break every day. NOT ANYMORE!! Life Shotz helps me zip through my day and allows me to give even more energy to my clients! Colleen Riddle, Owner Elite Physique Personal Training, LLC and Creator of New Mommy Makeover DVDs

Colleen Riddle
Just Feel Better

I've been taking this for the past four days and I noticed lots of energy the first day. The last two nights I slept so well and so soundly and it's been at least five years since I've slept that well. I feel so much better.

Nora Torres
I Love The Taste

Life Shotz has given me an extra gear of energy when I go to the gym, and it allows me to wake up refreshed and ready to go every day! I love the taste. It makes me feel better just knowing all the goodness I am taking in with each sip.

Robert Langley
Just Feel Good

As soon as I take Life Shotz, I notice the pick me up right away. I always feel good throughout the rest of the day, too. I can definitely tell a difference between the days that I take it and the days that I don't.

Mark Ratfelders
More Alert and on Top of My Game

I work in a Level 1 trauma center as a ARDMS Registered Sonographer. Our hospital is the hub for other hospitals around us. We get trauma cases and the very sick, so I need to be at my very best. I like how I feel more alert and centered to stay on top of my game. I noticed a difference within 5 days after taking Mind. My wife and I love to travel, usually by car. We had been driving for five hours heading towards Louisville, KY on an 8 lane interstate. I took my mind that morning as I do every morning. The truck directly in front of us was changing lanes and hit several cars in the lane next to us, then rolled over on its top and began to spin back into our lane. I was alert and able to slow down in time to stop within 30 feet of the overturned truck. I believe if I had not taken my mind that morning, I would not have been focused enough and Teri and I could have been fatalities on that Interstate highway.

Eugene Backlund
Love My Oxy!

I dont go a day without Vibe, Life Shots, Motion and Mind! They are game changing!

Susan Szabo - Kailua, HI / Customer since 2015
Life Shotz is fantabulous!

I have been using Life Shotz for over a year now. I haven't stopped for any length of time besides maybe a day or two once in a while. The product is so easy to use and pack with me whether I am on the trail or at home. The best feeling I get from life Shotz is my level of energy remains the same throughout the day. I don't have the ups and downs or roller coaster experience anymore. I think it is a great product and I'm not sure what I would do without it in my life.

Will Vannice
This product is phenomenal!

I have more mobility since starting MOTION in a mere 30 days. I keep it on my nightstand so that I remember to take it on an empty stomach. I am back to my Pilates Routine as I am feeling great! The Nutritional Program of Oxyfresh works well for me at my 73 years of life to keep me YOUNG, mentally sharp and vibrant. Thank you Oxyfresh for IMPROVING my quality of life!

Olivia Powell
Just Shake and Go

Thanks to VIBE, gone are the days of skipping meals and hearing Mom, I'm just not a breakfast eater. Now in the morning, I hear the Vitamix with my son creating his VIBE Smoothie that he calls Hawaiian Delight!. I call my VIBE an easy breakfast as I shake and go. Best of all, VIBE has made wellness familiar to our family and we feel great!

Carrie Thomas
User for Life

I was constantly feeling tired, and after only 3 days, I felt an increase in my energy levels and just felt happier. I also noticed I was not craving sweets, like I normally do. This is an awesome product and I will be a user for life! I will be recommending this to all my friends and family.

Georgia Bedsted
Improved Wellbeing and Quality of Life

After being introduced to Life Shotz by Tony Dawson, I found my on-court stamina to be markedly enhanced after five daily doses. My wife then took over my remaining packets, as she had been suffering for months with easy fatigue, low energy, and sleepiness ... her results were quite remarkable, with improved alertness and energy after 5 or 6 doses. Her improved well-being and quality of life is by far the most compelling story for me, I will update over the next few months.

Hugh Burris
Keeping My Body In Shape

I am an over-the-road truck driver. It is very difficult to get proper nutrition out on the road. Vibe is an excellent meal replacement that is easy to use and gives me the nutritional elements I need to keep my body in good shape.

Richard Dove
It's Contagious

We couldn't help telling people how much we loved the way Life Shotz made us feel.

Colleen & John Riddle
I Just Feel Better

Life Shotz is amazing! I feel better. I have more energy. I experience an uplifted mood. I really like feeling like this!

Anne Duffy
New Attitude

I just wanted to share something real quick. My husband started taking Life Shotz after hearing my comments and remarks for two weeks. I think he just got tired of hearing me say, you know what I've noticed,' and then I would fill in the blank with yet another something that has changed (for the better) since taking my Life Shotz. Well, hubby and I work together in the same office, and one of the young ladies and he were having a conversation. I overheard through the walls; You know, I think that little powder thingy you have been taking is really working,' she said. Oh, why?' he said. Well,' she said, you haven't been so, well, grumpy, in the mornings. It's like, well, like your attitude has really improved.' All I could do was smile, because it's the truth. He has been happier in the mornings! I can't wait to continue to share with others how to create new attitudes!

Kim Steadman
I Absolutely Love It

This is the most delicious and refreshing health drink I've ever tasted! I stay alert and energetic for hours after just one glass. I absolutely love the sustained energy and mental clarity that lasts throughout the day.

Melody King
I lost 23 Pounds

I had tried so many different ways to lose weight tried several different products. Not until I was introduced to Oxyfresh chocolate Vibe did I start to lose weight. I replaced one meal a day usually breakfast with this incredible protein healthy Shake. Within the first week I noticed clothes were looser and bloating was less. In three months time I lost 23 pounds!!!! I feel so much better about myself. What was amazing is the taste of Vibe is scrumptious!!

Sally Kellett
Amazing Attitude

Having three kids under the age of 7, I would always find myself complaining about how tired I am, and not having the energy for extra activities with my kids. After seven days of starting Life Shotz I had remarkable results amazing energy and uplifting attitude. My kids will tell you what Life Shotz has done for me !!

Sally Hamad
Changed My Life

I've been taking Life Shotz for almost a year now and for the first time in my life I've gone a full year without getting sick. I work a full time and a part time job as well as two businesses so I'm pretty much on the run. Before Life Shotz, it was one job and home to bed. It has changed my life!

Debra McCann
Peace of Mind

As a full time dental hygienist and busy mom, I love being able to grab my VIBE as my son and I run out the door. It gives me great peace of mind knowing that we are getting a complete nutritious meal, rather than grabbing for a quick unhealthy choice.

Melissa Ige
Just Feel Better

I realized I no longer needed my afternoon nap. I began sleeping through the night, something that hadn't happened in many years. What was even more enjoyable was the sustained energy level through the day. And, I just feel better overall.

Andi Rausch
Hooked Immediately

I've always taken daily vitamins but was very pleasantly surprised by the 3 day awakening that Life Shotz provided my body. I felt more focused and energetic and was hooked immediately. I was also excited to add Vibe to my family's daily routine! There's no substitute for feeling great and I'm grateful for an all natural, GMO-free way to do that! Thank you Life Shotz!

Kathy Medeiros
Great Shaker Bottle

These shaker bottles (I own 7 between home and office) do an amazing job of blending the dry Vibe shake with water. Best shaker bottle ever!

Ann - Houston, TX / Customer since 2015
Keeping My Mind Sharp

If I miss a day, it's noticeable. With Mind, many of my friends and family have noticed that I now have a Great memory!! as well as improved focus. Before Mind, I would lose my keys and other things left and right (Way too young for that to be happening) but now I have a new normal. I'm so happy that I have something that will keep my mind sharp as I age!

Zach Cutler-Orrey
Incredible Focus and Drive

I have tested other products and taking Mind with my meal. Gave me incredible focus and drive on my day to day goals. Work, business and health. What a great life time investment.

Jonathan Balgame
More Productive

Before I started using Mind (about 1 year now) I had problems concentrating on my work and would get easily distracted. Since I've used Mind daily I have such amazing focus and much more productivity throughout the day!!

Martina Ahuna
Feel So Much Better

I am a 73-year-old farmer, and my days are long and exhausting. My daughter brought Life Shotz to me and I was not convinced, until I tried it and experienced that extra boost of energy. I feel much better with my life all-around. Life Shotz for life!!!

Richard Orisio
Clear Mind

Pawpaw just got home and he said this afternoon he felt so incredibly alert that it was scary. LOL. And he sat down in his easy chair, and normally he would fall asleep, but today he said, 'Honey, my mind is still so clear and alert.' Can Life Shotz be that awesome? Incredible.

Kim Steadman
Feel Amazing Every Day

On the third day, I woke up before my alarm went off ... and it has been that way ever since I began my daily use of Life Shotz. I have noticed more mental clarity and focus' ... and I feel amazing each and every day!

Ray Hill
I've Lost 13 Pounds!

I felt the results of Life Shotz almost immediately. I sleep so much better, and I don't need the mid-day cat nap. After one month of taking Vibe once a day, I lost 13 pounds. I'm excited about, after 19 years, getting back down to a size 8 again.

Isabel Acosta
Just Amazing

For about a year or so prior to trying Life Shotz I had been feeling really lethargic and moody...mostly bad. I was very aware of how to eat clean but found my cravings didnt allow me to eat the way I wanted and knew I should and I just felt icky most day. Now I feel amazing.

Amy Zabel
No Cravings and More Energy

After just one day I noticed that I'm not experiencing dizziness like I was before. I also feel more energy and am not craving sweets. I can't wait to see what other benefits I will see in the days and weeks to come!

Leslie Kelley
I Love Mind

Having so many tasks as a mom of 3 I found myself more forgetful ,my short term memory was not as good as it used to be, after taking MIND for 5 days I felt that crystal clear state of mind that I never thought I would get back . I love MIND !!

Sally Hamad
I'm Not Craving Sweets

Have you ever had a yummy, healthy meal and felt so good physically and mentally after you ate? That's what Vibe does for me. It gives me fantastic energy...not the jittery kind...the WOW!!!...I'm awake and can tackle the day kind. Not to mention...I have dropped a size in one month because I'm not craving sweets like I use to. My mid day coffee and sweet habit is gone...the money I use to spend on that bad habit is now used for Vibe. I almost didn't try really?...what about the cost?...the taste? way it's that good...but dang if it is. So grateful I gave it a try.

Lori Strassner-Jones
Makes a Difference

I have used Life Shotz for just one week and notice a little more energy, and it's a nice calm, even flow of energy. I have already cut out two of my daily sodas and I'm drinking more water. I know it's going to make a good difference.

Jennifer Reedy
Awesome Program

Before starting, I was run down, tired all the time, and barely able to give my toddler the attention she needed. I immediately felt more energy the first day after starting my Reset. After a few days, I noticed I wasn't even finishing my morning coffee, and stopped feeling the need to binge-eat at night. I looked forward to starting my day with my Vibe shake, and was able to do a full day at work and come home to my daughter with more energy than before. My mood was lifted and I even noticed that the back pain I'd been experiencing for over a year from a workout injury just miraculously went away, probably because I was sleeping better and finally getting the nutrients I needed to heal. Overall I can easily say that the products have changed my life for the better, and I can't wait to share them with my clients and friends!

Gretchen Popp
Improved My Life

About 3 months ago my girlfriend was introduced to a new product called Life Shotz. As she is very educated and aware of health and nutrition, she very quickly recognized the benefits of this product. I am so happy that she in turn introduced me to Life Shotz. The last 12 weeks have been nothing short of fantastic in improving my life. I have lost 30 pounds and cut almost 4 inches from my waistline. All this came in spite of a work schedule that has me traveling from week to week and constant shift changes, which leaves minimal time for exercise. I am feeling much better physically with the weight loss and have noticed a significant increase in energy from the vitamins. The other noticeable changes are my overall mood is better, my skin is healthier, and my ability to work through my day without feeling tired by the afternoon is truly amazing. The simplicity of this product, the ability to easily transport it, and the overall benefits have given me the ability to live happier and healthier in every way. I'm hoping to share my story with as many people as possible so they too can take advantage of this amazing product.

Mark Banaszak
Just Incredible

I own a Heating and Cooling company. Long days, high stress, very physically demanding. These products are Incredible, While I was working these long days at about 2pm I'd hit a brick wall where I would run out of energy and want to take a nap. I'd drink coffee and energy drinks with no luck in getting the energy I needed to finish my day. Approximately 5 days into taking these products I felt fantastic. No crash no brick wall no nap, Just continual and constant energy all day. They give me some key nutrients I've obviously been missing in my current diet. I have been taking them for several months and have not had my 2pm crash since.

Travis Sachse
My Life Demands Life Shotz

Life Shotz gives me the energy I need to stay one step ahead of my six energetic children and zesty wife. In addition to the energy boost, Life Shotz gives me the calmness and clarity I need to focus on everyday activities. My life demands Life Shotz!

Stephen Brocklehurst
Best addiction I could ever have.

Life Shotz is amazing!!! When I finally chose to try the Shotz I dove in with a months supply. I know it takes atleast a month to be able to feel the full benefits of anything you put into your body. Within 5 days I could already feel my energy levels and sleep patterns start to change. By the end of the month I was hooked. My skin was better, my hair was healthier, I was sleeping better, my energy and mental attitude had changed. Best addiction I could ever have. How could I not share this amazing feeling with family and friends.

Bethany Coleman
Trimming Down

Most everyone knows me as the human garbage machine. I love to eat! I even have a name for my stomach and her name is ""Ooma"". Anyway, after three days of drinking Vibe, I started noticing that I was not craving snacks or after dinner sweets. My choices in foods became healthier and because of this, my energy levels sky rocketed. Not only am I quicker on the tennis court, ""Ooma"" has trimmed down, and she no longer controls my love to consume globs of bad foods.

Mai Ichikawa Abel
I'm Sold On This Product

Only read if you need a good poopy story. As a pharmacist, parents ask me for over-the-counter recommendations to help with GI upset and relief. It is becoming more common to witness children with chronic constipation. My child also suffers from chronic constipation which has become a subject I deeply empathize with many parents. As a parent, I have personal reasons to use Vibe for my child. After making sure that it was safe for my 11 year old child, I gave him a shake every morning instead of medicine. In less than a week, he asked to stop drinking the shake because he was having diarrhea. With further investigation, it was actually healthy bowel movements that he had not experienced in a very long time. Now, he is feeling better. Needless to say, I am sold on this product. It has the nutritional and healthy benefits that meet my standards.

Gigi Zachry
Perfect For Elite Training

I'm an MMA fighter, and Life Shotz helps me get up and at it every morning. I train every day, twice a day. Before every morning practice I have to have my Life Shotz to raise my energy level and awareness. It keeps me in a better mood and keeps me motivated to get in the gym and get after it.

Sam Sicilia
Mind Helped My Daughter

My testimonial is on behalf of my 12 year old daughter. She has always struggled concentrating in school, her mind is always wandering and thinking of so many things. Math in particular has always been her worst subject, to the point at times we've both wanted to cry. I started giving her Mind in hopes that it would help her. After about a week I started to notice that she wasn't needing as much help with her homework and after 2 weeks we had her parent teacher conference where the teacher informed me that she had no concerns and that MATH was her BEST subject and not only that but she was getting an A!!!!!!! My mouth literally dropped because I felt like it must've been a mistake but it definitely wasn't. I asked my daughter what changed and she said that she just felt like she could concentrate more and wasn't distracted. Mind is now a regular in our home!

Lindsay Apple
Energy Without the Junk

I am so happy to have found a product that will give me a mid-day energy boost without caffeine, artificial sugars or other harmful ingredients.

Lauren Whitworth
Tons of Great Energy

For me, I believe I am getting tons of great energy from the chocolte protein shake, even though the Lifeshotz sticks are meant for that. Both products, however, make me feel 'super happy,' in a very good and natural-feeling way! I am loving it, and I was able to cut back on 1 and 2 my andti-depressant per day! I LOVE LIFESHOTZ PRODUCTS AND YOU WILL TOO!;) Give them a try!

Jeanine Lano
Better Nutrition and Saving Money

I was used to going to the gym's caf_ after my morning workouts and buying a protein shake. I started taking my shaker bottle with milk, ice and my Viva Vanilla Vibe. I love the convenience of just shaking up my breakfast. It is giving me the energy to help my muscles recover quickly after my swim or workout. Plus, I realize that I'm getting more nutrition and health for my body and I'm even saving money!

Tony McLain
Never Felt Better

I used to have to get monthly B-12 shots to help with my energy levels and keep me feeling healthy but since I started using Life Shotz I have been feeling alert, awake and ready to take on what ever life has in store. I've never felt better.

Sheri Ptolemy
Best Tasting & Quality Protein Shake.

I’ve tried them all (protein shakes) and none come even close in quality and taste! Keep it up!

Carol Cannon - Longwood, FL / Customer since 2013
Life is GREAT

You know how you drive your car everyday to work and errands? How many times do you think, This is so awesome, my life is so easy because I have a car to drive whenever I want! Honestly, you probably don't think about it very often. you TAKE IF FOR GRANTED! Well, I must admit that I have been guilty of that lately in not celebrating how GREAT I FEEL as a result of Life Shotz! I have been feeling amazing for so long now that I forgot how I felt BEFORE Life Shotz; Before LS there were days when I would nearly cry (this is true, not an embellishment) at 4 pm while walking to my car after work. I didn't know where I would find the energy for the rest of the day. During this walk I would fantasize about 9 pm because it was then that I could flop into bed. NOW, I run 5 miles every other day and exercise again in the evening. NOW, my eyes are wide open and looking for fun and opportunities. NOW, I get to feel happy and excited every day! NOW, I'm up and energized all day. No more slumps! I very rarely get sick!!! I'm glad that the low energy, sluggish days are barely a memory anymore. Yes, when I really take the time to think about it I FEEL TERRIFIC! HAPPY! AND EXCITED FOR MY ENTIRE DAY!

Annette Gingerich
Love Motion

I love what Motion does for my knees!

Jeri Berge - Key West, FL / Customer since 2017
Vibe Protein Shake and LifeShotz

Absolutely love these product, having been using for a number of years now and they help so much in recovery after a workout, hike, yardwork, tennis or even just as a meal replacement. And the taste is wonderful! Thanks for these great products!

Mary B - Austin, TX / Customer since 2014
Rocking Afternoon Meetings

No more afternoon doldrums! Love getting through afternoon meetings without getting drowsy!

Gayle Ollerstuen
I Need All The Energy

As a mother of five children ages five years and younger, I need all the energy I can get, the best sleep possible, a great attitude, and I can't afford to be sick. Life Shotz provides me with natural energy all day and well past the time my children are in bed! I wake in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to start my busy day! I feel better and have a healthier immune system. Life Shotz makes me a better mom! I certainly don't want to be without it!

Ruth Van Tuyle
No Lull

I drive a truck and I can't live without Life Shotz. There is a lull in my day if I run out.

Brad Toma
Mind Saved Mine

I have been using MIND since it was developed and since then, I have more clarity, fewer foggy moments (at age 76 you would expect at least some) and just earned a second Masters Degree in 2018. Without MIND, I would also be forgetting lots of important things. I am so grateful for the confidence I have in all the other Oxyfresh products I use as well. Thank you for the best of the best.

Olivia Powell- Lansdowne, PA / Customer since 2014
Tastes Like Cake Batter

Im a huge health and fitness freak and have been taking protein shakes for years. Vibe is hands down the best shake Ive had! It takes like cake batter, I was satisfied, and loved all the ingredients in it. I will not buy anything else....

Mike Kubiak
Can't Stop Smiling

For about a year or so prior to trying Life Shotz I had been feeling really lethargic and moody...mostly bad. I was very aware of how to eat clean but found my cravings didnt allow me to eat the way I wanted and knew I should and I just felt icky most days. I figured its just normal as I moved into my 40's. Day 1 of taking Life Shotz I began to feel a significant shift in my mood. I couldnt stop smiling and my negative self talk began to turn positive. My mood drastically improved and with the addition of LS Vibe so did my cravings. Overall I feel better and better able to go after my fitness goals.

Renee Hughes
Rocking My Tennis Tourneys

I notice tremendous results in the first few minutes. With the two-week trial supply you had graciously offered to me, more than got me through a very extraneous week of work, bodybuilding, and tennis tournaments. I would highly recommend Life Shotz to anyone.

Eugene Andrews
For The Chocolate Lover

Vibe Shake is awesome! Especially if you are a chocolate lover! I have another brand of shake every morning, but it doesn't taste like this - and I am usually hungry within an hour! This is thick with just water - I won't be adding any more calories to this one!

Patty Nelson
Endurance for Workouts

For the last two months I have been using two shakes a day and one or two Life Shotz depending on my energy needs that particular day. For the last month I have noticed increased strength and endurance during my workouts. I have increased the weight I've been using from 7.5 to 12 pounds for the standing rows and from 10 to 15 pounds for the floor press. Also, in the last few weeks, my Pilates workouts have progressed to more advanced moves.My gym coach, who has known me and worked with me for the last eight years, told me today he thinks it's the Life Shotz and Vibe! I am amazed at how strong and confident I feel physically and how focused my mind is. Not bad for an old lady of 66!

Polly Altizer
Increased Stamina

The increased stamina has helped me make better eating choices. Basic rule on dietary control is don't shop for food when you are tired. The increased stamina and endurance helps you make the proper lifestyle choices. The rational mind has no control over the disempowered body.

Don Abel
Living Life

I am a 63 year old male who decided to make some changes in my life. I started working out with a personal trainer and hired a nutritionist. After losing 100 pounds, I was introduced to all of the Oxyfresh products. Within 6 weeks, I rode the Colorado Rockies on my bicycle. It was 409 miles with 30,000 ft elevation changes. Today I rode a 26 mile course in 1;29;03, which is a personal record. Oxyfresh products give me the ability to work a full day in the office, ride in the evening and achieve these successes. Next year I will be entering the senior olympics because My Oxyfresh!

Bill Onacki
Truly Amazing

I started taking MOTION to see if it would help with the extreme discomfort I've been having, for many months, with my back. In just 9 days, I woke up and felt good! This was truly amazing for me. I am so happy I believe i found something that is truly making a difference for me with the extreme discomfort I was having and stiffness. Feeling so grateful to Oxyfresh and MOTION!

Jeanine Fusco-Lano
Improved Mood

Without exception, everyone who has sampled has had a positive experience with Life Shotz, from improved clarity to mood enhancement to overcoming jet lag! Life Shotz delivers on all promises! I travel extensively and I'm never without my Life Shotz! You shouldn't be either!

Mario Nu_ez
Better Sleep!

After only three days, I was no long only sleeping my usual 2-3 hours a night ... but 8 - 9 hours! Within another day at work, my coworkers brought to my attention that I was a morning person and I had not had my three cups of coffee! My caffeine addiction is done! By the end of the first week everyone was asking how and why I was so happy and energized, and how on earth was I not crashing by lunch time. They all wanted in! That is the tip of the iceberg on how this whole company has changed my life, and all of the products in it. I am a raving fan and Brand Rep for life!

Samantha Rick
Laser Focused

I've always had a ton of energy. My challenge was focusing that energy. Within 3 days of having Life Shotz in my body, I felt a tremendous difference in my ability to stay on task and complete projects with laser focus, all at ease. Thank you, Life Shotz, for improving my productivity!

Lisa Jimenez
Wow I Lost 15 Pounds

When Vibe first came out, I wasn't interested in shakes as meal replacements. I had tried that before, and it didn't go well. After hearing about the ingredients, I decided this would be a different experience. Wow! I lost 15 pounds over the next 9 months very slowly, but totally organically. I lost all my sugar cravings, carb cravings, and I no longer even wanted unhealthy foods. My energy is up, I weigh what I did when I got married 39 years ago, and I can't wait to have my super healthy shake meal every day!

Cindy Holt
All Around Great Product

The change in my mood was terrific! More energy, not waking up tired. Life Shotz is an all-around great product!

Staci Brazil
Fuel For The Day

Every morning I start my day with a Vibe Protein Shake and add Vitality to it. Not only is it comfort food, it is delicious, energizing and healthy! I’ve been a customer for 3 1/2 years.

Stevie Sorensen - Scottsdale, AZ / Customer since 2015
More Focused and Not Frazzled

I am constantly trying to balance a full time job as a Dental Hygienist, as well as the life of a busy 13 year old. I was struggling to keep order in my brain. Thanks to MIND, I find it much easier to prioritize my busy life and keep my wits about me. After 20 days, I found that I am more focused and clear about what I need to accomplish and never get frazzled anymore.

Melissa Ige
Great stuff

Love the Products and the free items I have received have been very much appreciated. Thank you

Ian Achterkirch - Houston, TX / Customer since 2016
Can’t Make It Through The Day Without My Lifeshotz!

The vitamins and antioxidants in Lifeshotz keep me energized throughout the day. No more hitting that 3 pm “energy wall”!

Polly Altizer - Virginia Beach, VA / Customer since 2014
No Longer Crave Sugar

I love Vibe! It tastes great and fills me up. I have a shake before I play tennis and I am so much faster on the court. My body feels great. I am on my second month of these products and I have lost 12 pounds, but more importantly, I no longer crave sugar. I actually prefer healthy snacks and veggies. Those flavors are amplified for me! So happy!

Diana Nokes
Wake up Feeling Good

My neighbors offered me an Intro Pack and I was skeptical to try it, but I decided it was worth a try. After all it was a free gift and I wasn't sleeping great. I started to notice a difference right away. I can go to bed at night and wake up feeling good in the morning! I haven't felt this good in years! I am very grateful.

Melissa Duerr
Helped Me Pay More Attention

At first, I didn't feel any change, but after the second day of taking it before going to work, I suddenly realized I had a slight change in my mood and my energy. Life Shotz has really helped me focus more at my workplace and in school, which has helped me pay more attention and pass the tests I would've normally found hard, had it not been for Life Shotz.

Michael McLaughlin
Good To Go All Day

Fully energized is how I feel after taking this powerful packet! I always felt the need for a power nap to make it through my daughter's evening activities, but now I am good to go all day, plus I get a lot more done!

Jane Coleman
More Energy

I was given the Lifeshotz by a friend of mine to use while I was doing all night mental health crisis shifts. I would work all day and then head to the local hospital to work all night assisting people who were having mental health crisis and need hospitalizations. I would be up all night doing assessments and making referrals to psychiatric in-patient hospitals and then when that shift ended I would report back to my regular daytime mental health job. The Lifeshotz enabled me to be able to focus, have energy to get through my day and still be respectful of my clients. I was grateful that I had them to help me be responsive to my clients and to meet their needs. I never got that afternoon crash like I would get when I would stay awake by eating and drinking caffeine. I can remember the first time I used it I kept waiting on the crash--IT NEVER CAME! Thank you Lifeshotz--I'M A BELIEVER!

Ginger Gardiner
Keep Wanting More

I enjoyed the taste of the product so much I wanted to drink more than one a day! The thing I noticed most was how I felt from 2pm on. The afternoon can be a struggle sometimes, but while I was taking Life Shotz, I felt more energetic in the afternoon than I usually do. I will drink Life Shotz on a regular basis.

David DeLano
Vanilla Vibe

It was great!

Becky Johnson - Coeur D'Alene, ID / Customer since 2018
Best Shake On The Market

Over the past 10 years I have tried every protein shake on the market. Hands down, the Vibe chocolate shake is the most satisfying. Blended with a banana and almond milk, this is a meal that is easy, nutritious, and filling. When I am consistent with my walks combined with one shake a day my weight drops. It's simple. And you can't buy a meal anywhere for this price. Healthy. Affordable. Delicious. It's a win, win, win! Buy it. Try it. You won't be disappointed.

jessica stepleton
High School Football Players

I am 16 years and currently play football for First Colonial High School. I was given the opportunity to try Life Shotz, so I went ahead and tried it. At first I wasn't so sure about it but my thoughts quickly changed after my fourth day when I could feel improved energy levels. That energy gave me the ability to get an extra rep on each exercise. I like the fact that I do not have to worry if I am getting my daily dose of vitamins because Life Shotz has that covered.

Ty Beatty
Keeps Me Motivated and Focused

I really enjoy Life Shotz and the feeling it gives me to stay motivated and focused. Life Shotz keeps me going throughout my day.

Gloria Orisio
More Energy No Jitters

I have more energy, without jitters. I also feel more focused. And my sleep is more restful.

Charles Gates
Best Sleep Ever

I have always been a good sleeper. However, after being on Life Shotz for about a month, I realized that not only did I have more energy, but I wake up having had the best sleep ever!

Melissa Ige
Finally Healthy And Happy

It took a few weeks for me to feel the difference, but when I did, I realized what a difference Life Shotz had made in my life. I mean, I really can't even convey to you how amazing I feel. For the first time in my life, I feel healthy and happy, and it shows!! Not to mention that when I received my first commission on my debit card, I was finally able to order INSANITY, which is an intense workout program that I can't wait to start. Thank you, Life Shotz, for the new me!

Alison Lucio
Life Shotz Rocks!

I have to admit that I was a bit moody... on a regular basisÄ NO MORE! I feel awesome! And my husband and I both appreciate MY new mood!

Susan Szabo
More Vitality

I have been taking Life Shotz since February of last year, and I continue to have more endurance, stamina and energy. I just had an annual checkup with my doctor of over seven years and he said I look the best he has ever seen me. My daughter noticed I have more vitality, that I am more bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Barbara Myers
Not Craving Sweets

Saw results in my cravings very quickly, no longer craved sweets and carbs and the shake gave me a satisfying feeling for many hours. I know find that when I miss a day you can tell the difference. It is a wonderful product.

Marna Ringel
Natural Energy

Life Shotz is really good! It is way better than energy drinks, gives you natural energy, and doesn't make you crash.

Dominick Steen
Life Changing

Life Shotz was Life Changing for me! I got me back, and so did my family!;) No joke, very shortly after drinking (the very same day) I felt like a new person - the best I had felt in a long time! Not only did my mood totally shift to an awesome one, I went for a long walk - something I had been avoiding for months because I had such low energy, and was not in the mood. I no longer felt the dire need to take a nap by mid-afternoon. Now, I have been walking at least 5 days a week for the last 3.5 years! The best part _ I always dreamed someone would invent a vitamin I could drink and Life Shotz was it, and it tastes great too!

Jeanine Fusco-Lano
Awesome Immunne System

I only had about five hours of sleep each night for the last couple nights because of a sick child and busy schedule. I normally sleep 7.5 to 8 hours a night. On top of that, I caught a cold from my son. To my surprise, I felt pretty decent. The cold symptoms are very minimal _ NO classic symptoms that I used to have. I can't even say that I have a sore throat and just a very minor indicator that I caught little 'something.' I am so glad that I have been taking my Life Shotz daily!

Brenda Prickette
No Jet Lag

Last summer my husband and I flew to Europe for a two week vacation. I was looking forward to the trip but dreading the 2 (or more) day jet lag recovery time. I had heard Lisa Jimenez talk about how Life Shotz helped her with her jet lag so I decided to give it a try. I mixed up a stick of Life Shotz just before we landed and drank it down. I have never had an easier and faster recovery from jet lag. After a good night's sleep, I was ready to go. Before it had taken me at least two days to feel myself again. Thank you Life Shotz!!

Polly Altizer
Vibe Shake


Ellaina Semifero - Mobile, AL / Customer since 2016
Boost of Energy

Wow, what a difference a shot of Life Shotz can make in a day. Whenever I feel like I need a boost of energy or I feel a little under the weather, I take a Life Shotz and BAM...I feel much better!

Debbie Thomas
Good Stuff

I have used a couple of the packets. Good stuff. My wife had a migraine Saturday. I mixed her up one of the packets and called it my secret elixir. She was skeptical at first. Later in the day she felt better and she thinks the Vitality helped.

Anthony Hammock - Springfield, MO / Customer since 2015
Amazing Product!

It helps me feel so energized for the day. Which really helps in the winter time. I've been using Vitality for 5 years and I definitely notice a difference when I forget to take it. Best product out there!

Kenna Smoot - Coeur d'Alene, ID / Customer since 2013
Can't Imagine LIFE Without It

As a Medical Assistant I get pulled in many different directions all day. Patients, coworkers, and physicians need my undivided attention. This can be very trying on the nerves, my mood, and my energy level. Since I have been using Life Shotz, I have noticed a significant change in my mood and energy. I can't imagine LIFE without it now.

Hilary Connolly
Thank You

I've been drinking Life Shotz for 1 _ years and feeling happy and full of energy is my new normal. I recently left my house early forgetting to bring my Life Shotz..I was DRAGGING and felt LETHARGIC all day!!! The first thing I did when I got home was pour myself a Life Shotz and as funny as it sounds I immediately felt great and envisioned my body saying..THANK YOU!!!! That will NEVER happen again as I now keep a few sticks in the console of my car.

Lisa Jadis
It Worked Right Away

I gave it to a chiropractor friend and he said the same thing. I was in a seminar and traveling and noticed a difference right away. I have more energy. Moods are good and I sleep better.

Richard Barnett
Everyday For Me

I feel great and am happy to say, Life Shotz is, and always will be, a part of my life!

Colby Rust
Staying Focused

My whole life, I have struggled with hyper activity and a little obsessive compulsive thrown in for good measure.As a child, I struggled to understand why I couldn't concentrate, retain information, or even keep up with the other kids in school. All in all, I felt stupid, slow and alienated. Fast forward 25 years, I'm 38 years old and now taking an all natural product called MIND. I can stay focused, retain information, retrieve information and multitask all while being truly present in whatever task I'm working on. Imagine an all natural way to allow you mind to work the way it should!

James Chapman
I Feel So Great

I noticed my good mood and stamina the first day. I had more than enough energy to accomplish my goals without needing any 'rest breaks.' After several days, I realized that I was not experiencing the headaches I would get on a daily basis. I feel so great, that when I realized on my way to work one day that I left my Life Shotz at home, I turned around and went back for it! No way did I want to spend a day without Life Shotz!

Jeanine Morgan
No More Missing Life Shotz

Well, I had been off Life Shotz for about a week and couldn't believe how frustrated and draggy I felt. Then I went back on Life Shotz, and it was as if a light switch flipped in my body! I was up early, working, gardening, going for a run and just a lot more fun to live with! I won't be missing any more days!

Carolyn Jones
Love it

I have been looking for a supplements that will energize my body for my daily activities, not quite long I found Life Shotz formula and it has started making me proud. Life Shotz has boosted my health and renewed my body since I have been using it. Life Shotz definition fulfills each of these criteria in an advantageous single-serving bundle that you can tackle the go. This is a product I will recommend to my friends and people around me. Well done job.

joy john
Truly Forever Grateful

From my very first lifeshotz 3 years ago when I use to bartend, I felt it instantly. The energy it gave me when I felt I had no more drive to finish my shift at work. But it helped push me through. Here it is 3 years later. I opened my own house keeping business and about to turn 40. Lifeshotz didn't only help me stay ahead of my game it helped me lose 75 lbs and keep it off. I owe my health to this beautiful product. My skin is beautiful, my nails stronger than ever. And I have the energy to keep up with my very active 13 year old son in football and my 15 year old daughter in softball. Thank you for helping this family build. Truly forever grateful.

Kate McGuire
Lost 12 Pounds

I won't go a day without it! Life Shotz is awesome stuff. I've lost about 12 lbs in 3 weeks. I have loads of energy at the gym and I'm lifting more weight than I have in years and still have energy after.

Lyle Ver Mulm
Perfect for My Daughter

I am so excited for my 14 year old daughter Grace!! She just started playing volleyball last year and she was a bit uncoordinated since she grew so fast. She started taking mind, life shotz, and vibe this year when she really amped up her training! She takes Mind and Life Shotz at lunch and it pushes her through the end of her school day and into her workouts! And then mixes her vibe with coconut water for an awesome recovery drink after work outs and volleyball training! She has had so many gains this year in her mental capability to get her body to do what her trainers and coaches ask of her, her ability to push through complete training and practices with an amazing amount of energy, and recovers so quickly! She's sleeping so well and wakes up in a positive mood ready to hit it again!! Not to mention she hasn't missed a day of school or training because she is staying so healthy with this amazing fuel for her body!! We know that Oxyfresh products are making the difference!! Thanks so much Colleen for pushing me to put her on them! Money so well spent!!

Susan Bradley
My Skin is Glowing and I Feel Better

The first time I used Life Shotz I felt an immediate boost in my energy and focus, and I was a high-energy type to begin with! I now feel better, longer, in mood and energy level each day, and am more productive. My skin is glowing, my nails look great and my hair grows like crazy! I am having more fun and getting more done!

Michelle Shriver
Changed My Life

Some amazing products!!! They have changed my life . I feel amazing the level of energy clarity and just feeling great all together . Excited to share my results with all my loved ones.

Sally Hamad
Better Energy and Mood

Great. I love it. I have more energy and my mood has improved. I can't wait until I have been taking Life Shotz for months!

Kelly Smith
Starting Off Right

I have been skipping breakfast for too many years. Now my morning Vibe shake starts me off on the right healthy foot. Also for the days I would have my breakfast at a local restaurant I am no longer paying for those meals... Saving tons of Money!!! Thank You Oxyfresh!

Gary Jones
No Afternoon Drag

After taking LifeShotz for around five days, I was able to completely get off coffee, no afternoon drag or headaches... and am finally getting restful sleep - no restless leg! As well, when taking LifeShotz on a continual basis I NEVER get sick like the world around me!

Stewart Giffin
What A Difference

Besides being excited about getting back on Vibe and LifeShotz, I figured I would give Mind a try. Boy, am I glad I did. Within 3 days, I can't really describe the clarity and alertness and focus that I was experiencing. Also, I found that I was not tiring at 8 PM like I was before, but I was alert and reading until 10 PM. What a difference...Oxyfresh!

Neil Rubenstein
Better Memory

I've always been a voracious reader, but in the past few years I was having trouble remembering what I read, especially non-fiction. Thanks to Mind, I'm able to remember more of what I read and apply it to my life. This has brought the joy of reading back to me and I'm so appreciative of this product!

Cindy Holt
Feeling Young

Amazing, like I'm 17 again!

Zach Wirchak
Feel Happier!

I was introduced to Lifeshotz and Vibe from my Chiropractor. My life drastically changed 16 years ago when I survived a Brain Bleed. my Daughter was 10 months old at the time and I was not able to care for her. Took me 2 years to adjust living with a brain injury. I am very limited to exercise because of dizziness and lack of balance. Thankfully, my chiropractor, Dr. Thill gifted me a bad of Vibe and Lifeshotz. My quality of life has increased because I have more energy, I have lost 15 pounds, I feel happier and this all happened because of this amazing product.

Dale lenney
Flipping The Switch

I had never used, let alone tasted, a meal replacement shake before VIBE. I couldn't imagine drinking a shake for a meal and that it would actually keep me full. Well, I was pleasantly surprised that not only did it taste great, but it kept me satisfied longer than most anything else I was eating. And because I'm really active, I am always hungry and am always eating, it seems. For me, it's the perfect meal when I'm in a hurry, and a lot of times, it also doubles as workout recovery for me! I love that it helps replenish nutrients that I lost during a workout. Honestly, it's like flipping a switch from being completely wiped out after a hard workout to feeling like I can go about the rest of my day and get things done!

Shannon Lewis
Great Workout Recovery

I feel great! Life Shotz have really helped me recover after my workouts and stay focused through my long days at school. I am really glad I have been introduced to this product!

David Watts
Improved Creative Thinking

I am even feeling the mental benefits even more! My memory and creative thinking have greatly increased and now with the addition of the vision nutrients to MIND, I know that I'll never be a burden to my wife, Carole as I get into my 90's. Thank you, Oxyfresh.

Dee Ennis
Fueling My Body The Right Way

Vibe allows me to have the energy and complete meal that I need before races. It never gives me the uncomfortable full feeling before a race. It has all the right nutrition that I need to finish strong. I tried doing a run without Vibe, that was a big mistake! I will NEVER miss another shake again! Thank you Life Shotz for fueling my body in all the right ways!

Trisha Wilcox
Power Through Workouts

I feel great. I have more energy. Usually, by midday, I am looking for another cup of coffee or other boost of energy. After 5 days of taking Life Shotz, I can power through and be ready for the gym at 5;00.

Janel Luna
Curbed My Cravings

I've noticed that my Life Shotz gives me a steady amount of energy throughout the day. Not that crazy ZAP of energy followed by a downer _ just a nice and steady energy and clarity of mind. The energy combined with a noticeable change in dietary cravings, such as coffee and sodas, is making quite a difference in my life. In fact, I'm not an exercise person, but yesterday I actually had the sincere desire to DO SOMETHING and to want to do something different _ so my ZUMBA DVDs are in the mail!

Kim Steadman
Every Mom Needs This

I have my life back! As a mom of two toddlers, I was EXHAUSTED. Moms get things done while their kids nap and after they go to bed each night. Not me. It was all I could do each day to make it to their nap time so that I could take one, and I was going to bed each night shortly after them. I tried changes in diet, exercise, sleeping more or less. It didn't matter. Not anymore! By day 4, I had energy, felt better, and was staying up at night working like I used to. Life Shotz gives me natural energy that doesn't make me jittery or crash. I love it!

Liberty Williams
People Like Me

Life Shotz helps me sleep and gives me lasting energy throughout the day. People like me better, and I like them better, too!

Carolyn Jones
Amazing Products

Mind and LifeShotz are amazing products!! My sleep is so improved a lot! I couldn't believe that! I am so thrilled! My memory has ameliorated! Thank you Oxyfresh!

Robert Tawney
Skeptic Turned Believer

I was intrigued by Motion when it was first released, even though I'm a skeptic by nature. As an endurance athlete of 30 years, my body has taken a beating from years of competition and now recreational activities. As I got older, I worried about increasing mileage in my running, because I wasn't sure my knees could keep up. Thankfully, that hasn't been an issue, and Motion has allowed me to do what I love and do it at the level I want.

Shannon Lewis
More Energy

I have more energy during the day since taking Life Shotz, and I no longer need to take cat naps.

John Riddle
Get More Done

Every day I am more amazed at how much physical work I am getting done around our home. I just dug out the roots of a 30-year-old English Ivy plant using only a pick and shovel. These roots were very large and buried deep. Because of Life Shotz I had the energy and stamina to complete the job in one day. Not bad for a 64 year old.

Dee Ennis
No Longer Struggle to Wake Up at 5am!

I have been taking LifeShotz for the last 2 years and have never felt better. Not only does it give me energy to finish up a days work as a Dental Hygienist, but after taking it for a month, I realized that although I have always slept well, I am now getting a better quality of sleep. I no longer struggle to wake at 5am. I now bounce up at 4;45 am!

Melissa Ige
Great Products And Super Service!

My family and I have used all the nutritional products for almost 4 years. We love them and feel healthier because of them. The customer service team is excellent also!

Polly Altizer - Virginia Beach, VA / Customer since 2014
My New Normal

For as long as I can remember, EXTREME FATIGUE has always been an issue for me. I could not get through the day without an afternoon nap or a caffeinated beverage. It was such a nuisance, I even tried to find answers from my doctor to no avail. The first day I took Life Shotz, I knew I felt more pep in my step immediately! But the big WOW factor came for me when I had looked back on the previous days of drinking Life Shotz and I powered through my day without even thinking about slowing down. Not only that, I noticed that I was nicer to my kids and husband because I was in a much better mood. I love the new normal that Life Shotz has helped create in my life!

Becky Ford
What An Amazing Product

After 3 days I saw an increase in my energy and felt better overall. Life Shotz has shown me improvements in my daily life from the minute I wake up until I go to sleep at night. My focus has reached levels I could have never imagined possible. I can say without a doubt that I've never taken anything that has made me feel this good.

Brice Gallasso
Made An Immediate Impact On My Energy

I’ve been very unmotivated and lethargic for the last three months and that is NOT my nature. Networking Friends of mine did a very passionate presentation about Vitality at our networking group and gave each of us a sample. I noticed a difference in my energy level that very day, so I ordered a 30 day supply that night. I met with my passionate friend Dee Ennis, and he gave me enough samples to hold me over until my supply arrived. I have been feeling better and better every day. I now even have my husband taking it!

Karen Eastman - Las Vegas, NV / Customer since 2018
More Hours In The Day

Being a caretaker for not only my husband who has ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease, but also my soon to be 92-year-old father with multiple health issues, my day never had enough hours in it. I was trying to work my home-based business hours before either one of them would need help getting up for the day, and I worked until after midnight each night just to keep up with household chores and to make a living to cover expenses--all with my own health putting me into the hospital three times in the course of two years. Thanks to Life Shotz, not only do I have more hours in the day to get things done because I can actually get to sleep at night, but my health is also the best that it has been in probably close to 20 years, less 30+ pounds. Life is important to us, and thanks to Life Shotz, not only do I have the health I need to care for both my husband and my father, but I also have the energy to enjoy the extra time I have with them because my mind is clearer and things are more organized in our lives. For the opportunity we've been given to make a brighter future for ourselves, we will be forever grateful. So you could say, Life Shotz has been my lifesaver!!

Kathy Moore
Control Cravings

Your Viva Vanilla Vibe shake is my favorite. It has helped me control my cravings for sugar and provides a well balanced meal on the go!

Waylan Mclain
Perfect Energy for Moms

Lifeshotz is truly amazing. I had more energy to get threw the day with my 22 month old .

Jennifer Lanctot
My New Normal

For as long as I can remember, I have felt a lag in energy at the 3;00pm hour. I think that we, as busy people, think that is just the way we should feel, or we are so used to feeling that way, we think it is normal. Life Shotz totally alleviated that tiredness for me! Not only that, but I sleep better and just feel better and happier overall. Seriously the best product ever! I believe so much in this product and everything this company stands for, I share it with everyone I know!

Paula DeLano
Feeling Good

Helps me to look good and feel good about myself everyday!

Lisa Fusco Alecknavage
It Works Great

When I was in college, I knew that my job of stocking grocery store shelves would take a toll on my knees as I grew older. Fast forward to turning 60 and playing golf 3-4 times a week, I was introduced to MOTION. Before taking MOTION, I struggled at walking down the stairs in the morning. Now, my knees feel great! Thank you Oxyfresh for a great product!

Neal Doberman
Shed Those Unwanted Pounds

I LOVE Vibe! I have been hanging onto a 5-10 extra pounds for the last 4 years. I worked with a nutritionist and a personal trainer over those four years and, honestly, nothing made the scale move. Once I was introduced to Vibe, I thought, what can I lose? (haha, nothing but weight!). I started replacing my breakfast with Vibe every day and I started noticing my pants fitting better and better! I am SO happy to say that I have shed those unwanted pounds and even more thanks to my vegan Vibe! I love sharing it with my friends. There are so many options out there as far as protein shakes go, and I honestly believe this to be the best!

Brett East
Life Changing

Life Shotz has been life changing to me. I used to feel tired around 3 pm, right when I would pick up my kids from school; they would come home needing my attention and my energy and all I needed was a nap. 21 days after starting Life Shotz, I felt a great amount of energy increase and I knew it was the good kind of energy my body was missing because it didn't make my heart race or made me crash after the effect was gone. My immune system is better and overall, it's the best dietary supplement I found.

Layal Saghbini
I Love It

After breakfast every day, I am looking for my rejuvenated energy dose. I can feel a big difference in before and after I take Life Shotz. I feel like I'm in my 30s again. And people notice it! I LOVE LIFE SHOTZ.

Delfin & Nile Costa
Rarely Get Sick

I have been taking Life Shotz for a couple years now and I rarely seem to get sick. When everyone else is getting a cold or flu, I stay healthy. I don’t know if it’s the Life Shotz doing that but I don’t know what else it could be. I also get my vitals checked regularly at the Veterans Hospital and my blood pressure and other stats are always good. I love the stuff! Thank you!

Fred Beach - Bear, DE / Customer since 2014
It's The Perfect Blend

I love how the Vibe Shake is rich and just sweet enough. Something to satisfy that craving for sweetness, when you're on a protein and veggie focused eating plan. It reminded me of brownie batter!

Sara Rasmusson
Better Looking and Saving Money

I was a coffee hound, having anywhere from 3-7 cups a day. I used to say, well, guess I'll have another cup and go to be early! After three days of LifeShotz the cravings for coffee were gone, and I didn't even notice any withdrawal symptoms - that never used to happen when off of coffee for just a couple days! Now, I truthfully have to say I have been released of the financial burden and have been completely free of the caffeine addiction, created by coffee usage! LifeShotz has not only saved me money, but I feel better w and o the cravings, have more energy, even been told I'm better looking - haha!!!

Stewart Giffin
My Go To Meal

There are many times while umpiring and officiating I do not have an opportunity to eat a healthy meal. The school concession stands and school booster club offerings are never what I consider the best food for me and i.e., donuts, breakfast sandwiches, cookies, etc. Occasionally, I find fruit, but I can never count on that and it is not a complete meal. Vibe is my go-to meal also when I do not have time between games to eat. It is so easy to mix quickly, consume quickly, and get back to the business of umpiring or officiating. On top of all of those reasons, I love the taste of both the chocolate and vanilla.

Rodney Etchberger
Less Fatigued

I'm sleeping better and my eyes are less fatigued after taking Life Shotz. I am able finish tasks when they are done versus when I am done.

Robert Dix
Huge Difference in Stress Levels

At first, I didn't relate the two, but then I realized I was sleeping better because of the Life Shotz. I have an incredibly stressful and busy job, and found that when I took my Life Shotz, it really made a difference in my stress levels. Great product. Now I need to get some more!

Krista Storey
Feeling Like My Old Self

I was sure that it was Motion that helped my achy joints when I ran out and before i knew it I was back to rolling out of bed. With Motion my knees go up and down stairs, and squat like they should. I feel like my old self!

Renee Hughes
More Energy

It took awhile for me to see results but I am sleeping better and my mood is so much better taking life shotz! I have more energy!

karen maglinger
I'm Sleeping Better

I've been enjoying Life Shotz for about 6 weeks now. I can honestly say, it is helping me sleep better at night, feel great during the day, and my skin looks and feels a lot more supple. Great product!

Sally Nunez
Vibe is Phenomenal!

Vibe Shake is a delicious meal replacement that makes it easy to have a nutritional breakfast every day. The support and education provided through Vibe is phenomenal! It is amazing how much easier it is to make healthier meal choices when you learn how certain foods affect your body.

Shannon Dicks
This Shake Fills Me Up

I've been using other brands of protein shakes for years, but no more - Vibe is my shake for life. I have faster post-workout recovery time and my appetite is noticeably less. The Shake fills me up and is the perfect complete meal!

Robyn Nassetta
Saves Time And Calories

Not only does Vibe save me time and calories in the morning but following a rather extended use of antibiotics, the probiotics in Vibe kept my stomach and digestive tract happy and healthy! I love my daily Vibe!

Susan Szabo
The Company is excellent (Non Paid Reviewer)

MIND is a great product however the company really stands by the consumer and thats important to me. I ordered MIND to help with med school and take it once a month along with Life Shotz for my vitamins. I feel it really does work. Luann in customer service was incredible, thank you for helping me with my order. A+++ company, you actually talk to REAL people.

Ryan -Huntingdon Valley, PA / Customer since 2017
WOW. Just WOW!

That is how I feel about this product! Life Shotz has given my immunity the kick in butt it really needed! Not only that, the natural energy it give me has helped me cut my coffee and energy intake to less than a quarter of what I used to drink. I prefer the capsule for because it is way more convenient for my busy life style but do like the drink mixes on occasion, which taste GREAT!!

Angela McClain
Life Just Keeps Getting Better

For the past two years my hands and wrists have become very stiff from 24 years of using my hands and wrists using the adjusting techniques I do. I have even sought using other, less jolting techniques to lessen the impact on my hands. So I was really hopeful that the new Oxyfresh product would be even better. I was not disappointed. TWO DAYS taking one capsule a day was enough for me to feel better for almost allday. AND I have been busier and adjusted more patients last week than I have in any week in the last 6 months! I am grateful to Oxyfresh for continuing to raise the bar with its amazing nutrition. My Chiropractic career can be extended. My mental focus and energy have already been improved. Now my hands and wrists are not just feeling better, they are stronger. LIFE just keeps getting better!

Larry Thill, DC
Better Eye Protection From Computer

Thanks to MIND, I have better focus and eye protection from working in front of a computer most days!

Karen Bunnell
Tons of Energy

I work two jobs. I normally leave one, take a nap at the truck stop, and then head to my next job. I eat well and exercise everyday, and I still was lagging. After taking Life Shotz for three days I did not need a nap anymore. I have tons of energy and wake up at 4;30 a.m. raring to go.

Debra McCann
Better Memory Function

With a family history of both mind related disorders and eye health issues, I will definitely never go a day without taking my MIND! I feel so much sharper and have much better memory function on a daily basis. Also, I recently suffered a concussion while playing hockey and I truly feel that MIND played a huge part in my quick recovery!

Sarah Curtis
I am Hooked

I used to drink 3 or more cups of coffee a day. I am a mom and felt like I needed the coffee to get through the day. I decided to try out the product without drinking coffee during that time. Anytime I would go without coffee I would get a with drawl headache. During those first 5 days using Life Shotz and Vibe, I didn't experience any with drawl headaches and my energy level was better than it was with coffee! I am hooked!!

Grace Ball
Immediate Benefits

Absolutely love Life Shotz. First time I tried Life Shotz I felt immediate benefits and recovered from my workout much quicker. I now use Life Shotz on a regular basis and can't imagine training or playing without my Life Shotz.

John Hernandez
Can't Imagine a Day Without Vibe!

Time is what I have least of. I LOVE using VIBE as it cuts time fixing breakfast and lunch, plus I'm getting a daily dose of greens in a splendid taste! Keeps me full for 4 hours!

Marti Barnes
Bone on Bone Osteoarthritis pain greatly reduced!

I have bone on bone bilateral osteoarthritis and I’ve tried many supplements. Nothing really made a huge difference till I started taking Motion. I was gobsmacked! This supplement has changed my life. My range of motion has improved and the pain is greatly reduced! I’m able to move more freely without intense pain! Thank you! I’m sharing this with friends!

Helen Fidler - Louisville, KY / Customer since 2015
Saved Me!

Mind might have ultimately saved me! I started using MIND right away when it arrived in the mail and I noticed changes in the way I felt. I was friendlier to people, I was reconnecting to the world, and most importantly I was starting to smile again.

Karen Ali
Love Mind

I am almost 69 years old and concerned about my health. This also includes the health of my brain. I started taking Mind over a year ago. It has made a drastic change in my life. I have always had issues with focusing when attempting to complete projects as well as converse with friends and acquaintances. Mind alleviates all these problems. I find myself much more engaged in whatever I am doing, whether it is a craft project or a conversation about a complex issue. I have so much better recall because of my improved focus on what is being said and what is going on around me. I LOVE MIND! It has made a big difference in my life!

Colleen Etchberger
Just Finished My 6th Marathon

I have been using Shotz and Vibe for 2.5 years. I thought I was a healthy eater - but was missing the mark. The protein and vitamins have helped me to improve my overall health; I sleep better, my nails and hair are growing faster, less gastric issues, cholesterol went down but most importantly my energy went up. My daily routine was to go to bed at 8 and wake up tired at 6 - go to work and repeat. Lifeshotz daily regime gave me the boost I needed to begin running. 2 years ago - at 51 years old - I signed up for a distance class AND learned to run. Now I wake up at 4;20 every morning to either run or go to a work out class and then I go to work but stay up till 9 or 10 each night. I recently finished my 6th half marathon. I am so grateful for the people that introduced me to this product and helped me become stronger and healthier!

Beth Arnold
No Cravings

As an active duty member of the US Navy for the last 12 years, I've relied heavily on Life Shotz and Vibe for a year now to get me the energy that I need that the processed food on the ship could not provide. My mood and sleep has improved immensely and I do not crave junk food like I used to.

Evan Young
Love My Vibe Shakes

I hesitantly tried these shakes after a friend gave me a sample. Wow! I have lost weight, sleep so great, and feel great. Even my sweet cravings have subsided, which was my biggest hurdle. Both flavors are delicious but, of course the chocolate is my fave!!! Soooo glad I tried the shakes and love them.

Kelly Avigael - Snowmass Village, CO / Customer since 2017
This Product Rocks!!!

This product and this business just ROCKS!!! I love the Vibe Shake! I drink 2 - 3 a day and just love it! Thank you for making this so easy!

Denise Cooney - Newcastle, CA / Customer since 2014
Struggle My Entire Life

After the first day I got a solid 8 hours of sleep. The next day I ran 3 miles and felt great afterwards. And even after just a few days of being on Life Shotz, I noticed I was able to mentally focus better as well as being in an overall better mood. Most importantly, I noticed my skin has been clearing up, which has been a struggle my entire life!

Justin Castillo
Awesome Product!

I love my morning Vibe shake and prefer it to any breakfast food first thing in the mornings! I feel great and it keeps me full until time for lunch. Great product! Great service! Thank you!! Love the new pricing, too.

Ann - Houston, TX / Customer since 2015
So Good

I was using another shake product and the taste was horrible, plus I had a friend have an allergic reaction to something in it (got me scared). Then ny friend told me about Vibe. I was so surprised at the taste (with just water), so I was sold!! Oh yeah - and I am loving the energy boost from the Life Shotz too (and pretty darn tasty!).

Dianne Dixon
Mental Clarity

Life Shotz give me the energy, mental clarity, and the stamina to complete what I start. If I miss a shot I definitely feel the difference in the morning.

Margarita Chung
Powerful Healthy Drink

The challenge was to drive from Casper, WY, to Salt Lake City, UT, without falling asleep. Well, I made it with Life Shotz. I never tired the whole eight-hour drive because of the energy drink gave me. Thank you for this powerful and healthy drink. Oh, yes, I did make it another seven hours to the convention in Las Vegas where I had a great time and met many fantastic people.

Deanna Archibald
Stepped Up My Workouts

The first day I took Life Shotz, my workout stamina doubled. The next day at the gym (after taking Life Shotz), I worked out for an hour, went home, then realized that I had to go to the store. I decided just to run there (it would be faster). It was no fluke. Life Shotz is giving me extra energy with no crash. I also prescribed my husband Life Shotz when he stared to feel ill from working 60+ hrs. a week. He felt better within 2 hrs.

Monica Soucy
Lost 4 Inches

Because I've got more energy and have boosted my activity level, I've lost four inches off my waist, and I feel great!

Mark Wilson
My Hair Is Amazing

I love Life Shotz. My hair is growing twice as fast and my nails are hard as rock. I also have more energy.

Donna Sandberg
I Feel 20 Years Old Again

After four consecutive days of using Life Shotz, a stick per day, I am not tired when I wake up in the morning. I feel as if I am 20 years old again. Life Shotz is amazing! I feel better, more focused, more energized, and don't get that 'energy crash' in the afternoons anymore ... I have natural energy! I can't believe the big difference it's made for me. Hands down! Seek no further than Life Shotz, because it works!

Brian Bonitz
This Stuff is Wonderful

My true testimony... I recently returned from vacation and was looking threw photos saying to myself Good Lawd what happened to you!! I knew I had gained some weight but had no desire to get out of the bed! I'm sure I had a little depression from the recent loss of my father so sleeping was my agenda for the day! I had seen your post about Life Shotz and how much it has done for you and thought I wish I could feel like that!! I can't take any caffeine so I'm sure it's not for me!! Gave it a shot and feel amazing! I will continue to be a Life Shotz user!! Sorry so long just wanted to let everyone know that this stuff has me feeling Wonderful!!

Janie Chappell
I was Horribly Addicted to Sugar

Hi, I'm Annette. I'm a nail technician at Elayne James Salon in Delaware.I was looking for something without caffeine, soy, or whey. This has been a God send for me, because no matter how hard I tried I couldn't lose the weight and was tired all the time. I was horribly addicted to sugar! Now, I have lots of energy, I'm sleeping better, and the best thing is that I've lost 17lbs in 7 weeks!

Annette Bowers
Exceptional Product, I have Used Life Shotz (Vitality) For Years...

Life Shotz (Vitality) was introduced to me by a mixed martial artist, I was skeptical... Honestly it takes a few years off my 47 year old machine and keeps me naturally energized so that I can produce more work... Also I feel better, more positive and feel more focused when I use Vitality Consistently! I like the capsules, as they are easy for me to take on the road...

Jeff Loughmiller - Orland, CA / Customer since 2011

A long time ago working my way through College and working the night shift stocking shelves in a grocery store, I was always on my knees filling shelves. I knew as I got older I was going to have issues with my knees and once I was introduced to MOTION, my knees have never felt better and now I am able to play golf 5 days a week now in my retired life. Thank you Oxyfresh for a product like MOTION!

Neal Doberman
Stress Reliever

Life Shotz has made a lot of difference in my life. This past year I have had more health challenges, as well as stress from storms which damaged my house and property. Life Shotz is there when I am down and don't have energy.

Joni Egeness
So Convienent

Unsurpassed convenience! I can take it anywhere, anytime.

Paula McInaney
No More Sugar Cravings

I have tried a lot of energy and nutritional supplements only to be disappointed. If only I knew then what I know now (Life Shotz), I would have saved a lot of money, time and energy! The most MIRACULOUS thing I have noticed since I started taking Life Shotz daily is my sugar cravings have disappeared. Anyone who knows me can tell you that this must be some good stuff because I love ice cream and bubble gum! Because I no longer crave sugar, I have lost weight. I also think clearer, get more done, and have energy that lasts all day long. I don't even realize how tired I am until I go to bed each night. It doesn't take but a couple of minutes (if that) before I fall asleep! All my family and friends are taking it now that they see how energetic I am all day long! I'm still going strong at 3 or 4pm when everyone else hits their afternoon slump! All I can say is Ä I have never felt better and I don't want to go a day without my LIFE SHOTZ!!

Melanie Myrick
Boosted Energy

With hesitation, I tried the samples. My energy level boosted from taking both products. I would bike or run for an hour then have 45 minutes to eat something before going to swim masters. My athletic performance improved dramatically. Now, I swim faster and have a more steady endurance on my long 3-4 hour bike rides (18-25 mph). Life isn't good, it's better! I'm glad I didn't miss the opportunity to try Life Shotz.

Gigi Zachry
No Crash

Great! I have more energy and feel better. In the past, I was always tired and my body ached. I was taking daily vitamins and they helped some, but I was amazed at the difference I felt when I started Life Shotz. My energy level is up, but better than that, it is consistent throughout the day. It doesn't give me that sugar or caffeine quick and shakey high that ends in a sudden decline.

Erin Gilbert
More Focus and Clarity

If there was one product I would never give up... it's MIND! I am a veterinarian and my entire day requires a steady stream of focus and memory. The focus and clarity I gain within 30 minutes of taking Mind is AMAZING!

Alyssa Abrams
Love This Stuff

I cannot say enough about Life Shotz. After only 2 days I noticed improved mood, more energy and I just felt better. I was doing apple cider vinegar every morning and with Life Shotz I no longer have to endure that dreaded drink. My belly bloat was gone, my digestive system felt more normal and I just simply feel better! I love this stuff!

Michelle Rankin
No Cravings

My chiropractor introduced me to Vibe. I couldn't wait to drink my first shake. Within 3 days, I felt no hunger pains or cravings. I easily can go 4 hours feeling full and satisfied. I will never miss a day having a convenient, healthy meal replacement shake. Loving my VIBE!!!

Dale Lenney
More Energy and Focus

My 12 year old noticed he was not tired during class and had more energy throughout the day. He was also more focused.

Heather Brocklehurst
The Super Spark I Needed

I see you have loads of sports and health enthusiasts, athletes, and industry people giving great testimonials. But this one, from me is a Lay(down)-Persons personal start to a long journey. Only 8 days but 9 lbs lost. Never thought I'd be saying that from taking a product. I am a 58 year old woman and I have perpetually seen the pounds creep on even when I think i am taking good care of myself. Fat, Fatigue, listless, less and less energy were the topics of my days internal messaging. Until Life Shotz. It has been the Super Spark I have needed to re-ground myself and my intentions to get healthy and enjoy life and slow the ticking clock rather than fearing it. OK, its only 9 lbs, but I feel better, I am starting (just) to regain some energy, focus and along with that - determination. I can do this and with LifeShotz I will do this.

Donna Yarus
Lost 19 Pounds

A little over two years ago I was at the Professional Tennis Registry symposium and I saw a booth for Life Shotz hosted by Andi and Jeff Rausch. At the time I was overweight, had problems sleeping, tired knees and generally lethargic. I stopped by and talked to Andi and she explained the products, which were also endorsed by Dennis Ralston's wife. I was taking about 10 different pills for all of the above. I wanted some, bid at the silent auction and won Life Shotz. Then I was hooked and in a great way. I stopped taking other supplements and replaced them with Life Shotz. I lost 19 pounds with Vibe and felt energetic, slept well, and was moving on well on the Tennis courts playing and teaching for hours.

Frank Sheleheda
LOVE These Products!

Wouldn’t want to be without them!! Thank you!

Julie Dyck - Manotick, ON / Customer since 2015
Love The Chocolate Shakes

I’ve been using these chocolate shakes for over two years now. The shakes are delicious and nutritious and a great way to start my day. I also love the price and how easy it is to change or delay my order.

Melissa D - College Station, TX / Customer since 2016
Helps Fuel Me

Vibe kept me full until dinner time! I spend many hours on the tennis court and notice the benefits of this great product!

Daniel rodriguez
Better Skin and Sleep

I am a very light sleeper....I sleep like a mom. Since becoming a mom, I rarely could sleep an entire 4 hour block of time without some sort of disturbance. 12 days into taking my daily dose of Life Shotz I woke up and realized that I had slept the entire night without waking. 7 hours of serious rest. What a blessing. I honestly wasn't sure if it was just a fluke that I slept so deeply but I am thrilled to announce that my wonderful sleep pattern has continued since May. Another amazing testimonial I have to attribute to Life Shotz is my skin clearing. I had a very unsightly dark pigment issue on my forhead....for the last 4 years. Nothing seemed to help...facials, chemical peels, skin bleaches. A few weeks ago...after taking Life Shotz for 5 months....I noticed that dark spot seemed to be lightening. CRAZY right! The only thing I have changed in my status has been daily Life Shotz and Vibe. These 2 products are absolutely a staple in my daily diet. Better skin and better sleep...wouldn't trade that in for all the tea in China.

Denise Carlson
Energy to Enjoy Life

I have had problems sleeping more than five hours per night for many years. My sleep pattern has very much improved since taking the Life Shotz dietary supplement. I noticed the difference in less than a week! In addition to improved sleep, my energy level has greatly improved. I used to think that zonking out mid-day just comes with being a senior, but not so. I'm so grateful for having the energy to better enjoy life! The Vibehas also been a blessing. The taste is great just by adding cold water. Also it is a very filling low-calorie meal replacement! And so healthy too! At first I thought it was rather expense, but actually it averages out to about $3.30 per serving! It's been a great aid in my weight-loss efforts as well

Leezette Baker
Lots of Energy

I always feel great with a lot of energy!

Margaret Machoian
Really Works

I was looking at my Residential-Cleaning schedule a week prior to starting ""LifeShotz"" due to no energy to keep - up with the pace any longer. The 3rd day I was on ""LifeShotz"", I felt a surge of energy like NO other! Now, I have no problem cleaning 2 houses, daily! Plus, I've now lost 14 lbs of much needed weight due to being pre-diabetic & taking high blood-pressure meds for a very long time. Soon, I'll be able to get off ALL meds, with the help of ""LifeShotz""! Its REALLY works! Love, love , love it!!

Marti Barnes
Complete Meal

My favourite breakfast is Vibe, the yummy chocolate flavour makes my morning. I feel like I've had a complete meal, feel full and it lasts so much longer than any other breakfast for me. I also have it once in a while in the afternoon as well to prevent eating an unhealthy snack when I'm craving sweets and it's perfect after a big bike ride, so satisfying! I am the strongest and the most fit I have been in a very long time!

Darlene Knapton
Feel Good All Day

When I'm tired after lunch or in the morning, Life Shotz drink and feel more energetic. Having Life Shotz helps me feel good all day long!

William Loftus
Love To Share It

With Life Shotz, I get to help people create a life they love.

Lisa Jimenez
Yummy Breakfast

I have been drinking Vibe Shakes everyday for two years. I wake up in the morning and can't wait to have my yummy breakfast. Fast, convenient and healthy. NO more morning coffee for me! I feel full and eager to start my day... Love my Chocolate Vibe Shakes!!

Dale Lenney
Rocked My World

Chasing around 3 kids all day, every day, can really take a toll on someone. After taking Life Shotz for 5 days, I was seeing great improvement in my mood, energy levels, and especially my sleep. I was finally sleeping through the night and waking up feeling refreshed and ready to go. I've even had others notice a difference and ask me what I was doing differently and why I seemed so much happier! Life Shotz rocked my world!!

Molly DeLano
I Love How Easy It Is

I was shocked to see haw much more energy I had, after getting a fully rested night of sleep! It has been so long since I have been able to wake up feeling rested and jump out of bed, to start my day! I love how easy it is for me to have a shake and a shot, a the beginning of my day, and have energy all day long! My days are more productive than they've ever been before!

Victoria Miller
No More Fast Food Cravings

I feel great! I have tons of energy, more focus, and I don't have the urge to eat fast food or drink coffee! I love Life Shotz!

Jason Hernandez
Tastes So Good

I originally wanted to try Vibe because it was a non-whey protein source and did not have any artificial sugars. I fell in love with the taste and the fact that I can blend it with only water and not have to worry about adding veggies, fruits or sweeteners. It tastes great all by itself!

Lauren Whitworth
Replaced My Afternoon Coffee

I always had good intention to supplement my diet but could never be consistent. With LIFE SHOTZ, it's easy to drink with my lunch everyday. I love the taste and feel confident that I am using a clean potent supplement that provides my body with the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants it needs. I feel better and eager to take action in my day! I have stopped saying I'm so tired which I'm sure my friends can appreciate too. LIFE SHOTZ has replaced my afternoon coffees. And I love my Coffee !!! Cheers to being more hydrated and sustaining my 5-6 times a week workout schedule. Thank you Oxyfresh!!

Carrie Thomas
Lost 140 Pounds!

Two and a half years ago I was a scary 324 pounds! I had Type 2 diabetes and was taking cholesterol medicine. Going up stairs was a struggle to catch my breath. Flying on an airplane and having to ask for the seatbelt extender was embarrassing. I had been on every diet known to man, but always seemed to regain the weight I lost and more. I knew I had to make some changes, but what and how?About that time a friend introduced me to Oxyfresh Vibe meal replacement shakes. This was a total game changer for me. The shakes kept me full for 5 hours and after about a week I noticed my cravings were greatly diminished. And the clean ingredients have improved my digestion. Along with other lifestyle changes, I have been able to lose 140 pounds. I have so much more energy, can go up stairs easily now without huffing and puffing, and I have participated in two 5K races. My doctor is amazed and so are my family and friends. I feel better than I have in years. Thank you Vibe, my lifesaver!

Candy Altizer
Clean Products Matter

The Life Shotz product has allowed me to feel very comfortable about my training and lifestyle knowing that I'm taking an energy supplement that isn't poisoning my body. It's ironic to me that many companies create energy products which contain artificial dyes, caffeine, preservatives and other such toxins all the while stating its 'healthy'. Once on Life Shotz I felt a dramatic difference in alertness, focus and no drop in energy levels except that of the norm for hours of intense training. Lastly, I have so much more peace of mind and confidence knowing that the supplemental energy product I'm taking is beneficial to my body!!

Amyn Soldier
Saving Money and Giving My Body The Best

Food is no longer the source of nutrition as we knew it. I would much rather take a Life Shotz once a day knowing I am getting the highest form of antioxidants for my body. I am saving money, giving my body the best form of nutrition, and the bonus is weight loss!

Michelle Amiel
Clarity and Patience

Mind gives me clarity and patience throughout the entire day everyday.

Shelley Harrison
Good Mood and Feeling Great

One day last week I got up on the wrong side of the bed, leaving me in the worst mood. Even as I drank my Life Shotz, I felt certain nothing could improve my mood. The whole day was written off as a loss. Not long after I had my daily dose, I completely forgot about my bad mood and realized I had started feeling great. That is amazing!

Heather Brocklehurst
Mood Changer

As soon as I started taking Life Shotz, I felt the results. My mood changed, I slept better, and I had more energy during the day. Life Shotz is life changing!

Leesha Neal
Lost 12 Pounds

I started using VIBE and Life Shotz about a month ago. In two weeks I had lost 12 lbs. I can't wait to continue this journey and continue updating my testimonial as I go.

Tony Clem
Favorite Meal

I feel full and energetic after my Vibe Shake, and I crave it. It has quickly become my favorite meal of the day!

Karen Hummel
I Love This Stuff

I get a great boost of user friendly energy all day!

Dan Gallagher
Now I'm a Life Shotz Person

I no longer have long days, and my evenings are as productive as my mornings. I've always been a morning person, but now I'm a Life Shotz person.

Dave Buckis

Love the rebranded Vitality products!! I have been a consistent user of Vitality because it works so well for me!!! I don't and won't miss a day. I love the Vitality protein powder too. I always add it to my healthy smoothies!!!

Mark Ratfelders - Gurnee, IL / Customer since 2010
Helped Rock My GPA

I'm a first year engineer student taking six courses with two labs and six tutorials. My days would start at 5;30 AM and end at midnight. MIND gave me the boost I needed to be present and alert in my morning classes and helped me get through piles of assignments and lab reports. First Semester(without MIND) my GPA sat at 2.6. Second semester(with MIND) my GPA skyrocketed to a 3.3.

K'exmali Nelson
Incredible Products

All the Oxyfresh products have changed my world! As a person in the fitness industry, I was very hesitant at first, but when I tried VIBE and Life Shotz, it only took 3 days to make a difference! I knew I had something good. After training 5 or 6 clients, I usually need to rest but now, it doesn't matter. I have sustained energy through out my day! After being on all of the products for a few months, I've lost weight, my energy is through the roof and Im sleeping better than ever. Thank you!

Sheri Doberman
New Found Energy

As a golf caddy, I run an average of 8 miles a day at work. After a long stretch with no days off, I really start to wear down. Life Shotz was introduced to me, and after just a few days, I found a new energy brewing. I felt excited to go to work and had the energy to mentally and physically keep up the long hours. My wife noticed when I was doing many extra chores around the house after work Ä things I never had the energy to do after work. Now she is a daily Life Shotz taker as well.

David Williams
Healthy On The Go Snack

Vibe tastes great and is very filling. I love my healthy, on-the-go snack!

Molly Mcdow
Helping My Eating Habits

I just came back from a 7,000-mile road trip with several stops plus motels, stays with family, changes from MDT to EDT and back. And all kinds of weather. Taking Life Shotz helped me adjust to all of this without getting tired, helped me sleep very well in all those strange beds and locations, plus my eating habits were not the same as at home, and Life Shotz helped my body to adjust to all these differences. I was very pleased. I received great results.

Myrnamarie Brooks
A Student

I have always been an A student, but I have had trouble focusing and blocking out the extra noises during testing and class. The first day that my Mom gave me Mind I noticed I didn't hear the tapping pencils beside me and I was able to concentrate on my test!!! Thank you Oxyfresh.

Addi McLain
Love These Shakes

I have been drinking these shakes for several years. I have digestive issues and these help keep me healthy and keep weight on. My boyfriend and his son also drink them but for weight loss and we all love them!

Chris - Nashville, TN / Customer since 2015
40 And Feeling Myself Again

I started using Life Shotz as a skeptic. I had noticed especially after turning 40, my energy levels were much lower than I was used to. I changed my diet, I added daily vitamins, I increased water intake and I started taking Melatonin to sleep better BUT I was still suffering an afternoon slump around 2-3pm and then it just continued through the rest of the day. I chalked it up to age and figured it was just part of life. After less than a week of using Life Shotz daily, I noticed that the slump was gone! I felt alert and energized and I felt like my stamina for daily activities was much improved. I cannot believe that this was the key to feeling like myself again! I love my Life Shotz and can't wait to encourage the rest of the world to partake in this amazing gift!

Stephanie Eldridge
Great Product

My husband's knee was really bothering him for about 4 months. A few times it buckled when he was coming down the stairs which was really dangerous and many times he didn't want to do anything because it hurt so badly when he walked. Although he's a skeptic, he finally got tired of the constant discomfort and not being able to do certain activities, and started taking one MOTION capsule every morning. About 5 weeks later, and trust me, he was keeping trackÄMr. Skeptic changed his tune and was pretty excited because his knee felt so much better and to this day is no longer giving him any issues. Surprisingly, he also realized that the chronic discomfort he felt in his elbows from years of windsurfing was also gone!!! His elbows feel better than they have in years He never misses a day of his MOTION AND I have heard him tell so many people what this great product has done for him! Hmm, It seems like it cleared up his skepticism too!!!

Lisa Jadis
Crushing CrossFit

I was new into CrossFit and it was definitely showing in the gym. One day I had done a CrossFit workout earlier in the day and felt pretty tired. I took a LifeShotz before my 2nd workout and absolutely CRUSHED IT!!!! It was movements I wasn't even good at. I hadn't even done a 24 inch box jump before that night and 7 of those were included in the workout. Another movement was to plank until your partner was done with their box jumps and squats. I did every plank unbroken!!!! I had never held a plank for more than a minute before this workout! I was so proud, especially when the other people in the gym noticed and came up to me after and were telling me how great I did.

Matt O'Hara
This Program Is So Easy

The Vibe program has made huge differences for me. It's changed some old unhealthy habits into a new fun lifestyle. The program is easy to follow and the tracking system is fun to use and the Vibe shakes just blow me away! The shakes are amazing! They are quick and convenient and packed with all the healthy ingredients that I just won't get in a fast food meal on the run. I'm on my way to fun, fit, and active me that I haven't seen in years. I love the way I'm feeling the way my clothes are fitting. I'm definitely Feeling the Vibe! Count me in as a proud member of the Tribe!

Steven Machado
Running Freely Again

For nearly 9 years, I've been unable to run for exercise. I got hurt training for a race and every time I think I'm in the clear, my body tells me otherwise. When I was introduced to the notion of Motion, I couldn't help myself--I had to give it a try. I didn't notice a difference right away, but after about 4 weeks, I was running without a problem! It thrilled me to think that my body can change in such a way to enable me to run freely again! I had honestly given up on the idea of EVER being able to run again without hurting. I am so grateful to Motion for giving me that freedom back!

Brett East
No Junk Food Cravings

I started the 5 day trial and by the third day I noticed an increase in energy and no junk food cravings. I took one bite of the Hostess powered donuts I had been looking forward to eating and threw them out. I was now craving fresh fruits and vegetables feeling full and satisfied. I no longer felt dizzy or light headed before meals. I could think clearly no brain fog.

Stephanie Spittler
Keeping Me Going

I have been taking Life Shotz and LS Vibe for over a year now. I haven't missed taking them for more than few days. It gives me mental and physical energy. When I don't use it, I can tell a big difference in my stamina. Also, I get afternoon drowsiness and tiredness when I don't have Life Shotz. I play tennis, and I am more alert and move better when I take a mix of Life Shotz and LS Vibe in the shaker bottle mixed with water or almond milk. It is amazing. I am going through some tough times in my life. Lots of stresses. Without Life Shotz and Vibe, the life's challenges would have crushed me by now. Thanks, Life Shotz and Vibe for keeping me going!

Mika Fujii
Enormous Difference

Although I love and feel a huge difference with all of the products, the one that has continued to impress me the most is the Motion! I have been a Flight Attendant for almost 28 years and being in high heels for that long, has done a number on my hips much so, that I thought I may have to have hip surgery at some point soon! I started taking motion when it first came out and after one month and a week, I noticed an enormous difference! I will be taking this for the rest of my life! Thank you Oxyfresh for making such incredible products that have improved my life tremendously!

Tracy Teel
No More Naps

I noticed an even energy all day long. I do not feel like I need a nap. Mental clarity is the best it's ever been. My sleep is sound, and I wake up refreshed. Thank you, Life Shotz, for helping me feel fantastic!!!

Carol Cannon
Life Shotz is a Lifestyle

I feel focused and energized ... not that fast energy that comes from energy drinks that's followed by a crash. No. I have a focused energy that allows me to make the late night drive home from work. Life Shotz is now a Lifestyle.

Abby Hunter
Very Cool Product

What a difference this product makes! It gives me a tremendous lift within minutes. It increases energy and mental alertness -- all in a very healthy way. Very cool product ... I love it!

Barry Smith
No Cravings!

As a teacher and a mother of two active boys, I struggle to find the time to put myself first. Grabbing food on the go is a norm, and it is usually not the healthiest. By the end of the day, I was exhausted. I decided to give the Oxyfresh program a try. I can do anything for 30 days, right? Well, I noticed by day 2 that I had more sustained energy...even feeling like vacuuming the house after a long day and that never happens! After 10 days, I lost some weight and felt great! Surprisingly, I also never had any cravings, and I love sweets! I recommend this program for anyone who wants to jump-start their way to healthier living!

Kristen Stokes
"Life Matters", Yes It Does!

"Life Matters", yes it does! My husband and I love Vibe protein shake not only for its clean ingredients but for the flavor too! Chocolate and Vanilla are both in our pantry. We use this as a meal replacement as well as for workout recovery. My favorite part about Vibe is that it uses pea protein instead of whey or soy, which we're trying to avoid for multiple reasons. Being gluten-free is very important to us due to wheat sensitivities as well as no artificial colors or flavors added. Addding frozen fruit to it makes a delicious smoothie! The regular deliveries are convenient so I always know I will have it. Thank you Oxyfresh for bringing this product to our pantry!

Laurie Nix - North Las Vegas, NV / Customer since 2017
Active Life

I was searching online for something...anything that might help me feel better. I was suffering from terrible fatigue, addicted to caffeine, and never slept well. I would wake up feeling like I just barely closed my eyes. I used caffeine (coffee and diet coke) all day at work during my 12 hour shifts in the emergency department to keep myself going. Then when I got home, I would need to take something to help me sleep so I would use a sleep aid. I would wake up feeling hungover and start the caffeine cycle all over again. I was tired of having a cabinet full of vitamins and supplements including D, multi-vitamins, iron tablets, anti-oxidants, etc. I was even getting weekly Vitamin B injections. I was fortunate enough to find Life Shotz online and decided to give it a try. By day 3, I was feeling increased energy and in a better mood overall. Within a month, I felt like a new person. Within 2 months, I was able to break my addiction to caffeine. I still enjoy a cup of coffee when I feel like it, but no longer depend on it. I am sleeping better than I have in years. I have now been taking Life Shotz and LS Vibe for about 5 months and I finally have hope for an energetic, active, and adventurous life again!!

Ericka Morrison
Best Marathon Partner

I doubled up Life Shotz about one month before I did my first marathon, and I felt I had so much more energy during this month than ever before. I have now made my first marathon (Berlin 2011) but not the last one! Thank you, Life Shotz!

Daniel Andersson
Great Products

My husband and I both use life Shotz and Vibe. He uses it on a more regular basis than I, but we both notice an increase in energy right away! My husband has also lost some weight drinking one Vibe shake a day. Great products!

Rainey Durand
Totally Satisfied

Day 1 I not only felt satiated by the Vibe shake, but I love drinking it on a regular basis to help me stay fueled during my busy day. When you work in a restaurant, it is difficult to find the time to have high quality food when you need it...Vibe is the answer for me!!

Barbie Bowen

This product has been a game changer for my workouts. I am a glutton for punishment and use the stair climber at the gym. I choose to work out this way for the amount of calories I can burn in the least amount of time. When I'm on the stair stepper, I can't wait for my workout to be over. Then, suddenly things changed. I was introduced to Life Shotz and began drinking it before and during my workouts. Unexpectedly, my workouts came with ease, rather than punishment. My speed increased, my stamina improved and I was going for longer than I ever was able! I never get sick, I'm sleeping better than I have in years, and I am happy and full of NATURAL energy. I won't ever go back.

Brett East
This Stuff Works

I started taking Life Shotz on recommendation of friend and tennis player, Jeff Rausch. After years of being a Weekend Warrior, I was slowly becoming a Weakened Warrior. After about 7 days on Life Shotz, I was surprised to note that my knees felt better. Now after nearly 6 months, I am running sprints as part of workouts and I go through periods of an hour or so daily where I don't even think about my knees! I also feel less soreness after hard tennis matches. This stuff works!

Mark Sweeney

Michelle in customer service was very helpful, always pleasant to talk to - awesome!

Linda Tarver - Rosemary Beach, FL / Customer since 2017
More Focused

After taking my first Life Shotz, I felt more focus and then after being on Life Shotz for 3-4 days, I really noticed a gradual, steady electrical current of energy and mental focus. The energy is subtle and without the crash I have felt with other products. I love the formulation, feel younger, and have my brain back! It is a phenomenal product. I have tried a lot of supplements and energy drinks because I am an athlete and have yet to find anything as good as Life Shotz.

Jeff Loughmiller - Orland, CA / Customer since 2011
I Did It

At an annual medical physical, I was told by a Physician that ""I Have To Lose Weight."" He said, ""You Can Do It By Diet and Exercise."" He did not offer any information to me, and I did not ask; but I did my own research on the American Diabetes Association and the American Heart Association Wesbsites. I Educated Myself. I Stayed Focused. RESULTS: I Did It!!! Less 10 pounds in 10 days!!! 1 VIBE + 1 Life Shotz, Eating Every 2-3 Hours, Eating Low Glycemic Foods, Daily Exercise 30 minutes, Drinking Water: 64 ozs. Enjoy Your Healthy Lifestyle

Lisa Alecknavage
Public Speaking Secret

I am a Toastmaster, and initially struggled to remember all the key points of my speeches. Since I've been using Mind, I find I can stay on track, remember the important things I wanted to say, and finish my speech on time. This is a fantastic product I'd recommend to anyone speaking in public for fun or profit!

Cindy Holt
Great Product

I have a lot of dietary needs. Gluten free, non-dairy, etc... I have tried many brands of protein and keep coming back to this one. I love the added benefit of the Whole Foods in this product. The taste is the best I've found for a plant based protein shake.

Cindy Lemon - Gilbert, AZ / Customer since 2016
Better Workouts

I feel awesome!! My overall mood, energy, workouts etc. have changed for the good!!

Brandon Warren
No More Memory Struggle

I have always struggled with memory and focus especially after a few head injuries back in high school. But when I started taking the MIND vitamins, it was like a whole new world! I so much more focus and remember things has become so much easier. It is like this fog has been lifted from my brain and I'm living it!

Angela McClain
Works At The Cellular Level

Being a national level bodybuilder and personal trainer, I have to be on top of my training and nutrition. The reason I chose Lifeshotz is because it's the only product that I have came across that works at the cellular level to set off a chain reaction in the body and improve all areas of human performance. Lifeshotz provides me and my clients with all the nutrients we need to keep our bodies performing at the highest level. It is also the only product I have found that actually accelerates my recovery from a brutal training regimen while also keeping my energy levels up during strict dieting for a bodybuilding show. Thank you Lifeshotz!

Blake Branch
No Bloat

I noticed a significant difference in digestion when I started taking Vibe. I was not having any bloat or discomfort and it tastes great! I love that it is soy free and whey free because I can't tolerate either of those ingredients. My energy level has increased and I have had ZERO cravings which really surprised me!

Darlene Goodrick
Changed My Life

My first knee surgery was at the age of 12 due to a basketball injury. At 41, I've now had 7 surgeries on my right knee. Since my mid-20s I had gotten used to having decreased mobility, altering workouts and having to ice my knee. Since I started taking Motion, my knee feels better than it did in my early 20s. I can play sports with my girls, do lunges, squats, have increased mobility and I don't have to ice my knee after workouts. This product has truly changed my life!!!!!

Jodi McLain
I feel great and motivated to put more effort into my life

Vibe saved my life! Before it, I had no confidence, no energy, and no motivation. I was just at a standstill with my work, home life, etc. I began using the chocolate shake in October of 2013 and replaced all my lunches at work. With some physical activity added to my daily routine, I've lost about 15lbs. Now, that probably doesn't seem like a lot and it isn't since i didn't really want to lose much weight anyways. The most important change I've noticed since using Vibe is my mentality. It's given me a boost unmatched by any other product. I feel great and motivated to put more effort into my life. My career has completely excelled, I was able to get back into playing soccer, I actually enjoy reading and improving my mental abilities. The boost I've received doesn't just give me the motivation to workout more, it creates an urge to get out there and experience life!

Erik Batista
Better Memory

I take MIND each morning. What I notice is that I can remember things better, and I speak more articulately. As for the numbers, I used to have to repeat phone numbers, with area codes, over again and I had to go back, sometimes a few times to double check as I was dialing. Now, I can remember all 10 numbers the first time, without cheating!

Jeanine Fusco-Lano
More Energy

After 2-3 days with Life Shotz, I began to notice a tremendous positive reaction in all of me. More energy, better sleep and more patience.

Barbro Schôtzer
Love How I Feel

I have been a Life Shotz fan for several years now. Initially, I was impressed by the increase in focus I experienced. However, I really knew its power when I missed a couple of days! When I take Life Shotz, I simply feel better. It is absolutely the most potent nutritional supplement I have ever experienced. I love how great I feel on Life Shotz!

Laura Hickey
Real Energy No Bull

Life Shotz is what it is and gives your body exactly what it needs to get through the day and then some! I work typically 65 hours a week, and on top of that, coach competitive soccer where I'm continually out in the elements training and participating with some very extreme athletes. Even as a grandfather of two, I get out there and play and compete with these 18 and 19 year olds. My energy level and stamina have really improved since I've been taking Life Shotz, and I can run with these kids for the full session. I wake up each morning refreshed and feeling like I'm 25 years old again!

Steve Wood

Been a long time customer and couldn’t be happier. Feels like the customer appreciation has gotten even better of recent. With little perks and thanks coming my way.

Austin - Carmel Valley, CA / Customer since 2014
My Body Craves It

I was one of those who thought I was healthy enough. I wasn't searching for anything new to add to my daily routine, but I was continually hitting a brick wall when it came to weight loss. I had a few extra pounds that I was trying to lose over the course of 4 years, but to no avail. I went so far as to hire a nutritionist and a personal trainer over that time, but my body's weight simply would not budge. Until. A friend of mine introduced me to Vibe and although, I was not a shake person, I thought, what could I possibly lose? I started drinking the shakes every day and in less than 2 weeks, I was getting back down to where I wanted to be. To me, it was life changing. My body now craves my daily dose of Vibe. My sugar cravings are curbed (which is miraculous for the sweet tooth I have). I know the greens it has, in addition to its probiotic perfection have enabled me to reach a new level of health I didn't know was even possible at 40. I don't miss a single day of this delectable treat!

Brett East
Delicious and Makes Me Feel Great

I am hooked! I have always been active and understand the importance of nutrition fueling our bodies. Being lactose intolerant, I have tried many protein shakes that just didn't agree with me. Vibe being vegan solved that problem. Not only are the shakes delicious, filling, stabilize my blood sugar and provide a host of benefits, they do not bother my stomach! Amen!! I am thankful there is a product out there, among the millions out there, that I enjoy and makes me feel great!

Gives Me The Energy I Need

My day starts off at 3;30 a.m. and doesn't end until 11 p.m. Every dose of Life Shotz gives me the energy I need to get through the long days. It also makes me feel full, so I don't need to snack on junk food all day long. Thanks, Oxyfresh, for making such an awesome product!

Jose Vazquez
Super Hero Nutrition

Faster than a speeding bullet? More powerful than a locomotive? Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? Well... OK maybe I'm not Superman, but when I drink my Life Shotz everyday, I have tons more energy, wayyyy better moods (including no more mood swings) and I fight off the sickies with a super human like immune system so actually, come to think of it, maybe Life Shotz does make me a superhero!! ;D

Sarah Curtis
A Healthier Future

I am loving the increased energy from Life Shotz. Because I have more energy, I am now working out and cooking more nutritious meals. I am looking forward to a healthier future.

Debora Romney
Love This Product!

We have been drinking Vibe Protein Shake for some time now and absolutely love it. Not only is it nutritious the taste is great as well. We definitely recommend this product.

Bob McDonald - Broomfield, CO / Customer since 2016
Just Gotta Have it!

I'm about to head into my 10th working day out of the past 11 days. All made possible by this pill pack Vitality (LifeShotz) taken at lunch every day! I have even accomplished some things in the evenings after work!! Prior to these pills, I would barely make it home from work awake, then shower and eat supper and pretty much go straight to bed.

Joanne Diamond - Colpitts Settlement, NB / Customer since 2015
Get Back To Enjoying Life

I didn't realize the changes that were happening to me until I was traveling once again 825 miles of driving in 1 day with my husband. I had so much more stamina and didn't feel totally exhausted after we got there. I had taken the Vibe for 6 days pretty much together but not perfect. One day or so I skipped and still felt things starting to change in endurance. Now, mind you, I added LIFE SHOTZ to every shake but I only did 1 protein drink a day. And what's really cool is I do not crave choc or sweets or milkshakes anymore. Out of habit I still think about a hot fudge sundae when I drive by Dairy Queen but where before it took all the willpower I had to drive on, now it's like Oh, yuk, it's just 'poof' no substance to it and I already had a very good tasting milkshake today and it made me feel good . I did something very good for myself today! And I am satisfied! So take heart beginners! You are doing something terrific for your health. You can feel really good about yourself and give it a chance to work in your life. Let's all get healthy together and be in the best health we can be, no matter what our age! There is no amount of money you can make to give you back your health! Look at all the hundreds of dollars of vitamins, minerals, juicing, and other products that you

Audrey Ver Mulm
Vibe Protein Shake

I have been drinking the Vibe Protein Shake for about 2 years. In the beginning, I wanted to lose weight. With a few dietary changes I was able to lose 25 pounds and have been able to keep it off. Now I have a shake once a day and eat regular meals. I am a very, very picking eater. I must confess that the first time I had the Vibe Protein Shake, it was not a yummy experience for me. However, now I crave it. I am 66 years old and have more energy now than I had years ago. I LOVE it!

Suzanne Launius - Hawthorne, CA / Customer since 2015
So Far, So Good

Label info on the Vibe is impressive. Taste and texture are good. I only have a shake two or three times per week. They're fairly filling which is something I counted on for appetite control.

James Mike - Cranberry Twp, PA / Customer since 2018
Wow! I'm Impressed

I had been looking for a supplement that contained the B vitamins that Life Shotz has. But to get the benefits in the combination of vitamins B and D and the antioxidants in Life Shotz? WOW! I was impressed by the quality of the ingredients, including the fact that there are no artificial flavorings or sweeteners. Other products I've tried contain high levels of caffeine, taurine and guarana, and they made my heart race and I would crash soon after--not the goal I was looking for. Life Shotz is not only convenient and easy to mix, but it's easy to swallow. I have difficulty swallowing pills. Do you know how many pills you would have to swallow to meet the nutritional benefits of Life Shotz? Too many for me! I have been taking Life Shotz as an everyday supplement for three weeks now. Immediately, I didn't feel any of the uncomfortable symptoms I have felt with other energy drinks. I feel great, and I am sleeping better, going to bed at a reasonable time, rising early and easily, and even getting up and walking at 5 a.m. When you feel better, you want to do things that are good for you Ä and I feel better! Thanks, Life Shotz!

Patricia Nelson
Thinking Outside The Box

Thanks for creating and sharing Mind. It helps me keep thinking outside the box!

Doray Wiggins
Best Meal Of The Day

I've been a workout machine for the past year, losing only 5 lbs. I started Vibe and have already lost an additional 3 1 and 2 lbs! The convenience of having this Shake as a meal replacement saves me time and has made my life much better! It's the meal I look forward to the most!

Alison Lucio
More Energy Than Ever Before

Life Shotz, where have you been my whole life? With Life Shotz, I have more energy than ever before (and never have those sugar crashes!), am sleeping well, and more importantly, WAKING so refreshed and finding myself to daily push' the plate away because I'm full! I love my DAILY Life Shotz!

Kathy Schneider
We Love The Taste

My husband and I have Vibe for breakfast every day!!! I love both the taste of the Chiseled Chocolate and having a healthy breakfast that fills me up without making me feel bloated. I even bring the convenient single packs when I travel. My husband's favorite recipe is adding berries to the Viva Vanilla. He used to have a bowl of cereal for breakfast and be ravenous an hour later. He is still amazed that the one shake keeps him full for hours and he no longer has the urge to snack at all before lunch.

Lisa Jadis
Love My Silky Skin

I started drinking Life Shotz about 3 months ago and haven't missed a day since I started. I immediately felt increased energy and within several weeks felt better mood and silky soft skin. In fact, I have been on a hunt for dry skin cream, as I live in Denver, but I was able to stop my search once I started Life Shotz. I sleep well and most days, wake up before my alarm goes off feeling well rested. Life Shotz will always be part of my daily routine!

Symantha Rodriguez
This Soldier LOVES it

Right now I am a soldier in Afghanistan. I was sent a care package from my aunt saying I should try these new Life Shotz drink mixes. I was definitely ready for a little change from just drinking water, and I was surprised that they tasted awesome while being fortified with vitamins. I love win-win situations. I even noticed that during my usual mid-day slump, I actually felt pretty lively. I would suggest this to everyone for being good tasting and good for you.

Kenneth Person
Feeling So Young

I am 70 years old, retired, and umpiring high school baseball and officiating volleyball in Texas. My daily routine includes Mind with breakfast. I have found that Mind keeps me focused and recently I have had my best game behind the plate EVER! I honestly believe I did not miss a pitch, and I attribute this to Mind for keeping me focused. I found similar results during the volleyball season last fall. I was able to see aspects of the game that prior to using Mind were difficult to master. Do I feel or act like am 70 years old? NO!

Rodney Etchberger
Feeling Stronger and More Flexibility

Motion has really made a difference for me in flexibility and comfort. I used to find that my knees bothered me as the day wore on. Bending down to the floor became a chore. When I added Motion to my regimen, my knees felt stronger and had a lot more flexibility. I love knowing that I am protecting all the tissue supporting my joints!

Laura Hickey

I take it before a long meeting at the end of day and it helps me focus and stay alert.

Joan Fitzgerald
Can't Live Without it

It's amazing what happens when you change just one habit. Life Shotz is my can't live without, feel good, addition to my mornings. I replaced my a.m. coffees(sometimes more then one) hesitantly with Life Shotz a few months ago. The difference is that now I always feel abundant with energy. No ups, no downs, just a constant feeling of get up and go, that doesn't seem to disappear. AMAZING!!

James CK Chapman
God Bless For Motion

My daughter from Texas sent me Motion to see if it helped me. I was amazed! To my surprise within a week I was more easily getting up from a sitting position as well as getting out of my bath more easily it has continued to amaze me everyday I TRULY LOVE this product and pray I never have to be without. Motion has brought me back to a younger me more active than I have been in years ! I will be walking more and getting back to enjoying Mother Nature ! God Bless From Niagara Falls Canada

Linda Walsh
Great Service!

Oxyfresh has their act together on every sense of the word! Their orders get processed quickly and delivered fast. When I had a question, the customer service rep (Michelle) was friendly and knew how to help me without hesitation. Thank you Oxyfresh for top notch service along with your great products!

Steve Szabo - Kailua, HI / Customer since 2014
Feel Better About Myself

I started taking VIBE, weighing in at 316 pounds. My goal is to get down to 245 pounds and I am just 12 pounds away from that goal after starting my journey in January. I could not of made my goal without VIBE. I have more stamina and feel better about myself. I will stay on this program in maintenance for the rest of my life and recommend to anyone else that wants to have a better life!

Paul Raburn
The Best Products Of Their Kind

I have been using Oxyfresh products for about 8 years and truly believe them to be the best products on the market. I also want to give a shoutout to the customer service staff. They have always been extremely courteous in their endeavors to assist me.

Gerri Jenkins - Gainesville, FL / Customer since 2011
New Mom With Lots of Energy

I had a baby 6 months ago, and was looking to reset my body and get back the energy I had before. Within the first week, I was able to wake up before my alarm, go to the gym with no yawning, and stay up later. I feel very calm, rested, and get so much accomplished!

Jody Stummer
Living Life in High Gear

Since I started Life Shotz (about three weeks ago), I have seen a tremendous boost to my mood and clarity of mind. My natural energy level has risen to what I remember it being when I was 25. My friends and family have noticed a change in me, which only compounds my joy. I get up out of bed without having to negotiate with myself, and my sleep is much more restful. In addition, I feel generally peaceful and more positive every day, which is a bit new for me. I no longer make my plans based on how tired I think I'm going to be. I just plan my day and know I'll have the energy to follow through. Best of all, I get to share it. I'm living life in a higher gear! What a wonderful product, thank you!

Ken Alan Jenkins
Stronger Immune System

I started using LifeShotz after many over the counter multi vitamins have failed to give me the results I was looking for; better energy and stronger immune system. I came across Life Shotz and read all the ingredients and was pretty intrigued to try it since I was familiar with the importance of most of the ingredients in Life Shotz. It's not until day 21, that I started feeling myself more energetic, didn't need a mid day nap and felt great even towards the end of the day. The second biggest change I noticed is also this winter when I had been on Life Shotz for almost 6 months and didn't get sick once! Life Shotz is definitely a very important add on to your daily regimen and I started giving it to my kids too.

Layal Saghbini
It's Pretty Amazing

A few months ago, I stopped taking Life Shotz because I just didn't have the spare cash. I started noticing that I was getting tired in the afternoons, again. I had some left over product, and of course began taking it. It only took a few days for relief to kick in. I put myself back on Auto Order! I never thought it wasn't good stuff...i just didn't realize how amazing it truly was!

Devie Richards
It's Amazing

I have not felt this great in years _ thank you, Life Shotz! I have 4 children that are all active in sports and other activities. When I get off work, I am running my kids all over town to events and dropping kids off at their next destination. Taking care of myself has not been a priority. Since I have been drinking Life Shotz, I have the energy I need to get through the day.

Anne Rentziperis-Davis
Energy to Hit The Gym

I originally bought Life Shotz for my son and my (soon-to-be) son-in-law, for different reasons. However, when I saw how both responded so positively, I figured I deserved the same benefits myself! My job is very busy and stressful, but with Life Shotz, I find I still have the energy to go to the gym and enjoy my evenings, even after a full day at work! Now my other family members are trying it too! WOW!

Irene Scheirich
It's Sneaky Good

I am not sure exactly when I first noticed a difference after taking Life Shotz almost two years ago. Life Shotz gives a sneaky kind of energy that keeps working, not obvious like with the Yerba Mate. I used to take Yerba Mate for when I needed a boost and have barely taken any since drinking Life Shotz. I usually drink it after lunch and the big difference is I am not run down at the end of the day. I used to be worn down and pooped but now sail through the dishes at 9;00 pm. I sleep better and noticed I haven't gotten colds. At the first sign of a cold I drink Life Shotz and the cold never comes.

Brian Peinzavalli
Bursting with Energy

These life-enhancing nutrients keep me bursting with energy. This is without a doubt the most advanced nutritional drink available, and the perfect way to start every day.

Dorothy Stockard
Forever By My Nightstand

Motion is a product I bought and put off for a very long time _ the truth is because I don't like to swallow pills or capsules. However, I was so uncomfortable and stiff each day I woke up and got out of bed. It actually hurt to try to get out of bed, and my back and foot did not want to cooperate with me, when I went to walk. I've had back issues for years from sports and car accidents. This little bottle sat on my nightstand for longer than I care to admit, and I finally caved one night and began taking it. I understood that it may take up to 30 days to feel any relief. By Day 9, this girl felt FREE! I woke up and walked like I was 20 years old on my way to a party! I have been moving freely since and I will be 50 this year, and I feel like I'm 30, not quite 20, but definitely 30!;) Before, I felt like I was in my 80's on some days, and was in tears some of those days. I am VERY THANKFUL for this product!;)

Jeanine Fusco-Lano
Dropped 11 Pounds!

My wife Sally asked me to do the program with her so I reluctantly gave it a try. I was impressed with the products and their taste and quality. I was very impressed with the instruction. This program gave me the reset I was looking for to get me back in shape. I dropped 11 lbs in ten days, and now I am down 13 lbs! I just kept it going! Thanks Oxyfresh - you made a difference and I truly enjoy your products.

Eddie A
Helps My Workout Recovery

I take Life Shotz every day! It helps me recover after working out and I am thankful for that!

robert hageman
Spring In My Step

I am a truck driver and work a 12-hour day. Whenever I find myself feeling tired and 'blaaa,' I realize I forgot to take my Life Shotz. I now have a little spring to my step!

Brad Toma
I Never Miss A Day

After taking Lifeshotz for a few days, I woke up realizing I slept better than I had in months. It's not unusual for me to train 5 or 6 clients each day and I suddenly noticed I was sailing through my day without needing to rest. The sustained energy I felt was amazing. No mid day crash! Better sleep at night and more energy through the day.. I'll take it! I never miss a day! Lifeshotz rocks!

Sheri Doberman
No More Crash

I don't feel the 3;00pm crash like I do on most days. I work out on a regular basis, and I feel more energized.

Shannon Lewis
Definitely Feel The Benefits

Life Shotz has worked so well for me. I start drinking it in the morning and drink it over a period of a few hours. It gives me increased energy with no down periods in the afternoon, and I'm more alert and awake than I used to be. I definitely see the benefits!

Gary Cohen
Loving How I Feel

It's now easier to drink more water and exercise on a daily basis. I'm more consistent and I'm getting HUGE results!

Amy Machado
Perfect for Recovery and Focus

I became a consistent user of Life Shotz as I began training for a marathon in 2013 (yes, 26.2 miles)! At age 58, I wanted to make certain that I was using the best nutritional products. As important as consistent energy was, so was recovery and most of all the focus I had to keep true to a disciplined training program. On long mileage days, I used 2 sticks of Life Shotz. I successfully completed the marathon. AND, I did it in the same time that I had 30 years before when I ran my first marathon!!!

Mark Ratfelders
Real Results

Life Shotz is amazing! My energy level is up and I feel consistently great all day long. My husband and sons are also taking Life Shotz now that they see and hear the results from me!

Lynn Price
Curbed My Cravings

I can admit it, I have crazy uncontrollable cravings that led to weight gain and a struggle to keep up with a clean diet. Its tough when you are in the wellness profession and yet struggle with your own eating habits. Vibe was a HUGE game changer for me. It gives me a healthy, balanced diet. Fills me up, keeps me full AND slays those crazy cravings. LOVE IT!

Renee Hughes
Keeps me Full Longer

NEEDING my coffee every morning and always being on the run with no time to have a meal , that was me before Starting VIBE after 6 days of using Vibe as my morning meal replacement it keeps me full and satisfied for hours with optimized nutrition. Now I pour my coffee to enjoy it !!

Sally Hamad
Dog Trainers Need Focus

As a professional dog trainer, I have to be aware and in the moment every minute that I am working with a client. Besides just helping dogs learn basic obedience skills I also work with fearful, reactive and aggressive dogs. I MUST be able to assess clearly what these dogs are feeling and then determine what is the best course of positive training for them. They count on me to understand their situation and help them and Mind helps keep me in the moment, centered and focused on the task at hand! Mind...I thank you and my 4 legged clients thank you.

Neil Rubenstein
Sleeping Better

I have been taking Life Shotz, and the first two nights I slept soundly for the first time in I can't even say for how long. I usually have trouble sleeping because I can't shut my brain off.

Ann McAuliffe
Finally Have Natural Energy

I have always struggled with energy. For the first time, I can work a full day and then some. Even when I play volleyball for three hours, I still have the energy to complete my day. The mental clarity is also a huge boon. I'm able to stay on track and complete the things I start. All this and I'm boosting my immune system at the same time? Unbelievable! I'm hooked.

Carla Shover
I'll Never Go A Day Without It

When I'm running into someone that I haven't seen in a while, I've been getting the best compliments on how I look! At fifty-plus years old, I'm of course, extremely flattered, but I know I can attribute it to the 2+ years I've been using Life Shotz! I'll never go a day without it! I feel fantastic and apparently look that way too!

Denise Gallagher
Less Irritable and More Energy

I've been having stomach issues for a very long time, so I I get very little sleep and due to that I was drained and had to have coffee or an energy drink, sometimes 2 (organic) to make it through my day. With Life Shotz I no longer need coffee or energy drinks. Now I can walk past a coffee place and not get a caffeine craving. Sugar cravings have significantly dropped as well. My mood has improved, I'm less irritable and have more energy. I'm currently a truck driver so I'm always in a tight schedule and Vibe helps to stay on time and get home earlier. I don't have to stop and cook, which I used to do in the truck. That took 45 minutes to 1 hour. Now i just shake,shake, shake and go. I've even prepared it while waiting for the green light!!! Keeps me full up to 5 hours. I've taken many supplements and shakes and have spent a lot of money as many companies sell 4 to five different products for different benefits. What I love about Life Shotz is that it's conveniently packaged and there's so many benefits in just one shot a day! I will be sharing with everyone, friends and family ,cause I consider myself a health advocate and I know they will be glad to feel better and healthier.

Leon Flores
The Longer I Take It, The Better I Feel

I feel a thousand times better mentally, and I'm sleeping better. The longer I take it, the better I feel. My biggest change has been in my mood. I went from being in the dumps to my old happy self again. I've felt good but never this good!

Debbie James

I love taking LifeShotz. It’s versatile so I can take it first thing in the AM or later in the day!

Timothy Kurz - Washington, DC / Customer since 2018
No More Afternoon Slump

I started taking Life Shotz capsules and after a week or two of taking the capsules with breakfast I noticed something odd...I'd stopped drinking my afternoon coffee. I love coffee but also relied on the afternoon dose to get me through my day. Once I noticed I hadn't been drinking it I realized I didn't need it. I could make it through my day just fine without it. I feel the Life Shotz capsules help me avoid the afternoon slump I used to have.

Candy Mickels Mejia
Love The Products

I was introduced to Lifeshotz in April 2014. The product was very intriguing to me,because of the fact that it is gluten free and made from pea protien, as I have celiac disease and also stay away from alot of dairy. I work for a company that promotes non GMO products as well and that was also appealing. I went full force into a 30 day trial, thinking to myself, 5 days will not be enough time for me to see if I like this product. Excited to start, I took both products everyday and on day 6 I could totally feel a difference. I had more energy, I woke up feeling great and rested. My job requires me to get up at 4:15am. each day. Who wouldn't need a nap, right? I am able to come home in the afternoon, do chores, cook dinner for my family and get ready for the next day without feeling completely exhausted! I wake up in the morning ready to go! Thank you Vibe and Lifeshotz for changing my life!!

Judy Zschiesche
Saved This Busy Mom

I'm a mom of 3 teenagers and a preschooler, a full-time student, active in the high school my boys go to, and an all-around busy person! Life Shotz has saved me so many times. I can make it through the day without feeling like a zombie! Life Shotz is always there for me.

Jennifer Vargas
Something Very Special Here

Starting in my late 30's till now my mid 40's I started to experience more and more a lack of mental focus, lack of concentration, saggy and acne prone skin, and exhaustion. After my first dose of Life Shotz I KNEW I had taken into my body something that it needed. The internal calm, mental clarity, positive mood that I felt the rest of the day astounded me. As a wellness advocate I have come across many natural products and this one stood out as different. Admittedly after that initial reaction I had to adjust the dosage until I found exactly what works for my body and I am thrilled to say that 2 months later I am experiencing almost none of the symptoms that I had before and the ones that I do still experience are greatly reduced. Between taking both Life Shotz and Vibe, my mental focus and attitude is better, my skin is MUCH firmer, smoother and glowing. I am building muscle faster and my cravings for carbs are not gone but they are reduced I eat much less naturally without even trying than I did before Life Shotz. It has been just a short time and already it's really changed my life. I am so grateful to have found it and to be aligned with such an amazing and supportive company.The effort from corporate office especially from Courtney that went into making sure Life Shotz

Renee Hughes
Huge Improvement

I started taking Motion last month and noticed improvement in about 3 weeks. I run and workout on a regular basis and I started to notice that my knees don't pop now when I stand up! I've also noticed that when I lift weights my elbows aren't sore anymore. I have had joint pain for years and I'm so grateful to Motion! Thank you Oxyfresh!

Ginger Gardiner
Best Mood Ever

The surge of energy after drinking lifeshotz was so immediate, I was on cloud nine. The change in my mood was so noticeable it was like a light switch went on. I never want to turn the happiness off.

Sara Ross
Natural and Stimulant Free

I was curious about it and the benefits that it touted. Much to my surprise, MIND is awesome! It makes me feel very in control of my thoughts and i.e., NOT a racing mind, rather a very clear mind with focus to be able to get things done with precision thinking and more clarity. Knowing it is totally safe for kids, also makes me very happy!;) I also love sharing this with some of my friends who are parents because it's natural and stimulant free, which is a big deal to me, as a parent.

Jeanine Fusco-Lano

Wow! What a difference Life Shotz has made in my energy level, alertness and attention to detail, focus, sleep, and overall attitude throughout the day! Thank you!

Aubrey Fountain
Lost 30 Pounds

I have now been on Life Shotz for 1 1 and 2 years. I have lost almost 30 pounds and added 2 hours to every day! I can't imagine going back to my old life of drinking coffee, sodas, and Monsters all day long just to do the bare minimum. I will not miss that at all.

Amy Machado
The Real Deal

I am more alert and have more energy. Life Shotz is the most effective supplement I have ever taken.

Scott Speidell
Mental Clarity and Focus

Within a few weeks of my uncle taking the Mind product, he noticed improved mental clarity and focus. He is more productive and is a lot happier with friends and family!

Carin Iha
Changed My Life

I was introduced to Life Shotz and The Vibe in Fall 2013 by a friend of mine who started using the products after her chiropractor introduced her and her husband to them. I was very skeptical and kept them under my kitchen cabinet for months. Finally, in February 2014, after seeing the change in her and her husband, I decided to try the Life Shotz. It was incredible! It tasted so refreshing and I wanted more! I had been a 3-4 Diet Coke 30 oz drinks A DAY for years and years and years! After I drank the Life Shotz, my vision was considerably clearer and I just felt good! From that day.... almost 1 full year ago... I have NOT had another diet soda... and I do NOT crave them either. I drink more water now then I ever have in my life! Well, if that worked, I decided to try The Vibe. My blood sugar/insulin is not stable, so I was use to having sugar cravings and drops in my blood sugar meant daily tremors and mood swings. I started The Vibe every morning... to replace the Diet Coke and chocolate chip muffin ... LOL ... and it was amazing! I enjoyed the taste, drank it while driving to work and it kept my blood sugar under control. I followed up with the Life Shotz after my lunch and did not have my 2pm crash. I began sleeping better... moods were more stable... cravings

Denise Clemens
Simply Amazing

What an amazing product. I'm writing this late, as I thought it was so great, I keep telling everyone about it. During the first 10 days, I lost sleep due to my little one being sick and keeping me up all night. Life Shotz got me through the day so much better than I expected. I knew this was something wonderful when I gave my husband the evil eye for trying to take mine!!

Jennifer Vargas
Love My Vibe!

Keeps me full and packed with all things good for me!

Beth Shackelford - O Fallon, IL / Customer since 2016
No More Snooze Button

I used to start my day by hitting the snooze button two or three times before dragging myself out of bed. Now I just get up! I don't even need an alarm anymore. My mood has never been better and my house has never been cleaner. I feel like I can get so much more done every day. Thanks, Oxyfresh, for the shot of motivation!

Wendy Lewis
Seriously So Good

Vibe Shake is the best shake ever! I can't believe how awesome it tastes - just with water!

Lauren Myklebust
New Moms Need This

I have a 7-month-old son, and usually it was hard to get up with him at any hour to feed him, but on the fourth day of using Life Shotz, I found that I got up easier and was in a good mood. I have more energy now than I've had in years. I find myself cleaning and being much more productive all day long. No crash in the middle of the day, and my sleep quality has also improved. Life Shotz has a lifelong customer in me! ;)

Trevor Johnson
Pounds Melting Away

I gained 50 pounds of sympathy weight when my son was about to make his debut into this world. I needed to change my eating and snacking habits, and Vibe is exactly what I needed. By replacing my worst meal of the day with Vibe, instead of reaching for unhealthy snack, I'd sip a few sips of Vibe that I always kept ready in the fridge. I have been able to loose 35 pounds in 7 months, and it is still melting away.

James CK Chapman
I'm Loving It

Life Shotz makes me feel like I'm 21 years old again, ten feet tall and bulletproof! I'm loving it. I will have to admit, I was one of those who took a while to warm up to the product. I didn't like the taste at first, but now I love it! I don't mask it in anything, just add it to water. I also was a person who actually didn't like to drink water. This product forces you to drink water, which is so essential for our bodies. Everyone should be on this for their health and to live happier lives! I'm going back to college and I'm in my 40s. This product gives me mental clarity to focus on my studies. My advice is to stick with this product and if you think it isn't working or you don't like the taste -- give it some time to grow on you. You will love it! It's that good!

Mary Jo Bullock
Backed With Science

My friend Dee encouraged me to try a nutrition drink called Life Shotz. I felt a lift when it hit my system that first day, but by the third day, I was feeling good and had so much more energy, better sleep, and better mood! I was a believer. Anyone can claim that their product does all sorts of great things, but Life Shotz can back it up with science. Also, let's not forget to mention that there are hundreds of testimonials from doctors, athletes, and regular folks like me.

Linda Bryant
Less Stress

Life Shotz gets me going each day. I can't live without it. It gives me energy and helps relieve stress.

Ulla Gamberg
No Longer Sluggish

It gave me so much energy. I had been feeling sluggish for weeks, and after taking Life Shotz for a couple of days, I felt a difference in my energy level. I also felt more rested in the mornings.

Lisa Arango
Perfect For A Busy Student

Being a busy student and athlete it is important for me to fuel my body with the best foods possible. I cannot eat gluten so Vibe gives me a delicious, healthy meal that I never have to worry about. I love that I get my greens without having to taste green veggies! I drink vibe every day for breakfast and often I'll shake one up after basketball practice to help me be able to be ready for school and practice the next day.

Addi McLain
More Energy and Focus

I am 80 years old and have been dealing with poor memory recall for the past 3 years. My daughter had given me Life Shotz, but I had not been taking it regularly. Upon urging from some of my family members, I started taking it constantly every morning for the past 2 months. Within a week I was feeling more energy and a little more focus.

Agnes Dias
Future is Bright

I love this product! I am wide awake all day long! I work full and part time and have full energy to last through both jobs! I am sleeping better and am motivated to exercise. I feel healthier and cleaner since using this product! I am so excited for the future with Life Shotz! Thank you, Life Shotz!

Robert McNamara
Difference In Mood and Endurance

My daughter and I started taking Life Shotz, and on the second day, we noticed an amazing difference in our moods, energy, and endurance! We had to move HEAVY furniture by ourselves from a second story building - not only were we able to move it, but had enough energy to finish the task and assemble it all after 9 hours of hard work!!!! It was comical because my daughter and I looked at each other and thought...Life Shotz made it possible! I am now a proud Brand Rep. What a life changing product. My 17 year old daughter Haylie is hooked too!

Nicole Wright
My Skin Has Even Cleared Up

Life Shotz has changed my life completely. I feel so much more energized, better mood, and even better sleep patterns. My skin has even cleared up! I hardly drink coffee anymore in the morning. I just drink my Life Shotz. I would recommend to anyone.

chelsea sump
Perfect for a Boost

During my day I not only stay hydrated drinking my LifeShotz, but it helps me feel rejuvenated during the afternoon when I need a boost!

Barbie Bowen
My Wife and I are Hooked

As a sales manager in a busy car dealership, my schedule is hectic to say the least. Finding the energy to to work 65 hours a week or more was always a challenge. Not to mention raising 5 children at the same time. Sadly, I had become an energy drink addict, just to make it through the day. After weaning myself from the mega doses of caffeine and all the other bad stuff that came with the off-the-shelf energy drink addiction, I had the opportunity to try Life Shotz. I fully expected to be disappointed, but was willing to give anything a chance. The clean raw energy it gave me was almost immediate, and the clarity of mind soon followed. My wife and I are hooked! My wife and I depend on your product to keep us healthy and full of energy each and every day.

Scott Bousquet
Time Machine For Joints

It took about 4 weeks before I noticed that I was no longer hoisting myself out of my chair. My joints feel like they passed through a time machine!

Susan Szabo

What an amazing product and it has literally changed my life! I feel supercharged everyday compared to the lethargy I used to feel. It would literally take me hours to feel awake and a full pot of coffee! Not anymore and I am sleeping great and feel awesome _ I will never miss a day of Life Shotz! Thank you for a life changing product!

Scott Perciful
Lost 4 Pounds

I was working 2 jobs at the same time for about 3 weeks straight, waking up at 6am and not getting home until 11pm every night. I was working at a middle school as a sign language interpreter during the day and immedietly heading to a retail management job at night with an hour drive home. I had very little time for lunch at school and no time to grab or make dinner at my second job. Vibe kept me full while LifeShotz kept me fueled all day and I was able to stay awake on my way home. During this time, I also found no time to get to the gym or workout, but I lost 4 pounds within that time period. LifeShotz and Vibe came to my rescue at exactly the right time!

Abby Bell
Don't Go A Day Without It

The first thing I noticed was better sleep, I slept all night on just my 3rd night. Over the next few days, I had more energy, and didn't have the afternoon dropsies ( needing a nap a few hours after lunch. It's now been almost 3 years and I don't go a day without my Life Shotz. I still feel great, I rarely ever get sick and I know I'm getting clean ingredients!

Allison Smith
Amazing Stuff

The end of the year is always a hard time for me finishing up all my salon paperwork by the 31st.So this year i drank my normal Life Shotz in the morning and before bed since I was not getting very much sleep I would take the Life Shotz capsules and I woke up early and feeling rested,Amazing stuff!!!!

Amy Machado
Won't Start My Day Without It

I started taking Life Shotz at the suggestion of a friend! I was a bit skeptical at first but around day 8 I started to notice that I felt much more energized throughout the day and my sleep had improved! I also felt a bit more focused and able to concentrate. Life Shotz is a great product and I highly recommend to everyone! Now, I won't start my day without it!

Alissa Steffens
I am Hooked

On day 5 I noticed I had forgotten to stop and get my must-need-every-morning-to-function sugar-free Red Bull, and I didn't need it! I had been a 2 Red bull a day girl for over a year, my boss and co-workers had all expressed concern over my reliance on energy drinks so when a friend offered me Life Shotz I said sure whatever..... And now, I'm hooked!!!! I notice when I don't take my Life Shotz I can tell. Thanks for such an amazing product! As well as the fact that I can't take regular vitamin pills, they make me sick and Life Shotz goes down easy and my skin, hair and nails are all healthier!

Jessica Trask
No Going Back

Took away my cravings for sweets and carbs!! I didn't even think about not having them in my diet. Energy level was above and beyond anything I've ever experienced in my life. Such a mood-enhancer, I unconsciously whistle away while I work now. I had a client who asked why I was SO happy?? Great way to enter into a conversation of the LifeShotz opportunity. There's NO going back now!

Marti Barnes
Maintaining My Happy Place

When I tell people he said that, they look at me and say huh? But, I did exactly what he said. I started taking my exercising more seriously and actually became more of a runner. I'm up to 4-5 miles 5 days a week if I can do it. I don't kill myself though. I ended up losing 20 pounds over the 3 months by changing my diet also. Eating better... less carbs... more veggies, more protein... As this was beginning to take shape, I was introduced to Life Shotz and Vibe by an acquaintance, whom now is a GREAT friend. I tried the Vibe and Life Shotz for 5 days, then a month, and even before the month was over I was craving the shakes like crazy after running every morning. I thought I was crazy, how could I be craving such healthy things? Well, since I started the product, I've maintained my same weight after losing the 20 pounds. I wouldn't mind losing more, but I like how I feel and look right now. I've gotten many great comments and compliments on how fit I am. I'm super proud of myself and I've been able to share my experience with my friends. I really love to help others so I hope this does help someone else achieve a goal. I drink Vibe every morning and I teach middle school full time so it gives me plenty of energy to keep up with my students. I have my Life Shotz when

Danielle Perryman
Thank You For A Great Product

Being over 60 is no picnic when your body doesn't want to move as quickly as your brain still wants it to! Enter Motion! I wasn't sure if it would make a difference for me, but I still exercise vigorously and regularly, and I don't feel beat up afterwards. Thanks for this great product!

Cindy Holt
It's Incredible

Life Shotz is the most amazing product I have ever tried in my life. It makes me feel powerful, excited, happy, and it helps me get everything done with so much energy and mind focus! It also makes my nails grow strong and makes my hair grow faster, It's incredible! I recommend this product to anyone who would appreciate feeling like I do!

Dora Sanchez
Worth It

Every once and a while I used a stick at lunch or in the morning, but it wasn't until I started to take Life Shotz serious that I decided to take them EVERY day! It took about 4 weeks for me to notice my mood change and I'm feeling better than ever, but I'm glad I stuck with it and I know it's not worth ever giving up!!

Colby Rust
Loving The Energy

Took 2 aday for 3 weeks now and am loving the energy and few pound lost

andrea smoorenburg
Energy to Burn

I am just getting started in my career, and in my line of work, I have to be on' all the time. Despite the odd hours, with Life Shotz I have energy to burn!

Phil Scheirich
Never Without It

I noticed a difference the first time. I work a physical, 12-hours-a-day, 5-days-a-week job and wouldn't go a day without Life Shotz. It absolutely helps me get through the day.

John Rodarte
Shake Heaven

I've been on LifeShotz and The Vibe for a week now, I felt results the 1st morning. I was previously on Jay Robb's protein shakes and felt I had died and gone to shake-heaven with The Vibe. Such creaminess and flavor!

Marti Barnes
I Don't Feel Deprived!

I started this program with the idea of trying to to be healthier. I'd hit an all time high with my weight and an all time low with my energy. I am very resistant to changing my eating habits because I don't like to feel deprived or like I'm on a diet. The Oxyfresh program was so much more than a new diet fad for me. It was a thoughtful decision to make necessary changes in my life for better health, more energy and, possibly, weight loss along the way. I fully expected it to be difficult to stop eating bread, pasta, sugar and dairy, even for just a short period of time. The most shocking part for me (since that was basically my entire diet lately) is the complete LACK of cravings I've had. It's now day 5, and I've dropped 6 lbs! But, more surprisingly, I have more energy, without being shaky or feeling like I've had a pot of coffee. Just natural energy. The best part for me is that the ingredients are natural and packed full of essential vitamins and minerals. I know that by continuing with the program, I can eat healthier without worrying about whether I'm getting the right nutrients. I am also very happy about not having cravings for foods that aren't as healthy! I really feel that this is the start of a wonderful journey toward getting my life and my health back. With Oxyfres

Dawne Cornett
Good Stuff That Tastes Great

My 12 year old daughter and I enjoy a Vanilla Vibe every morning. We love the taste and love knowing we are putting good stuff into our bodies!

Sheri Staples
I Ran My Best Time

I'm the head golf professional at the Santa Lucia Preserve, and while training for an upcoming marathon, I experienced Life Shotz for the first time. The energy boost I received allowed me to run faster than any previous personal best training runs without feeling the fatigue normally associated with running. I ran my fastest and felt my best!

John Pietro
Great Product!

It's my daily boost. Love it.

Sue Bennett-Coyne - Jamestown, ND / Customer since 2016
It Really Works

Simply awesome. This stuff is great!

Sir Randall Johnson
Mission Trip Must Have

I just got back from a mission trip to Tijuana where we were building houses for those less fortunate. I took two Life Shotz to the work site every day and it gave me the boost I needed to complete the physical work necessary and kept me hydrated in the heat!

Lisa Widener
Gets Me Through The Day

Life Shotz gets me through the day with more energy, and that's a big deal because I'm a trainer and on my feet all day.

John Riddle
Felt It In Just 2 Days

When I started Oxyfresh, I felt a difference in just 2 days! Due to a scheduled surgery, my doctor recommended I stop all supplements. However, in one day, I had ZERO energy and brain fog. I consulted with my physician and I got the green light to get back on the products. I love these products!

Great For Weighloss

I have found both of the Life Shotz products that I have tried to be very beneficial. I have had problems sleeping more than five hours per night for many years. My sleep pattern has very much improved since taking the Life Shotz dietary supplement. I noticed the difference in less than a week! In addition to improved sleep, my energy level has greatly improved. I used to think that zonking out mid-day just comes with being a senior, but not so. I'm so grateful for having the energy to better enjoy life! The Vibe has also been a blessing. The taste is great just by adding cold water. Also it is a very filling low-calorie meal replacement! And so healthy too! At first I thought it was rather expensive, but actually it averages out to about $3.30 per serving! It's been a great aid in my weight-loss efforts as well

Leezette Baker
Loving it

I was very frustrated with my weight, I was on a plateau and could not lose any weight despite exercising and cutting way back on the amount of food I was eating. I had done some research and found out that if you do a total body cleanse, it could help get you off the weight plateau and reset your metabolism so the weight will come off. So, I decided to do a cleanse...but I wanted to really kick-start it by doing 3 Vibe shakes a day, breakfast(with Life Shotz in it), lunch and dinner + minimal snacks in between for at least 3 days. Well, by the 3rd day, I was blown away by how easy this process was going and I had absolutely no hunger or cravings at all that I decided to go for 5 days. By the end of day 5, I was sooooo happy! I had lost 5 lbs and felt stoked ;) The second phase was to start the 2 Vibe shakes a day, breakfast and dinner and have a lunch that consisted of food that was ok to include list(from the Clean program by Alejandro Junger, M.D.). In the next 2 weeks I dropped another 3 lbs. Then I went on vacation to visit my son and his family(including my new grandson). I was very mindful of the food I ate while I was gone but still nervous to get on the scale when I got back. I am happy to say I did not gain a single pound, but I didn't lose any more either!

Sherry Boyle
Awesome Taste

Like the flavor of the Vibe shakes! Chocolate is my favorite but the vanilla does taste like cake batter.

Renee Buckhoff
Absolutely Love the Taste

I've tried a ton of different protein shakes over the years and I've NEVER found one I liked or kept me full until I tried Vibe! I absolutely love the taste. I love the convenience and I love how it keeps me full for hours! It has been a gift to me as well as my training clients.. I can't tell you how many clients come to me saying they didn't have time to eat breakfast but NOW they come to me fueled with a VIBE shake.. ready to workout! It has made such a profound difference! Thank you for such a great product!

Sheri Doberman
I Feel Younger

During the first 10 days, I drank one packet mixed with water a day. I was on top of my game and realized, wow, I feel great! I feel younger and more upbeat. Bottom line is, I love Life Shotz and it's part of my daily routine. I feel better and perform at higher levels while using it!

Sonia Champlin
I Accomplish So Much More

I have so much more energy and accomplish so much more throughout my day since taking Life Shotz every morning. With a crazy schedule it keeps me going from early in the morning to late a night, going strong right until bedtime. Even my mom who's almost 81, is still running the Sun Run 10K race with loads of pep in her step and I know Life Shotz is keeping her young at heart!

Darlene Knapton
Perfect For Moms On The Go

One of the many reasons I enjoy Vibe is because it does not have a chalk-like taste to it but is rather smoothe. I also like the flavor of both Chiseled Chocolate and Viva Vanilla. These shakes are so versatile and great for moms on the go like me!

Jennifer Hunter
Long Time Use!

Vibe shakes have been my breakfast for the past 3 years! I love them!!!

Jen Williams - Spring City, PA / Customer since 2016
So Easy

I love the clean, natural ingredients in Vibe and love knowing I'm getting a serving of vegetables in a great tasting, grab-n-go shake!

Sheri Staples
Feeling Better

I was introduced to Life Shotz by my son. He told me, Mom, you have to try this product because I think it will help you feel better!' I tried it, and on the third day, I realized that my knees were not throbbing and aching like they had been from walking on my treadmill. I was afraid I was going to have to give up my treadmill, which I really didn't want to do because I love walking on it while listening to my audiobooks or watching movies or TV. It makes the time fly by, and I don't think about the time. Now I can enjoy my walking.

Sherry Boyle
Love The Way It Makes Me Feel

I am on my feet all day. Usually, when I get home, I'm exhausted. On the 1st day I drank Life Shotz, I got home and had amazing energy! Now, I'm able to get so much more done! On Saturday, I was out of my normal routine and forgot to drink my Life Shotz. At about 2;00, I realized I was dragging..then I remembered, I hadn't had my shot! I don't want to go without it again! I LOVE the way it makes me feel, the energy it gives me, and the fact that it is GOOD for me!

Melissa Nelson
Love My Protein Powder Thanks!

Love my protein powder thanks!

Jessica Tartaro - Dallas, TX / Customer since 2016
Never Felt Better

During those first 2 weeks, I felt better and better, and my energy went up! Now, after 1 1 and 2 years, I feel what good it does for my body! I have never felt better!

Carola Sjogren
Recommend It!

As soon as I began drinking this I started feeling SO much more energized, and I was sleeping so much better. I highly recommend this to anyone! It gives you a great boost of extra energy;)

Jordan Long
Seriously Good Stuff

If I told you all the great results I am getting from Life Shotz, I'd get us all in trouble. Seriously, this is good stuff and a great daily addition to all the things our moms and doctors and kids tell us to do. Feel it for yourself -- make sure you have duct tape ready to put over your mouth because you won't be able to remain silent. Don't worry about getting the message across though Ä everyone around you will notice the difference!

Camille Rogers
Best Tasting Meal Replacement Shake!

Oxyfresh Vibe is the best tasting meal replacement shake that I've tasted. I have tasted many and none even come close. I have a green juice in the morning and a Vibe shake for lunch. This has helped me to significantly change my diet. Now I just need to work on my dinners...

Valik Rudd - Post Falls, ID / Customer since 2007
Breaking The Plateau

Three years ago I set out to loose 50 lbs but hit a plateau after losing the first 30. I literally held on at that weight for nearly two years. Then I tried changing up my routine and starting my day with A Vibe shake. I had already been using a protein powder shake as a meal replacement but once I switched to Vibe, the weight once again started coming off. Within 6 months, I lost the targeted 20 lbs and felt so good that I decided to lose another 5! I'm now at my desired body fat goal and wearing the same size clothes I wore as a high school athlete....more than 40 years later!

Jeff Johnston
Beat The Jet Lag

As a CEO, I travel the globe, often traveling more than 300,000 miles a year. I often do quick turn trips from my home in California to Europe and Asia. Many times I must go straight from a flight to a business meeting or dinner. I started taking a Life Shotz plus Mind just before landing and was amazed at how effectively it beat the jet lag. I was able to remain alert and focused even through late night business dinners after arrival in Europe. I was so impressed by this I started sharing my experience with the flight crews I traveled with.

Jeff Johnston
Great Product

Have been taking this product for the past 2 years and it is everything it says. Often I know I am not getting the nutrition needed on a daily basis, so aside from all of the wonderful ingredients I have a full vegetable serving and because I mix it with fruit a full fruit serving. By the way, the new packaging is fantastic and much easier to use!!!!

Lawrence - Clermont, FL / Customer since 2014

I slept through the night -- which I never do -- and got up at 6;00 ready to go. I am pretty excited about this! I am going to keep a diary. Rick wants to try it too!

Maureen Mitchell
No Longer A Slave to Caffeine

Having been a slave to caffeine for years with a 5+ 20oz. habit per day for years, I was able to quit with complete ease and zero suffering! I could not be more delighted with the product and the results! Thank you, Life Shotz!

Stephanie Reed

Love the Vibe powder, Miss the individual premeasured packs. Bring them back!

Luz Marina Mayorga - Bordentown, NJ / Customer since 2016
Order Changed And Received On Time

Always a happy voice on your side of the phone calls and the change I had to made was received in a positive manner.... Happy with my Vibe!

Sharman Elison - Kailua, HI / Customer since 2015
My Golf Game Improved

I have been playing competitive golf as long as I can remember. A round of golf can take up to four hours to play or even five hours when it is a competitive round. It is easy to lose concentration or energy after being on the golf course so long. My first experience using Life Shotz happened on a practice round at the course I play. I finished the front nine feeling tired and lethargic. I decided to try a packet of Life Shotz on the back nine. I proceeded to shoot three under par on the back nine and felt full of energy. The best part was there was no sense of a come down when I went home that evening. With those results, I took a Life Shotz before my next two tournaments. Needless to say, I shot under par, finishing tied for first and a solo third place finish. I was sold on Life Shotz from that point forward. I use Life Shotz now and share my experience with others. Thank you, Life Shotz!

Grant Haney
Morning Ritual

Use it everyday in the am. Banana, a little left over coffee, sliced almonds and milk and a little peanut butter. Blend it up..Awesome way to start my day.

John ONeal - Carmel Valley, CA / Customer since 2014
The Best of Me

Thanks to Life Shotz, everyone in my life gets the best of me throughout the day. I sleep better so I am rested and ready to get up early in the morning to walk before I begin a full day of teaching. When I arrive at school, my students are greeted by a smiling and healthy teacher. At the end of my teaching day, I head home to my family and have the energy to stay connected to them until we head to bed around 10 p.m. Life Shotz has improved the quality of my life.

Lynn Price

It's like magic; late-night pushes to meet deadlines don't exhaust me like they used to. I give all the credit to the powder.

Linda Avery
Natural Energy

Physical energy! This is the first thing I noticed after just three days. Everyone talks about the mental clarity they feel after taking Life Shotz. I believe this is a result of the body having more energy as a result of Life Shotz, leaving the mind to focus on non-physical things. Additionally, I feel like I have gained my second wind back. Over the years, it was as though I would lose my second wind in the late afternoons, and now with Life Shotz, it has returned!

Kevin Trost

Helps me make it through my crazy days with the kids

Jennifer Lanctot
Game Changer

LifeShotz has been a game changer for me and my wife. We have two young children who keep us on the move all day and sleep minimally at night. While we may not get the quantity of sleep we need, our quality of sleep and mood throughout the day has certainly improved! This allows us to show up at our best for the various roles we have throughout the day. We are grateful!

Brian Boyne
Energy Without The Crash

I noticed an instant difference in the amount of energy I felt after taking Life Shotz. I stopped drinking coffee and have energy throughout the day without the crash.

Grace Klein
Perfect for Multitaskers

I'm no stranger to how the unfocused mind feels. Mind keeps me focused, sharp, and attentive when multi tasking. All skills I have always struggled in childhood and adulthood. It's amazing what a little brain food can do for you!

James CK Chapman
Sharper Mind and Focus

I had immediate results with LifeShotz - like the same day! Sharper mind and better focus every day since.

Larry Thill, DC
Ready to Go

I used to have to get monthly B12 injections until I started taking LifeShotz. Now I feel energized and ready to go!

Sheri Ptolemy
Lost 10 Pounds

In addition to the nice lift of sustained energy, I noticed one other fascinating benefit from drinking Life Shotz every day; I am leaving more food on my plate at dinner time. As a result, I've lost almost 10 pounds. Perhaps an unintended consequence. Perhaps Life Shotz gives you what you need, eliminating binge cravings. Yet another healthy reason to incorporate Life Shotz in your daily routine. What are you waiting for?

Mario Nu_ez

I’ve been using MIND for over 2 years now. It has been such a savior for me, helps to clear my thinking and give me focus! Thank you you Oxyfresh for amazing products!!

Martina Ahuna - Waipahu, HI / Customer since 2016
I Feel Really Good

I have been trying to take myself slowly off caffeine, but suffer from some fatigue due to everyday life. I tried Life Shotz and I LOVE IT!!! I feel really good, and I know it takes time to get into the system, but the mere fact that I am off caffeine and any types of soda, and replenishing my vitamins in a healthy way is really encouraging. I just signed up and am spreading the word because I love what it's doing so far. I'm a fitness instructor and this could very well be the key to my success for my everyday fitness goals!!!

Christine Mullen
Keeps Me Sharp All Day

B vitamins pack a punch of energy and the blend of high ORAC juices has an enjoyable taste. With no white processed sugar, there are added benefits from xylitol. It keeps me sharp at work all day.

Susan Fredericks, RDH
Don't Take Your Mind For Granted

My grandmother recently passed away. Unfortunately, her quality of life the last few years, had been very low. She didn't have the ability to think clearly and recognize what was happening around her. It made me so sad to think that that could be my future. I didn't have any hope of a different outcome for me, for how does a person protect their mind? When I found out there was a product that protected the mind, long-term, I was elated! The idea of being sharp at the end of my life was a much more optimistic notion than what I thought would be inevitable! And then when I found out that not only does Mind protect the brain, it protects the eye too, I was ecstatic! As I age, I notice my eye sight declining. Being able to protect the eye from blue light as well as the macula is HUGE! Now I know my mind and eyes will be in their best shape for the rest of my life because of this powerful product!

Brett East
Proud to Recommend

When I started the program, the day began around 8 am, like any other. I had my breakfast, along with my Mind and Life Shotz and around 11 had my Vibe. As the day progressed, I did not think about eating. I was finishing up my route around 5 when I realized, I had not eaten anything since my shake... Annnd I was not hungry, no difficulty focusing and no cloudy, fuzzy feelings in my mind! I love the fact that I can have my Vibe shake and not have to stop for lunch and finish my days earlier so I can get home to my fiance and 2 year old son. Another result that I felt was the feeling of being fully rested after a nights sleep. Having a 2 year old, sleep can sometimes be very minimal. I sleep better, wake up feeling rested, and, this is the weirdest part, I wake up every morning about 5 minutes before my alarm goes off. Before this program, I would wake up at the alarm and more often than not, hit the snooze at least once. Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating a healthy, clean product that we are proud to use and recommend!

Ernie Heyek
WOW It's Changed My Life


Clears Brain Fog

In all my life, I have never been known to be a morning person. It normally takes me hours to get moving and to be able to think on my feet. I am amazed at how quickly Mind clears up my brain fog in the morning... within half an hour! My thoughts just come to me and roll off my tongue, and I love that I am protecting my brain as I age.

Becky Ford
Feel Like A Million

I have more energy at 55 yrs. old than I did at 30. I can get up at 6 in the morning and still be going strong at 11 that night w and o a nap. I have my mother who is 81 drinking Life Shotz and she loves it. She has a lot more energy and we both are sleeping better. I have lost some weight and gave up beef and dairy. Feel like a million.

Debra Ivy
Ingredients That Impress

From the first Vibe Shake, I felt my energy level rise . I felt awake, energetic and ready to conquer the day. I do not feel hungry for at least 4 hours which keeps me moving and not feeling sluggish! I have VIBE every day for breakfast and I don't feel guilty drinking a chocolate shake! I am impressed by the ingredients in VIBE and I constantly share my experience with Oxyfresh whenever I can. Where has this been when I was having my kids? I am late, but better LATE than Never!

Sheree Khoury
Life Is Awesome

VIBE was an answer to a quest I was on for a healthier me. I wanted to feel better mentally and physically. When I was first introduced to these products (both VIBE and Life Shotz), I read the ingredients in VIBE and what it DIDN'T have in it, I was relieved! (Non-GMO, no gluten, no dairy, no soy, no whey, no dairy) Wow! Finally, I found everything I was looking for all in one place, including vegetables! I truly said out loud to the person that introduced me to it _ one stop shopping! I felt really happy the first day I tried this, and in 3 months' time, I down 36 lbs!;) I did this with VIBE and Life Shotz together!;) I got my confidence back and I feel great in my jeans, and I'm wearing cute high-heel shoes again because my feet, back and legs feel better. My skin and hair are healthier than they've been in years, and my productivity in my work has propelled me for a few promotions, which in turn has helped our family! Life is awesome!

Jeanine Fusco-Lano
I'm Hooked

After the first shot I was hooked. I am 34 years old and I feel like I am 21 again. I love this product so much that I just tell everyone about it

Justin Glover
Miles Of Smiles From Austin!

Thank you so much for developing these great products to help others! Not only are they healthy, but they taste great, too! Even the changes that are made with some of the products, the transition is smooth and no complaints from us! It is always a pleasure receiving the products in the mail and in a timely matter! My husband and I feel it is a WIN WIN! Thanks Oxyfresh...we love you and keep on spreading the happiness of our products to others! We are miles of smiles here in Austin!

Susan - West Lake Hills, TX / Customer since 2014
Energy To Workout

Before starting Life Shotz, my energy level was always extremely low! Now ... I have the energy to workout at the gym after work, go home to cook dinner, and take care of the kids. I feel better and love it!

Taffy Molock

I have used Life Shotz since February and it's an amazing product! Before Life Shotz, I was always tired but could never fall asleep in the evening. After just a little sleep, my dogs would wake me up at around 6 a.m. I tried in vain to get them to go back to sleep, but there was not a chance. I was extremely grumpy and tired. If I didn't have a huge mug of very strong coffee in the morning, there was never a good time to try to talk to me. After starting to take Life Shotz on a daily basis, I noticed a significant difference. Suddenly I shocked my dogs by waking up at or before 5 a.m. without their help! It's great to hear the birds sing and have all my chores done before 8 a.m. The rest of the day seems so much longer, and I have more productivity and fun in life. Another difference is that at night I fall asleep the instant my head hits the pillow! My thanks goes to Life Shotz and its people for this life-changing product!

Ulla Gamberg
This Is The Real Deal

When I first heard about Life Shotz, I was in the middle of a serious nutrition and fitness program and thought I was doing pretty well. Then the fifth day arrived. I took my stick around 11 am and the energy arrived. Not a spike or rush from coffee, sugar, or other drinks, but a calm, good, energized feeling. I didn't need the 3 pm coffee pick-me-up or the cup for the ride home. I felt great!!!! That same feeling continues each and every day I take it. This is the real deal, and I am thrilled with Life Shotz!!!

Mark McAuliffe
Love my vibe!

Don’t go a single day without it! Best meal replacement shake on the market!

Marcy Cordova - Bixby, OK / Customer since 2015
I'm So Grateful

2 weeks ago my daughter brought me a bottle of MIND. Within 3 days of adding MIND to my daily routine of Life Shotz, I started actually feeling clearer than I had in years. I started doing tasks that had been to frustrating to try before. My family said that I started acting more like old self. I was able to join in on conversations with out jumbling thoughts and words. I have even started going back to joining the ladies of the Garden Club at our Luncheon group. I am so grateful for the gift of being able to fully enjoy my relationships with my children, grandchildren and of course my husband of 63 years. Thank You Oxyfresh, for giving me life back.

Agnes Dias
Competitive Baseball Need Focus

I am a competitive baseball player and 14 years old. This summer, I had five tournaments in two months and can play up to 7 or 8 games in one weekend! My mom fuels me with Life Shotz throughout my tournament to keep me energized and hydrated. MIND keeps me focused so that I can performed at my highest level. I am excited that I am hitting, pitching, and catching like a pro and we actually just won our most recent tournament! Plus, at the end of a long weekend, I still have the energy to hang out with my friends!

Max Kessler
I'm Hooked

WOW! All I can say is this product is amazing. I was excited to try Life Shotz because it is a certified clean product that has each batch tested by independent parties. Before Life Shotz, I had trouble sleeping at night, and throughout the day I would feel exhausted. I had trouble focusing on different tasks due to my exhaustion. In three days, I was sleeping easily. In five days, I had enough energy throughout the day, which allowed me to stay focused. I am hooked on Life Shotz because of the positive natural effects I have experienced.

Olivia Dunn
Don't Miss My Old Habits

After 2 weeks of following the Vibe program and making healthier choices during the day, moving and better sleep ... I don't even miss my old habits and I feel great too!

Patty Nelson
Simply Delicious

I get more excited about Vibe now than I used to get having ice cream after dinner because it is DELICIOUS. I feel like I am drinking a milkshake but one that is *loaded* with the potent nutrition that my body needs. With Vibe, I have quickly dropped 12 pounds (Without changing my diet), and I can see my collar bones again! I am ecstatic that I have Vibe to help me to live a longer and happier life with my family! Cheers!!

Zach Cutler-Orrey
Extra Energy

I started taking the sugar-free, and feel great with full energy. I have been getting up at 5 am to go swimming and still have energy at the end of my day. I am so gung-ho on Life Shotz!

Jerry Sparling
Tastes Amazing

Life Shotz is awesome! Not only is it nutritional.. the taste is amazing!! I never thought I would ever participate in any 5K's, due to a bad knee. But with the help of Life Shotz.. one right before the race and one right after.. I was able to complete a 5K this past May! Now I am looking forward to running more 5K's, 10K's and in a couple of years.. a half marathon. Life Shotz will be with me!

Joni S
Giving My Body The Best

Servicing swimming pools throughout the day, I often forget to bring a lunch and find myself eating at very undesirable places, often spending anywhere from $4-$9 per meal, and then I am hungry again within a few hours. Since I have been drinking Vibe, I no longer have to stop for my lunch. Vibe keeps me fuller longer AND I save myself $30-$40 per week! I feel better knowing I am giving my body the best I can when on the go thanks to Vibe!

Ernie Heyek
Time To Be Healthy

I have tried many products in the past to lose weight. I got over trying to lose weight and just wanted to be healthy. After 2 days, I already felt a difference. I was always looking for an outward change but with these products the change I felt was on the inside. It is so hard to explain but I truly can feel a difference on the inside. I never feel bloated anymore. In addition to my insides changing I have so much energy. As a mom to 2 very energetic little boys, wife to firefighter, and a full time nurse who works nights in a busy pediatric emergency room I was constantly trying to nap when my kids did and find energy wherever I could. I don't feel bogged down anymore and I don't have to take naps every day. I love this product and can't wait to see where it takes me on this journey of health!

Carlee Burtch
You'll Love It

I tried Life Shotz for 30 days and then did not use it for the next 30 days. I knew for sure that taking Life Shotz made me feel different!!! I try to do Bikram yoga 4-5 days a week. When I am using the product I have so much more energy and clearly feel like it helps me accomplish my workout goals. I have recently added the shake to my daily diet. It seems I am always running from one thing to the next and never have the proper time to really prepare anything as nutritious. Just reading about this product and you know you are doing your body a favor! I personally love the vanilla. Try it, you'll like it!

Diane Schultz
More Pep in My Step

I noticed an almost immediate pep in my step after taking my first Life Shotz. Great taste as well. An awesome product!

Belinda Jensen
Feeling Refreshed

Since taking Life Shotz, I sleep such a deep, relaxing sleep. I am more refreshed and ready to take on the world each day.

Glennis Waltman
Revolutionized My Life

Life Shotz has revolutionized my life. I no longer even think about what I might get during the infectious seasons. I simply get up every day and take my Life Shotz and I know I'll have plenty of energy and focus all day long. No more afternoon crashes and running out of energy before I run out of day. I outwork most of my younger coworkers because I'm just more energetic. Life Shotz is a forever benefit in my life!

Laura Hickey
Lost 10 Pounds

When I began my Vibe shakes I lost up to 10 pounds and can better control my blood sugar.I don't crave simple sugars throughout the day when I have my shake in the morning. I always add a shot of espresso to my shake in the morning and it doubles as my coffee!

Casey McGuirk
Workout Recovery is Awesome

I am in outside sales and many days I don't get home until 8 or 9 p.m. I first started to notice I was sleeping better and feeling better in the mornings. I truly love Life Shotz. I recently started working out and the recovery has been fabulous.

Getting Results

With Vibe I can now offer my clients delicious meal replacement shakes and a solid program that gets results!

Colleen Riddle
Lost 32 Pounds

I have been using Vibe for about 8 months now and have lost 32 pounds and several inches in the waistline. Since starting this life style change, I went from not working out ever to working out every single day. It truly has changed how I feel in my day to day life giving me the satisfaction of a full meal with very few calories and not the weighed down feeling. Vibe has given me the ability to have more control over my diet and my energy level with the ease of a tasty shake.

Nanette Flores
More Time In The Day

As a wife, full time student and mother to two little boys, I'm always complaining that there simply isn't enough time in the day to get everything done. Life Shotz gives you that time BACK! On the first day I noticed increased energy, by the third day, I knew I couldn't live with out this product.

Ashley Fritts
Recommend it Daily

OMG I cannot believe the positive and motivational difference I have been feeling since I started taking Life Shotz!!! Wow, this is truly amazing and very healthy STUFF that I enjoy every day. I recommend it daily to EVERYONE. When someone tells me how tired and worn down they are, I can't help but tell them about LIFE SHOTZ and what it has done for me and my entire family. Thanks also to my dear friend Christine for introducing me to LIFE SHOTZ for LIFE!!!!

Shannon Speidell
Made a Huge Difference

Life Shotz has made a huge difference for me. I'm sleeping soundly, I wake up more refreshed, and my energy level is amazing during the later hours of the afternoon when I would normally slow down. Now I have a smile on my face! When I was recently out of Life Shotz for a short time, I started coming down with a seasonal cold that would normally kick my butt, but I'm back on the product and I'm kicking its butt! Thank you, Life Shotz!

Michelle Curtis
Can't Imagine a Day Without It

I have now been on Life Shotz for almost five months. I cannot imagine going a day without it! My mood has changed so much that I feel like someone flipped a light switch on! I have more energy and I have lost some of the major cravings I had. My body is leveling out since I now get what I need every day. What a huge difference! For me, it's been a life saver. I didn't realize how deficient I was until I started this. And I have dropped a few pounds too! ;) I am so thankful for Life Shotz.

Debbie James
Safe Ingredients

I am a commercial pilot by profession. I believe in the benefits of Life Shotz, but I have always been concerned about the ingredients because I get randomly drug tested by the FAA periodically. I had taken the products because I saw other testimonials, and the NBA and NCAA had endorsed the product. Recently I had taken Life Shotz around noon, and within 3 hours, I was notified that I had been randomly selected for a drug test. This could potentially be a career changing event! AND I passed with flying colors! I have no apprehension now about using or sharing this product with others that are in a commercial travel, safety-related profession.

Jeff Reeder
It Really Does Work

With the cold and flu season upon us and working with kids who are constantly coughing and sneezing around me, I was excited to see how taking Life Shotz for seven months was really building my immune system up. Well let me tell you I know my body and I felt the beginning of a cold coming on and much to my eager anticipation I fought it off!!!!! I was thrilled!!!!!!!!!

Alison Lucio
This is Perfect for Me

I love how much energy the Lifeshotz drink gave me. Being a stay at home mom of two, and homeschooling I always need more energy and quick ways to boost my health. This is perfect for me! It gives me the extra boost I need in the afternoon and peace of mind knowing its great for my health.

Lauren Wright
What A Difference

I've been taking Life Shotz for a little over two years now. What a difference it has made for me! I've had more energy, better mental focus, and just an all-around improvement to the way I feel. Life Shotz has been the secret weapon to all the improvements in my health and fitness. I feel better than I've felt in years! I can't imagine a day without it!

Steven Machado
We love our Vibe.

On time. Perfect.

Irene Goldberg Wilmington, DE / Customer since 2015
More Energy

My energy level is higher thanks to Life Shotz. I work swing shifts so I take it late in the afternoon and it gets me through my night of work easier. It keeps me sleeping soundly too.

Barbara Robinson
I Love Lifeshotz

I Started Life Shotz to help me stay awake at work. I work a 12 hour shift in a factory. I was always tried. On day 3, I started feeling better, but I just figured I got good sleep. By day 8, I was sure it was working! I would go 12 hours without yawning or dozing off on breaks, I even started drinking less caffeine ... Which I was living on before Life Shotz. I'm telling you I'll never stop taking this product!! I love Life Shotz! Keep it up!!

Sarah Kraft
No Afternoon Slump

I didn't know what to expect with the program. Like a lot of folks, I can be up for anything at this time of year to nix the crazy eating that has been going on thru the holiday season and get out of the post holiday season slump. I have to say I am very surprised to feel as good as I do after 7 days using the product! I have more energy at the end of the day, I do not have my afternoon slump in the office, my thought processes are keener and my mood does not include the holiday blues. I dropped my holiday pounds and I wake up feeling ready to go.

Linda Packard
Necessity In Every Bag

As a student, and soon-to-be nurse, I find it challenging to maintain a healthy, balanced diet with my busy class and clinical schedule. When introduced to Vibe, naturally I skimmed the packaging for the ingredients label and was surprisingly impressed with the quality and clean ingredients incorporated in this product. I thought, something this nutritious can't possibly taste that good. But it does! Grabbing a single serving of vibe is now my go-to when I am on my way out the door, and is a necessity in every bag I carry!

Sara Tarangelo
Athlete's Secret

A couple of weeks of taking Life Shotz, I did my 4th Roadless Ride. Basically this meant riding a spin bike for 12 hours, with 10 minute breaks each hour. For the past 3 years I have done this it has taken about a week for me to recover, cramps, aching body etc. Last year with Life Shotz I did the ride, recovered in a day, no cramps aching body or downtime. The ride was on a Friday and I ran a 10k that Sunday and felt awesome! I am going to take this forever! I will keep sharing this with everyone I know!

Sade Ariyo
Better Sleep!

I sleep much better at night!

Sheatina Sparks
Take It Every Day

I have never liked protein or meal replacement shakes, so I was surprised when I enjoyed my first VIBE shake. I drink it on the go when I am driving my son to school and and or when I am having a busy day in real estate and don't have time to stop for lunch. It has been great at cutting my cravings. The best part is that it helped me maintain my weight when I couldn't workout (due to an injury). I drink it every day!

Symantha Rodriguez
Even Mixed With Water

WOW! The Vibe Shake is amazing! Even mixed with water, it's better than all the other stuff out there! I'm so excited about this product!

Deanne Mires
Working Out Harder

After having my third baby, I was having a horrible time losing weight. I was eating right and working out as much as possible. After starting Vibe, I noticed having more stamina in my workouts and my stomach bloat went down almost immediately. In 3 weeks I lost 7 pounds! I'm able to workout harder and longer and don't have cravings or feel hungry all day.

Jennifer Hallum
Not A Struggle To Get Out of Bed

I have more energy in the morning, and I don't struggle getting up. I have energy at work and I drive about 50 minutes in the am and 1 hr. in the evening from work, and I don't feel tired. I love Life Shotz and can't be without it. I also sleep like a baby ...

Guadalupe Arevalo
Filling In The Gaps

I'm a performer with a world renown acrobatic circus company, a healthy lifestyle coach and mom of 2, and I consider myself to be very healthy. As an athlete and professional performer, I have to maintain a pretty clean diet that leans a lot on organic foods, and I stick to a disciplined injury preventative workout 5 days a week. Life as mom by day and performer by night is amazing but exhausting, especially due to the lack of sleep that comes with caring for a newborn. I had been trying a variety of recommended supplements to support my energetic lifestyle for years, but it wasn't easy! Trying to remember which pill to take and at what time, with what combination, with food, without food etc. I just wasn't able to be consistent enough and therefore by no fault of the supplements, I probably never reaped any benefits. December 2014 I discovered Life Shotz, and it has blown my mind! What can I say... it's a health conscious, busy womans, dream product! Not only do I love the ingredients, the fact that it is all in one easy packet, and served in one glass of iced water makes it the easiest healthy thing I do in my day! The most impressive part though, are the results! After just 4 days, although I was still waking up with a baby, the quality of my sleep dramatically improv

Mel Bayol
Happy Drink

I now call Life Shotz my 'happy drink' because my mood is so good. I have always been one who feels better with sunlight. Now I know that I have sunlight in a stick. I love this stuff!

Sheatina Sparks
Eating Less

Vibe is my breakfast every morning and favorite snack, it's fast, easy, and I am no longer starving for dinner and I do not eat as much. Thank YOU Oxyfresh!

Shelley Harrison
No Longer Tired

I no longer get tired at noon. Saturday I was up at 7am. I worked in the yard raking and cutting limbs for about two hours, then planted flowers, went to the store, cleaned the house, and at 4pm, quickly changed clothes to meet with a new client. I had sat down for about 15 minutes to drink my Life Shotz at 1pm and had plenty of energy to meet with my lady, and then have dinner. Amazing. Normally after all the work I did, I would have taken an aspirin to sleep. I did not, and I slept just fine. I sleep so much better now. Sound and restful. When I wake up, I am rested.

Myrnamarie Brooks
This Busy Vet Loves It

As a veterinarian I am extremely busy all day long. The Life Shotz give me sustained energy throughout the day, put me in a better mood, and allow me to sleep better.

Alyssa Abrams
Memory Is So Much Better

I LOVE the clarity and the I'm on it feeling I have since taking MIND. I'm 58 years old, I have 2 children, a husband, a full time job as a Sales Representative and a part time business, so life gets pretty hectic at times. Prior to taking MIND, all of the moving parts would get really frustrating and make me feel overwhelmed. Now, I feel like I'm more focused and I'm able to calmly take care of all that comes my way. Another thing that I've noticed that is huge, is that my memory is so much better, and in Sales, and in LifeÄhaving my memory is VERY important to me!!!

Lisa Jadis
My Mood Improved Right Away

Great product. I used to drag myself up every morning. Not any more... When I started using Life Shotz it gave me energy like Super Woman and I felt great! My mood improved right away! I love Life Shotz!

Dora Sanchez
Everything is great!

I love these products.

Lisa Sutherland - Hull, MA / Customer since 2015
Awesome Product!

My family and I love the chocolate vibe protein shake!

Waihona Race - Waipahu, HI / Customer since 2016
Major Mood Booster

It was a Sunday morning and I was feeling really blue and my husband, John, suggested I take a Life Shotz. I drank one Life Shotz, took a shower, and three hours later realized I was a feeling good. John asked me if I thought the Life Shotz had helped, and yes, I did.

Michelle Rodarte
So Glad I Tried It

I clean pools for a living, so kneeling on my knees on concrete is a constant thing throughout my days and weeks.¾ There have been times when I was slow to get up, and I could feel the tightness in my joints.¾ I have been on Motion for about a month now, and I can totally feel the difference in my legs, shoulders and arms.¾ My joints are no longer tight, and I bounce up from a kneeling position! I must admit, I was a bit skeptical about using Motion, which is why I had to try it.¾ And I am so glad I did! Give it a try, your joints will thank you!

Ernie Heyek
Fantastic Workout Recovery

It struck me on Day 3 how much more focused and energetic I felt! Amazing! By the end of 10 days, my workout recoveries were enhanced and I felt like a new, HEALTHIER ME!

Doug Thompson
Super Nutrition

For me Life Shotz is like a raft on uneven waters. I feel buoyed and energized, focused and stabilized, supported in a predictable and even way throughout my day.

Kate Schlapfer
I Love It

Life Shotz makes me feel amazing! I'm not tired in the afternoon, and I sleep better after a day without energy crashes. I love it!

Margret Durrett
Not Losing My Mind

In my line of work I need to be on my A game at all times. It's an inside joke at my office that we develop a loss of concentration and focus. I never thought that applied to me until I started taking Mind. With Mind, I feel more focused, less fuzzy, and my eyes feel like they are open wider. I no longer feeling like I am losing my mind!

Hilary Connolly

I am a massage therapist. The week that I started on Life Shotz was one of the busiest weeks I've had in a long time. I found I was not tired at the end of the day, and by the end of the week, I still had plenty of energy. This is an exceptional product!

Cindy Holt
Keeps me Energized

Since I started to take Life Shotz about 2.5 years ago, I haven't had any days away from my work! The product keeps me energized and away from illness! Powder with a purpose!

Daniel Andersson
Better Workouts

I'd been feeling really run down for awhile. Just zero energy ... Tony Dawson suggested I try Life Shotz because it has helped him so much, and I'm glad I did. Within a week or so, I was feeling a whole lot better - better workouts, almost zero procrastination, and a sense of wanting to be more engaged with others. I knew it was a tremendous product that worked well for me. So much so, that I signed up to take advantage of the business Opportunity. Thank you, Tony!

Brent Abel
Changed Everything

Before I started taking Oxyfresh' products, I was feeling sluggish, barely getting out of bed to go to work, feeling anxious and depressed, and going through the motions with my two daughters. Oxyfresh changed EVERYTHING for me! I vividly remember getting into bed about seven days after consistently taking Life Shotz and being so shocked! That day I had gotten up early to walk my dog, headed to work on time after getting my daughters up and off to school, left work and headed to the soccer field for my youngest daughter's game, and picked up my oldest daughter for her volleyball practice that I coached. After making dinner, helping with homework, getting everyone clean and in bed, I got into bed. For the first time, I felt calm and ready to rest, but not exhausted and anxious with my mind racing about everything I wouldn't accomplish the next day. I continued to take Life Shotz and added Mind and Vibe to my morning routine. The brain fog that I lived in went away and I started feeling lighter and much more energetic... even happier!! I realized the huge impact the products were having on me when my pharmacy called to let me know that my anxiety medicine prescription was ready to be picked up, and I still had a full half a bottle of medicine left! WOW!! My daughters even started t

Susan Bradley

You'd think I would be used to it by now, but every first swallow of Life Shotz is exhilarating to me!

Pam Chambers
In A Better Mood

I am an international flight attendant. Most of my flying is done at night. I leave around 7 or 8PM and I do not land until 2 or 3AM EST. The flights are anywhere from 6 to 16 hrs long. I am able to stay alert and focused all night long when I take my Lifeshotz. This product has helped me stay awake and curtail the constant snacking that I otherwise would do to stay awake. I am in a better mood toward my coworkers and my passengers (which we all appreciate.) In a sleep when you can, eat when you can lifestyle, I am so happy I have found a product that enhances my quality of life.

Brooke Reeder
I Don't Crave Sugar

I wanted to look good for a vacation I was going on for my 60th birthday so my aunt asked if I would try something for 5 days. That is all it took. On the second day I felt like I had energy and just felt different. By day 5 I had lost 5 pounds and I haven't stopped since. Now into my 4th week I have lost 11 lbs my moods are better, I don't crave sugar (recovering junk food junkie), no night sweats, energy is great, and have an over all better attitude. Might sound to good to be true but it all is!! Thank you Life Shotz and Vibe..

Deborah Cristaldi
Thrilled With The Results

Within three days of taking Life Shotz I began to feel the focused energy. I am completely thrilled with the results of Life Shotz!

Lisa Jimenez
No Longer Hitting Energy Wall

After a week to ten days on Life Shotz I was no longer feeling like I had hit an ""energy wall"" at 4:00 pm. I'm 66 years old and I'm powering through my day like someone half my age! Thank you Life Shotz!

Polly Altizer
Love The Science and Results

Have you ever tried to turn in bed and felt like your leg below the knee was dislocating? Have you ever tried to bicycle with your children around the block and realised your knees just couldn't take it? Or how about golf? Ever swung a club and thought, Hmm,.. maybe this isn't a good idea after all. Lastly, have you ever driven your car past a beautiful mountain, looked up at it and realized your climbing days were O.V.E.R.? That was me. I was first attracted to MOTION because of the science behind each ingredient. I LOVED the science. But wow!,.. when the consistent results of no pain, better movement and better sleep came in after 30 days I was stoked! Why? Because at 55 years old, that means I no longer have to tune out the call of the wild and the great outdoors (hiking, mountain biking, golf, bouldering). It means I can see it, think it, and just do it like I did when i was much younger. MOTION zapped my excuses - and I'm totally cool with that and and so are my children. I'm on the road again thanks to MOTION.

Scott Common
Excellent Nutrition

I am a veterinarian and often don't get a lunch break because I have clients to call and patient files to finish. Vibe has been a lifesaver it allows me to have a meal that I can consume quickly and easily while still getting excellent nutrition!

Alyssa Abrams
AWESOME!!! Makes my day!!

I love the combination of half vanilla/half chocolate!! Great flavor and it's my own recipe!!

Rose Ratkovich - Long Beach, CA / Customer since 2017
Balancing Life

I have a hectic life, balancing a demanding job, family and health. Vibe has become an integral part of keeping that balance. I use a half scoop in my water for hydration during early morning workouts and then a half scoop later in the day for a powerful refuel up. Vibe has helped me avoid coffee and energy drinks as well as empty calories during long days by providing me with a yummy and healthy alternative that keeps me satisfied. Since starting Vibe, coupled with Life Shotz and Motion, I move so much better! This has been a true gift and shift in my health. My job is about promoting health, but this product has allowed me to promote my own health and vitality.

Frances Faro
I Feel Terrific

I've been taking Life Shotz for months now. Not only do I sleep better and feel better, but my hairdresser told me the other day that my fine and thin hair had thickened and grown so much from my last visit just six weeks before. I'm scared that I'll run out of Life Shotz. I'm definitely a daily lifetime user!

Denise Gallagher
More Focused

I feel more focused and have so much energy!

Amelia Martinez
Sense of Wellbeing

Last night I had an event to go to and I hadn't taken my Life Shotz yet. I was very tired and really not in the mood to mingle with anyone. I took my Life Shotz, and by the time I got to the event, I was upbeat, happy and not dragging like I thought I would be. Life Shotz makes me energetic, gives me a sense of well being and a positive attitude, and helps me reduce my appetite.

Brenda Prinzavalli
Lost 12 Pounds

I have been on Life Shotz and 2 Vibes as a daily combo for a month. I've also started back to the gym. Have lost 12 pounds so far while taking 2 off gut and adding 1-1 and 2 to my chest. I've tried a lot of nutritional products and think you guys have really developed some extraordinary stuff.

Vaughn Feather
Feeling Balanced and Healthy

I am a really busy health and business coach, and a volunteer. All those hats make me travel often. Wearing all those hats as well is moving further into my 40's, I had been feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and so so so moody. Within the first dosage of Life Shotz my energy level and mood shifted to happy, positive and BALANCED. With a clean diet and regular Life Shotz I'm able to keep up a great level of energy and a balanced, happy mood.

Renee Hughes
Ready To Get Things Done

I drink Life Shotz every morning. I feel very ready to get things done and sustain the energy to do them. All with a smile! And then I go for my daily run! I have consistent energy levels, all while feeling good.

Mark Ratfelders
Everyone Should Try It

I just love the feeling in my body that says, Yes, you are alive a doing great.' Life Shotz is a great addition to anyone's diet and every person should be taking it!

Christina Sage
I'm Hooked

I've completed the Challenge and feel amazing. I really put the challenge to the test. I spent many days on busy shifts at the fire station and Life Shotz was able to get me through with extra energy and little to no food cravings. I spent my off duty days breaking my but with renovations on my 60' sailboat and when I found myself running out of gas wanting to grab a burger I grabbed a Vibe shake with Life Shots in it and it kept me going and productive. I found my self craving the shake and it became my favorite meal of the day. I'm hooked!

Gary Hurlbut
Best Energy Since My Twenties

Life Shotz have given me the energy I have not had since my twenties. I thank my brother Keith Kellett for bringing this product into our family. I have seen a happier life style with many of our family members.

kimberly kellett
Love My Life Shotz

Dude, I RAN OUT OF MY LIFE SHOTZ ... because I was sharin' 'em with too many people, spontaneously spreading the word that there is life, energy, and pizazz with the potent purple powder. Well, now I'm out of my powder, my power, my kick, my energy, my edge, my focus. I'm eagerly waiting a shipment of 20 boxes of Life Shotz to my door any minute now. Every time I hear the dogs bark outside, I run to the door and peak through the hole to see if the UPS man is delivering it.

Scott Common
More Focused

Wow! I find myself more focused doing daily routines, and I'm able to work through added tasks with little to no stress.

Joey Tulop
All I Can Say is Wow

Turbocharged energy levels, unbelievable mood elevation and full-blown mental clarity! Combine this with anti-aging benefits and immune system support, and you've got an out-of-this-world health drink. I'm a product user for life!

Michael Bonner
Huge Difference in Homeschooling

I am a homeschooling mom and I have been giving my twin 12 years old and 6 year old son Oxyfresh MIND for a week and I am seeing a large difference in their focus and the amount of work they can finish well in a shorter amount of time. Very exciting for them and the MOM!

Amy Machado
I Just Ran 50 Miles In The AZ Desert!

I have been a regular user of Oxyfresh and Young Living products for several years. I love the company! I remain healthy strong and sharp in my everyday life. Soon I will turn 50 so I wanted to run a 50 mile race to prove that age is just a number. On Saturday, I completed The Antelope Canyon 50 mile ultra-marathon in Page, AZ. I started the day with a Vibe shake prior to the start. It is a perfect mix of protein, carbs and nutrients. It is also easy on my stomach with enough calories to get me started. In addition to real food at the aid stations, I took 2 packets of lifeshotz and 3 shots of Nigxia Nitro's over the course of 13 hours. I finished strong and I had ZERO stomach problems over the course of the race. I finished 2 hours faster than I had planned on this magical day. I recovered quickly and am back running, two days later. These products are amazing!!!!!

Brett Kessler - Denver, CO / Customer since 2015
Just Wow

An Engineer and Manager by trade, I am also a retired professional dog trainer and professional operations manager for a pet boarding facility. Recently, I was invited to take a look at Oxyfresh _ the company. What I began to see right away was a group of deeply caring individuals who supported each other. So, I dug in. I studied the products, the company, everythingÄÄI googled and searched for complaints on the products and the company. But I kept coming up with paradise! Everything I read lead me to believe that this was TRULY an elite company offering elite nutritional products. So I became a customer by purchasing a ten day supply of Life Shotz,. Within two days of using the products I began to feel more stamina, more energy, more focus. But without the crash I'd experienced with caffeine based nutrition and energy! Then, on the third night I walked my dog in the darkÄ..and noticed that my night vision had significantly improved! WOW!

Scott Cook
Life Changing

I'm currently in college working towards my RN and a single mom to 2 young energetic boys. Needless to say life is full of daily challenges. My friend introduced me. I will forever be grateful for that offering because it changed my life, in a variety of ways. I've never been a morning person so when I started waking up feeling rested and energetic to take on the day I was amazed. I was not only happy in the morning but after a week I noticed I wasn't drinking coffee, being a 5-6 cup per day coffee drinker this was a great feat! Conversations became easier for me, the mommy brain fog felt lifted, studying and retaining the information I was reading became more efficient. My anxiety is nearly non-existent and my confidence is back to what it was when I was 25! I feel on top of the world most days! I've been taking both the Life Shotz and Mind for over a month now and I can't imagine not having them as part of my daily routine. I'm proud to share my story with people I meet with these life changing products.

Stephanie Allore
Can't Stop The Compliments

My oldest son got married three days ago and I had a chance to get reacquainted with people I have not seen since college. The compliments I received were about how young looking and fit I am. It was confirmation that Life Shotz has significantly and positively impacted my life. One Life Shotz a day supports my goal of overall great health.

Lynn Price
Motion Really Works

My right shoulder was injured during training over a year ago and it has prevented me from training all out like I am accustom too. I've been taking other joint repair supplements like Chondroitin and Glucosamine for years and they were helping, so I thought! When MOTION was released by Oxyfresh, I began taking it immediately. Within 90 days my shoulder felt so much better. MOTION works and it works well!

James Paulus
More Focused

My mental clarity has improved since I have been taking Life Shotz. I am more focused and get more done. I can go through the whole day without feeling tired or drained.

Brenda Prickette
Incredible Products

Life Shotz is an amazing product and I love the way it makes me feel!

Emily Mahler
Love It!

Last spring I wanted to lose weight. I replaced one meal per day with Vibe. After 8 weeks my waist was 8 cm slimmer. Love it!

Kerstin Jonsson
Motivated In Everything

I am so happy mood and more motivate everything to do. and more often riding mountain bike before ready go skiing. My hair is soft, my nails grow faster, my skin feels smoother and I am sleeping better. I love to drink Life Shotz and love all Oxyfresh products because of the quality of ingredients.

Timothy Maloney
No Better Duo

I recently rejoined the Life Shotz and Vibe Family and all I can say is WOW! I have been drinking an Vibe Shake for breakfast for 10 days and have been taking Life Shotz daily for 5 days and I feel GREAT. I have lost 5lbs and loving the shakes. As for Life Shotz, I have more energy, I am not tiring in the afternoon and I am sleeping a lot better. For a complete healthy change in your lifestyle, there is no better duo than Life Shotz and Vibe!

Neil Rubenstein

100% Money Back Guarantee

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