Although you probably know this, the Krebs Cycle is not a new spinning class fitness craze. It’s not a super-powered level on your washing machine. The Krebs Cycle is the reason why your body can function every day.

It starts with your cells. And inside those cells are mitochondria. They’re like little batteries that power your cells to do the job they need to do. It’s vital that we not only protect them, but also feed them the nutrients to keep them going.


The Krebs Cycle

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VIBE helps ignite your Krebs Cycle because it’s real food: nutrient-dense fuel that our mitochondria welcome with open arms. A maximized level of ATPs (energy) can only be produced when the right stuff is consumed. The wrong stuff would be, say, a soda, an espresso, or fast food (which, ironically, ultimately makes you anything but fast).


Life Shotz is the catalyst that keeps the Krebs Cycle humming along at a highly productive and efficient pace, helping you perform better and retain youthfulness. Driving nutrients deep into your cells – staying true to its superhero nature – it’s also a bit of a crime fighter. Those antioxidants are crucial to fighting free radicals and protecting your mitochondria from damage.


MOTION’s cutting-edge formula helps support connective tissue repair and keeps joints healthy and strong. Its patented ingredient, UC-II®, has been proven to maintain healthy cartilage. When we have lots of energy as a result of a maximized Krebs Cycle, we play full out! This will wear down our joint tissue and leave us dreaming about our younger years. MOTION’s formula is designed to keep young and old joints fluid, active and going strong!


MIND is a scientifically formulated blend of core nutrients that will maximize your brain’s performance and protect it against cognitive decline. Our brain consumes over 20% of our body’s energy (ATP) from the Krebs Cycle. It’s vitally important that we nourish our brain and support its energy requirements. That’s where MIND comes in with nutrients our brain needs, but our foods lack.

The Man Behind Krebs

Sir Hans Krebs (1900-1981) was a German-born British physician and biochemist. He was the pioneer scientist in the study of cellular respiration and is best known for his discovery of the citric acid cycle, a series of metabolic reactions that produce cellular energy. Also known as the “Krebs Cycle,” this important discovery earned him a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1953.

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