• Triple Protection - Using a combination of Oxygene, Zinc, and Xylitol to provide ultimate protection against bad breath and tartar.
  • No-Burn Guarantee - Zero alcohol means a better experience for everyone in the family. Plus, good bacteria gets to do its job, yay!
  • Crisp & Refreshing - We've tasted a lot of lemons and mint - trust us ... we got it right. Flavored with just the right amount of pure essential oils.
  • SCIENCE + NATURE - Sometimes the natural stuff doesn't always perform. Clinical studies have shown our formula to strengthen gums, freshen breath, and reduce harmful bacteria by 44%, improve Gingival Index by 76%, and improve Plaque Index by 79%.
  • DENTIST RECOMMENDED - We actually got our start from dental hygienists that loved our products. Before the interwebs we were exclusively sold in dental practices. Our professional strength formulas are now available to anyone.

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